Ducati 1199 Panigale vs the superbike competition

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You know the Ducati 1199 Panigale is going to be good. But how good? Earlier today, LA-area dealer Pro Italia, which has seen the bike in person, posted specs. 195bhp and 395lbs (wet). That sounds pretty epic. But, how do those numbers compare to other superbikes? Pretty damn well, so long as you’re not comparing it to American superbikes.


    since any one of those goes fast enough to get you a month in jail, I want a metric for the bling factor. Which one will get me the most attention?

    • Michael

      by attention do you mean pussy?

      • nick2ny

        Learn to keep a passenger comfy and ways to make girls feel special when they’re on the back of the bike–just don’t try to scare or thrill them (being on the back of a well-ridden bike is thrilling enough). It’s possible to do in any city and on just about any bike. None of these bikes are very good for it though. Girls really seemed to dig my 2001 KLR 650 in that camo green color.

        • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

          I just rode the RSV4 yesterday and the acoustics A. thrilled me to the max and B. got me pulled over and C. appalled my lady friend accompanying me that day.. so the RSV not excelling in any of the above categories.. I dont know. i think the point of “any well ridden motorcycle eing thiling enough” is true. plus… any of these bikes are effin awesome – they just each symbolize different things.. right?

          • BMW11GS

            hahah I hate when guys use gaudy bikes as pick up tools…and Im not talking Ducatis michael….

  • JVictor75

    I think the major point of interest for the vast number of people is going to be a comparison of the number to the far right of the graph.

    Not saying the new Buell isn’t simply amazing, or that the Ducati will be anything less than breathtaking for those few who can afford it. But for the vast majority of us who will be riding with our friends, going to work, and even flogging the bikes in and around our favorite riding areas the performance disparity between, say, the new ZX-10R and either the 1199 or the Buell isn’t worth the extra TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

    And you are the same guys who sneer at people for buying $20,000 cruisers with holographic stickers on the gastank. Come On! Really?!

    Other than a small contingent of the faithful, how many people do you think are going to be willing to shell out the 40 large for the prestige of having an Amurrican superbike or the latest that Ducati has to offer?

    If they don’t SELL as many bikes as they need to stay afloat because normal people who will ride them think they’re too expensive, they are (in my book anyway) no better than the d00ds from Milwaukee or any number of the Italian auto manufacturers.

    For Ducati it’s more understandable that they would do this in that they have a large line of bikes to choose from and the 1199 will be the flagship uber performance model. I can see someone being more than willing to shell out 40 large for a flagship uber performance model Ducati.

    For Buell, who is supposedly starting from scratch with unleashing this bike it’s less understandable. As of right now, as far as I am given to understand, the 1190RS is the ONLY Buell model for sale. And it is nearly 40 thousand dollars.

    They’re boutique bikes, nothing more. They make great posters on the wall in the garage and conversation pieces for when Tom Cruise shows up on one for the premier of Mission Impossible 4.

    Build me a bike in even the TWENTY thousand dollar range and I’ll save the money and wait my turn. Until then I guess I’ll stick with Japanese manufacturers and the occasional unpretentious Italian, thanks.

    • Filipe

      well said!

    • Felix

      To be fair, my understanding of the Buell is that it’s a boutique high-performance model designed to showcase the brand and develop the bikes to the point where they can mass-produce something at a much more accessible price (with ostensibly comparable performance)

    • Thom

      Style baby Style .

      You buys a Ducati for the same damn reasons you buy a Ferrari 458 ( which the Nissan GT-R will kick its butt )

      Style . And the ladies ( no Bird is impressed with a Honda no matter how good it is) And if I didn’t already mention it .

      Flyin by all those Rice Burners with a huge amount of ;

      STYLE ( Ah con Brio La Dolce Vita )

      Live a little . Join the Darkside just once ( buy Italian ) Then after you’ve had your fun come back to earth … sell the beast and buy something a bit more …… ahem ….. practical .

      • http://www.anotherdamndj.com evilbahumut

        I think you’re giving shallow chicks too much credit: most ladies are just impressed by bikes. They don’t usually seem to care what bike it is and if they do, they’re either 5-foot nuthing and 300 lbs, into leather and fringe or know the difference between a Honda CBXX and a Ducati because they also ride.

        • Myles

          Exactly. Italian bikes solely exist to impress dudes who have Rossi posters on their ceiling above their bed. That’s it.

          • Thom

            Wallet envy is such a very sad thing to witness

            • Kevin

              How true.

        • Thom


          You going after the Kmart Specials or the Armani outfitted bimbos there Paison ?

          Personally before my married days I preferred my Shallow Chicks to have at least a modicum of class .

          Therefore I can promise you , said Classy shallow bird can spot a pair of Persols , anything Armani and most definitely an Italian vs any Rice Burner a mile away .

          And hey if you’re gonna do the shallow thing , you might as well do it right . Those Armani 1 piece Mini dresses look mighty fine from any angle , guaranteed !

