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“I thought it would be cheeky to show up to Sturgis with some silly two-stroke racer and see how the big American Harley biker dudes would take it,” says Drake McElroy. He built this silly two-stroke racer from his old Honda CR250R race bike at the behest of his buddy, Roland Sands.

“She started her life as an 2006 CR250R,” Drake tells us. “She is still, in fact, a 2006 CR250R, just a much more svelte model.”

“If you are familiar with my background of fabricated employment, you know that I have been a dancing monkey on motorcycles for over a decade. American Honda passed this machine down to DVS Shoes and it was immediately turned into an FMX workhorse. It’s been ridden in an uncountable amount of freestyle demos and contests. I rode the Dew Tour on this bike and both seasons of Red Bull’s The Great Ride Open.

“Roland rang me up to ask if I would like to participate in a motorcycle gallery put on by famous bike photographer Michael Lichter at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. I had always wanted to make an old school road racer using a modern two-stroke.”

“The goal for this project was thrift. To keep as much of the donor machine as possible. The frame, subframe, swingarm, powerplant, forks, shock, rear wheel and fuel tank were all kept. Everything but the tacking and bead work of welding was done by me. The stock tank was covered by an aluminum shell, the fairing is from Airtech and made for the single-cylinder Ducati 250 and 350s. Bubbles if from Gustavson. The glass tail and clip-ons are from Airtech as well. I laced a 19-inch rim to the stock front hub. The fat was trimmed off the subframe and the finish for the frame, swingarm and forks was achieved with a sand blaster and matte clear paint. Grips are Oakley BMX. Forks were shortened by me and Ron Williams, a late employee of Race-Tech, helped with the shock. All the paint and finish was me. I won’t fib and say rattle cans weren’t the culprit for the finish she sports. Tires are K70 Dunlops and I asked FMF pretty please for the factory-style pipe.”

“What’s this project for, you ask? For looking bitchin’ and applying a smile to your face, duh!”

“This little gem will be purchasable in the near future. I’m going to auction it for the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund set up by my good friend Eigo Sato.”

  • scottydigital


  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Painted exhaust looks tits, shame it’ll likely flake away with heat. Or won’t it?

    • pplassm

      I don’t think it’s painted. It’s probably bare steel. Those are weld marks.

      • JonB

        +1. Pipe is discolored from welds and clear-coated. All good.

        • doublet

          I doubt the pipe is clear coated. Slop it up with mop-n-glow!

          But it begs the question… who makes a pipe like that for a new bike like that? Was it specially commisioned for it’s style of assembly? I mean, there are probably plenty of great modern manufactured pipes for a 2006 250.

          • John

            I am pretty sure that’s an FMF Factory Fatty. It has an un-plated oil finish as opposed the the nickel or chrome finish that you commonly see on an aftermarket expansion chamber.

  • JonB

    The world, or at least mine, would be a better place if you could buy a bike like that at www.

    • Roman

      Wonder why nobody has tried. Take a lightweight dirtbike, stick some decent sportbike suspension on it. Slap some fairings on and profit! Yeah there’s supermoto, but why not try a real deal, lightweight sportbike?

      • Case

        It’s not street legal. And by the time you were done making it street legal it wouldn’t look anything like this. You could buy a WR250x and make it into a super single.

        It does look like it would be a fun bike to ride. Corner speed = radness.

        • Jesse

          A WR250 with sport bike tires flicks almost every one of my hoon switches.

          *starts trolling Craigslist *

    • zipp4

      Have you seen the prices of 450 MX’ers lately? Add fairings and lights and you’ll be pushing $10k.

      • doublet

        Not to mention your maintenance intervals.

  • Jesse

    That is mighty. Out of curiosity, how was it received by the Sturgis crowd?

    • Wes Siler

      “lookie dem dar motorsickle” Burps, scratches ass, swigs beer, scopes nearby area for fake tits, walks on.

      • Wereweazle

        I expected the typical political correctness of, “Why dunt you git yerself a real man’s bike, faggot-lubber?” Or at least that’s what the people around here tell me.

  • damien

    Bike is awesome. And am I the only one who thought Gary Oldman had built a bike?

    • zipp4

      Yes, but that is pretty funny though.

    • always_go_big

      +1, definetly Gary at first glance.

  • Mule

    Was this the coolest bike at Sturgis?

    I guess if I haft to axe, I wouldn’t understand anyway. Looks sorta like a ratted-out 250 MX’r with a funky fairing.

  • mugget

    Hah… I dunno what to say. That there’s really different.

    But I think I’ve gotta like it by default since it’s a smoker.

  • TreMoto_Eddie

    Knew I should have kept that YZ250, this is why

  • george

    so, it still has the dynamics and frame dims. of a dirt-bike, plus all that un-sprung weight of the heavy K70 tires. and Check where the foot-pegs are !?! but still “looks cool”

  • Thom

    Ugly as sin

    Crazier than all Hell

    And cool as all get out !

    But the best Sturgis ” What finger am I holding behind my hand ” story I’ve heard was a friend showing up with an Aramichi Harley single , decked out in full Chopper regalia , replete w/him dressed in full colors ( Hells Fairies ) , leather, the whole nine yards .

    With ……….. graphics saying ;

    ” Real men ride singles ”

    Now that took balls !

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