Spy Photos: the Ducati 1199 Panigale porker

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This latest batch of Ducati 1199 spy photos was snapped by a member of Ducati.ms on the Italian Autostrada. The biggest revelation? Well, this is the first time we’ve seen the 1199 ridden by an…American-sized rider. Evaluating the 195bhp superbike’s ability to ride between McDonald’s and WalMart as annoyingly as possible, this is also the first look at what Termignoni is cooking up for an exhaust system.

That dual-exit exhaust (one outlet on each side) neatly mirrors the arrangement of the stock cans, replacing their boxiness with a more traditional canister. Less flattering is the square-section cover or pipe for the pigtail exhaust component. That underseat curly cue is likely there to help tailor the flow of exhaust gases. Having the correct length and diameter pipe is crucial to making horsepower and Ducati would have a hard time fitting all that length for both the front and rear cylinders, plus the catalyzer and muffler under the motor.

Encouragingly, the street-spec 1199 seen in that batch of leaked photos from July is shrouded by a plastic cover. Hopefully the box section seen here is simply an aluminum heat shield.

Also very evident in these photos is the shape of the low, bulbous fuel tank. Where previous Ducati superbike tanks have been tall, narrow and squared off, this one resembles that of the Diavel much more closely. This, plus the relatively relaxed relationship between seat, bars and pegs has us hoping the 1199 adopts a much more conventional riding position to Ducs of yore, one that will make it much easier to interact with the bike in a conventional manner during athletic riding.

Ignore the Thruxton-like bar-end mirror seen in the head-on photo. Ducati’s lightest, most powerful superbike is unlikely to come with much in the way of chrome gewgaws.


  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Big bike for a big boy.

    • Sean Smith

      Looks like a 250lb dude on a 395lb bike.

      • http://krtong.com KR Tong

        That’s ducati’s airbag suit being secretly tested as well.

        • dux

          The best way to protect your…stomach

        • zipp4

          I see what you did there…

  • zipp4

    They should not make leather suits in those sizes.

    • tomwito

      Ha, I have a friend that size that’s shopping for leathers.

      • Devin

        I wrote something then my sarcasm detector started working again so I deleted it.

    • super20

      From the looks of it they *don’t* make suits in that size.

  • Zach

    Modern WalMarts have a McDonald’s inside. I have never seen a Duc at either (I avoid both when I can), but I understand the sentiment.

  • tomwito

    Those pipes look awesome, I’m sure they will have an awsome price attached to them too.

  • ontheroad

    I didn’t know they made Italians that size; white leather is a bad look for this guy.

  • James

    Ducati is entering the mini bike market. Today I learned.

  • Kyle

    lol, poor guy is literally gonna get ripped apart in 7 different languages today because everyones starving for new Panigale info

  • jwinter

    It’s plausible he’s hiding all manner of diagnostic equipment in that suit.

    • Peter

      While plausible it’s also not very likely, he’s not even managing to hide himself in that suit.

      • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

        Tough crowd here on HFL.

  • rohorn

    Which magazine does he write for?

    • Sean Smith

      That’s Fank Bacon, he’s mostly known for his freelance work in America.

      • Taco

        Bacon! You said it.

        • Tony

          Franco Pancetta or Franco Pancone! Sti cazzi!

  • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

    That’s one bambino grasso!

  • Paul DiGio

    Garrett is that you???

    • Sean Smith

      Ha, that’s pretty harsh. Garret’s just one of those larger mid-western folks.

  • Rick

    Gordo’s still rockin’ the Casey Stoner replica helmet, too.


  • Charlie

    Maybe just the photo…but fairing looks a little 999

  • Bronson

    Damn that dude is fat. Looks like they painted those leathers on.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Haha Paginale porker… nice.

    You know I reckon they’ve just retrofitted a sumo suit with leathers on the outside to throw off all expectation as to the look and size of the bike. Probably someone like Troy Bayliss riding in the sumo-suit leathers…

  • jason

    Kinda like Spanx makes a riding suit…

  • John

    I’m still trying to get a handle on the spoke configuration of these new wheels.