          Whereas the Kmart / Wal mart / TJ Max dressed bird ? ……… Well lets just say nobody else is noticing and if they are they’re laughing their asses off


            Spend ten grand on a used exotic, and drop the other twenty on a call girl. If you’re going to be shallow, why not stretch your dollar? Here’s another protip: TJ buys designer closeouts and sells them on the cheap, and Target just put out a line for Missoni.

            This sexist, elitist digression has nothing to do with anything. Stop putting spaces before your punctuation marks. Shitheads like you ruin motorcycle culture just as much as the pirates and the squids.

            • FZR 1000 Alex


              If you need a bike to acquire female company, you’re doing it wrong, guido.

        • Corey Elliott

          “they’re either 5-foot nuthing and 300 lbs, into leather and fringe or know the difference between a Honda CBXX and a Ducati because they also ride.”

          All three are terrible. The last one is a most of the time thing.

          Get rid of the Honda decals and put and tell shallow chicks your CBR is a Ducati. They can’t tell the damn difference.

      • JVictor75

        Why can’t we have practical AND fun?

        Like I said, I can totally see someone (not me, sadly) being willing to spend the 40 large for the Uber Duck. Besides, they make enough other bikes in the lineup that you could claim a family kinship even if you COULDN’t afford it. Like, say, all those of people on Ancestry.com can claim that they are distant descendants of King George III.

        “See!? Right there on the tank! It says Ducati! Juuust like the 1199 Panigale.”

        What I don’t understand is that, for American motorcycyling to move past the 800 pound 60hp behemoths that are populating the landscape and just generally getting in the way, Eric Buell was in a position to offer something for the masses to ooh and ahh over AND build something that he could sell a million of.

        Instead, he built a boutique bike for Tom Cruise to ride to the premier of Mission Impossible 4.

        When he gets serious about making a dent in the desire for American motorcyclists to have a serious, fun, and affordable bike to want call me.

        • Thom

          Worry not . Give Ducati time and they’ll have the basic version out and on the showroom floors at said $20 large or so just for folks like you

          This is round one . The Premium HALO version . Lesser models soon to come .

          • JVictor75

            Yup, like I said.

            The Ducati Uber model being 40 grand is completely understandable, and they’ll probably sell a few thousand (or more) and then make a “broke-dude” version for about half the cost.

            Plus, it’s a Duck. LOL, ‘if you wants to play you gots to pay’. The word ‘affordable’ and the phrase ‘top of the line Ducati’ will never appear in the same utterance. And rightly so.

            But why Buell didn’t start with a semi-broke-dude with basic components version of the 1190 with the 1190RS as the premium model is beyond me.

            He started the company with the HALO model, hoping beyond hope that he will sell enough of them to afford to keep the company running and design something “for the masses”.

            Doesn’t make sense to me. And we need successful American motorcycle manufacturers to build something beyond boutique bikes and Harley clones. That’s mainly what I’m saying.

          • ontheroad

            Absolutely right. I expect the base 1199 to be right around the 18-19k mark, which puts it right on par with the BMW, since you really do want the TC and ABS. I imagine the 1199 in its base model trim will include some sophisticated electronic rider aids. It must, as I’m sure the boys in Bologna have their sights set squarely on that other Italian superbike manufacturer and their RSV4 that’s been getting so much press.

            I can’t wait to see the damned thing! I’m hoping it will be every bit as good as Ducati would have us believe.

            As for Buell, I would love to see him producer proper American superbikes for the masses but I too acknowledge that it’s going to be a while, if ever; the resources simply aren’t available to him. I laud the man for his efforts and, perhaps more than offering a mass market bike, I’d love seeing the EBR1190 competing on the world stage.

      • Richard

        +1,000,000,000,000. Especially that last part. Anyone want to buy a “lightly” ridden ’10 Streetfighter S? And, does anyone have a LER1 they want to get rid of? ;-)


      This stubby article reads less like a command to get a second mortgage and more like an endorsement for Erik Buell & co. He has a comparatively tiny operation, and yet he’s eating the big guys’ lunch. Complaining that it isn’t affordable (it isn’t) is missing the point.

      Question: Has EBR said anything about eventually making stuff for mere mortals?

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        EBR is a couple guys in a garage in Wisconsin. They won’t be able to take advantage of mass production in the foreseeable future. $40k is pretty damn reasonable with that taken into consideration. Each bike is hand made by Erik himself.


          Very cool, but not in my budget. Gracias.

        • Scott-jay

          OMG! Erik’s so dreamy.
          How much would you pay for his socks?

          • Richard

            More than I’d pay for your socks.

    • jonoabq


  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I look forward to seeing a Panigale stretched and chromed in the very near future.

  • Thom


    Lookin to me like that thar Panigale will be kicking some serious butt in SBK

    But ahhhhh….. Wes

    WHAT American Superbike ? ( thats homologated for World SBK racing )

    As far as I know Eric’s little wonders haven’t passed that certification as of yet .

    You know sumpin I doesn’t know ?

