Racing scooters on Fiat’s roof

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If you’ve seen The Italian Job (either one) then you’re familiar with the banked oval rooftop test track on top of Fiat’s old Lingotto factory in Turin. Last week, 150 Vespas and Lambrettas held a race up through the spiral ramps inside the abandoned building, then out onto the roof.

Photos: Damiano Levati/Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull

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Once the world’s largest auto factory, cars like the original 500 were assembled inside Lingotto then tested around the rooftop track. Locating the factory inside a crowded city was great for workers, but bad for cars, but the roof was free of traffic.

To start the race, participants had to remove and reassemble the front wheel of their scooters before climbing to the top of the spiral structure. The slowest 50 were then eliminated and the 100 remaining competed in a “last man standing” format race where riders with the slowest lap times of the oval were eliminated one lap at a time. Race winner was Giacomo Tiberti, who rode his vintage Vespa to the event from Tuscany.

  • HammSammich

    “Race winner was Giacomo Tiberti, who rode his vintage Vespa to the event from Tuscany.”

    How do you say, “Run what you, brung” in Italian?

  • Jesse

    The cacophony of 150 50cc scoots. Ring ding ding!

    • another Nik

      The majority in the pics appear to be largeframes, so 125cc+. Ring ding ding indeed.

      I wish I could’ve had my Rally there. 200cc “big iron.” XD

      • Jesse

        No replacement for displacement!

  • Nik

    Most excellent!!!

  • evilbahumut

    I want to go to there

  • Thom

    This truly looks like more fun than should be legal on two wheels .

    Notice I said ” Fun ” Not adrenaline inducing , Not Hip , Not Cool , Not Testosterone Addled ………….. but rather F… U …. N !

    Fun . We do all remember how to do that one , do we not ?

    @ HammSammich ;

    Ask and you shall receive ;

    Esequire cio che vi ha portato

    • 1

      ha ha,

      who said adrenalin inducing is not fun? Why do you think so many people jump out of planes? It’s fun.

      who said being Hip isn’t fun, it’s heaps of fun, going places you like rocking out, getting laid whenever you want, listening to music late at nights in bars with other people like it should be? It’s F U N

      who said being cool isn’t being cool isn’t fun, rocking up to the chateau marmont and crusing through reception, havinga chat with Terry Richardson in the elevator and then ordering a cocktail from the penthouse phone, sipping it as you look over sunset at 10am? How can cool not be F… U… N….

      Not comment on testosterone as 82% of the time it’s not fun for anyone around it.

      Agreed, the scooter race/event itself looked to be a massive amount of actual fun :-) Wish I were there!

  • Richard

    Oh how sad it makes me that an event like that will never be held in this great country we call America. I would happily give up my Big Macs and Apple Pie to race scooters in an old auto plant.

    Oh, and Tilt/Shift Photography is the shiznit.

    • stempere
      • smoke4ndmears

        Beat me to it.

  • Taco

    I’m not gay or nothing but that guy at the 1:30 mark is way good-looking. I’m just saying.

    • walter

      Too bad about the speed bumps, but I could see folks flying off to their peril.
      Would have liked to seen more of the interior and maybe some vintage footage.
      And that guy did give me some funny feelings.

    • zato1414

      What in the world are motorcycle guys thinking! Vespas and guy lurking, this must be a Vespa thing… the world is lost. Vespa riders look like a cross between passionate nerds and crazed 2 wheel zombies. Tire changing competition, better than NASCAR Pit Crew action. Great vid… lookout Valentino!

    • Case

      @ taco – I was going to share this video with my girl because we looked at renting a scooter for a day when we were in Tuscany last month (opted not to – it was ridiculously expensive). Anyway, I saw that guy and I decided to keep it to myself.

  • pinkyracer

    that is so awesome!!! I wanna do that race. cool factory, great shots. perfect subject for tilt shift, too. makes me miss my Lambretta even more.

  • Gregory

    I don’t think my KLR 650 would fit in there… just sayin’…

  • huskyfrk

    what a beautiful building. loved this. thank you for posting.