    If so … good sir … Do Tell !

  • Edward

    the indicated price for the BMW is the base model; traction control and ABS I believe run that bike closer to $17k.

  • 2ndderivative

    A lot of coverage of the EBR focuses on how awesome Erik Buell is (no argument) and how he was wronged by Harley (plain to see). And it’s a great bike, but as it stands it’s more of a Desmosedici competitor (I know they don’t make it anymore) than a S1000RR competitor. Cycle World gave the non-series production EBR Bike of the Year, when I feel what they actually wanted to do was give Mr. Buell “Dude of the Year” award.

    The Panigale, for all its exclusivity, is a regular mass production dealership-available machine, and makes for a much more realistic ownership proposition.

    • Sauciér

      Completely agree. Well put.

  • hooligan317

    Did I miss something regarding the expected MSRP of this bike? I don’t see it coming in at much more than the current 1198SP which is $21,995 but maybe I’m delusional and that’s why everyone is acting like it’s made of unobtainium.

    • JVictor75

      Did you miss the part on the graph at the top of the page where the 1198R costs $39,995.00? If the 1199 is the new improved version of that, well, you get the picture.

      • nick2ny

        The 1199 isn’t going to cost more than ~20k. Non-R/S duc models never do.

      • ontheroad

        “R” denotes special race parts and limited production, and has since the 999. 1198: $17K. 1198SP: $21K. 1198R: $39k. Expect the 1199 to roll out in similar fashion.

        • JVictor75

          Gotcha. Sorry for hyperventilating needlessly! :)

  • James

    Even though it’s a moot point, considering that most of the buyers wont be at least national level club racers able to expoit those rides, it’s telling that the most successful ‘faaasand’ cc bike over this side of the pond is still the aging CBR. Road manners and mid-range beats top heavy power and weighted wrists 95% of the time for most daily riders.

    Saying that, I’m sceptical of the numbers, over 190bhp for a GSX-R? MCN list just over 160 and I know the 193 that Bike Magazine quoted for their S1000RR was with the full Akro exhaust.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      These are crank HP figures.

      And yes, despite conventional wisdom, it is possible to fully exploit the performance of these motorcycles. The three of us do so on a fairly regular basis.

      • Liquidogged

        You mean, on the track. Not on the street. You could not “fully exploit the performance” of any of these bikes on a “fairly regular basis” unless you are taking it to the track fairly regularly, and you are a very, very skilled pilot. Hell, there are some tracks that are so tight even the best riders in the world can’t make use of everything the bike has to offer. Surely you are not claiming to know something that they don’t.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          You can totally use a liter bike on the street. Albeit, beyond what johnny law would like you to be doing.

          • Liquidogged

            Yeah, I should’ve been more explicit there – the whole cop thing is one of the main barriers to using the literbikes to their fullest on the street. At least out west you aren’t getting 53,000 dollars worth of parking tickets… but you guys must rack up some moving violations.

  • oldblue

    40 grand bikes?

    Good grief.

    Betcha I have more fun on my $3K SV race bike.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yep, that’s the idea.

    • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

      $3k SV race bike is to normal people what a $40k Italian sports bike is to the obscenely, go-straight-to-hell rich.

  • BMW11GS

    why does everyone have to be so negative about Ducati, when I think people really want to be negative about their perceived owners? Why must people im motorcycledom always feel a need to reinforce their values and self worth vis-a-vis others’ choices in bikes?

  • oldblue

    I don’t have any problem with Ducatis. I don’t have any problem with expensive bikes in general, or the people who own them.

    I just feel kinda sorry for them.

    That’s because so few of the people who spend $40K on a bike will be out there at the track, the place these bikes are made for, thrashing the hell out of it, rashing up the plastics and razzing the tyres.

    They’ll be terrified of scratching it. Or damaging it. Or just terrified of … it.

    The vast majority of the people who buy these bikes will pamper them, polish them, occasionally perhaps lick them, but seldom or never use them for their intended purpose or to their real potential. And in not doing these things, they’re missing out on the mad essence of what motorcycling is really about.

    I suppose that to some people motorcycles are something to collect and pamper, but not to me. They’re made to be used.

    Insert “it takes all kinds, I guess” disclaimer (HERE)

  • Adam

    There is NO way twin will make this much power street legal. I call it BS but I wish it was true!

  • http://www.faster-faster.com fasterfaster

    I think the bike looks fucking awesome. Who cares when and how it is practical – they are the first mainstream company to shake up motor/chassis orthodoxy in decades, and at great brand risk considering their rabid fanbase. Kudos to Ducati. The numbers make it look like they will be rewarded for the effort.

  • Jay

    If TC and ABS Both Are Included in that sub-14K price tag shown for the Kraut Comet, then Sign Me Up!
    I do believe that Both are Xtry, Sports Fans.
    Please prove me Incorrect so I will be motivated to drive two hours from Cincinnasti (a non-Beemer town since January 2006) to select a leftover 2011 !