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    where the hell would a passenger fit on that bike? or is he taking up both seats?

  • hooligan317

    Hey, big guys gotta ride too.

  • Gene

    “Man, that test-rider ALWAYS complains about lack of acceleration…”

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    Someone please get this gentleman a ‘busa. Stat!

  • zato1414

    Yep, looks like a typical American Sport Bike Rider out for a run in his “Evel Knievel stretch to fit” crash suit.

    Probably a Harley guy trying to cross-over.

  • Liquidogged

    HFL: 100% style, 0% class.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Little close to home?

      • Liquidogged

        haha… nah, I’m more of the stick figure type. I just think this article is somewhat demeaning. However, I did laugh when I first saw the headline. Then I read the copy and all the comments and thought… oh. This is a hater party. Lame.

        I’m not saying we should ignore such a large test rider, but maybe we could talk about why Ducati would do that – maybe there is a specific reason for a test rider with this physique? Maybe it ties into the Diavel thing? Maybe they are starting to realize that lots of people in their target markets are a wee bit too big for something with 1098 geometry? That, to me, is a far more interesting line of thought than “hurhur dang that dood is fat.” Admittedly, the actual article did very little of that, but the title seems to have encouraged quite a bit of it in the comments. Though I guess you can’t really be responsible for that.


          I like this line of reasoning. Maybe they’re trying visually to distort the proportions of the bike in these silly “leaked” shots, in order to throw off the press just a little bit.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          Sometimes obvious jokes are obvious. Plus, it’s hard not making fun of people who choose to be unhealthy.

          • Liquidogged

            Whatev. Missed opportunity to really dissect the real purpose of the big man. And how do you know he chose that? He could have a medical condition. He could even be a thin guy in a fatsuit for all we know. Anyways.

            FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF yes that’s a real possibility, I think. We’re not used to seeing such large test riders so it does make it really hard to get a sense of the physical proportions of the bike. I think it’s also weird that he’s wearing a backpack. It seems like they are trying to get as much weight as possible on the machine without going two-up. Why would they do that, I wonder? Testing suspension settings? Maybe ducati has some kind of new suspension that can be adjusted on the fly a la BMW? Make a nice complement to their TC and it would be a nice selling point against the S1000RR given that bike’s sophisticated electronics.

          • Cro-Magnon

            Why take the time/energy to make fun of anybody, really? There’s a new Duc under the dude.

        • The other Joe

          Cracking a joke doesn’t make you a hater. Hell, sarcasm is like a way of life in my family, and it’s all in good fun, nothing more.

      • jbm

        Pretty damn smug in here. Who gives a shit if hes a big boy? Why is the entire thread about the new Duc superbike filled with the editors making fat jokes I would expect to find in youtube comments? What’s worse, Wes’ painted-on jeans or this guys painted-on leathers?

        • The other Joe

          I think they’re both funny!

    • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

      This dude being a bit on the hefty side is fine, but don’t expect to put on a skin tight leather suit and ride a bike you know is going to be photographed and not expect to be made fun of.

      • Gene

        Spot on. Plus I’m 320lbs myself, and I paid a helluva lot for this glass house, TYVM!

        I went to Syed and they said they’d pay me to not wear their leathers… baddum TISH!

        • The other Joe

          Nice to see someone here actually has a sense of humor. It’s getting way too PC in here.

  • Johndo

    I could see this quote being used for their marketing: “This is the first sportsbike to weigh less then it’s rider.”

  • Terry

    I’d like to know who this guy is. The suit is regularly sold from Ducati.com and somehow I don’t think this guy is a pro-racer type test rider… Just some guy from the factory? “Vito from accounting?”

    So if the Diavel is attracting a lot of Harley customers (read: American, likely fat) , is the next step in their marketing strategy an attempt to sell wealthy fat boys a sport rocket, after they get used to the Diavel?

    Or are they just trying to emphasize the bike’s small size by way of contrast?

    • slowtire

      Think you’re right. “Hey, can I try out our new 1199?” type of thing. Then again, it’s still supposed to be under wraps isn’t it? Either way, unflatterring.

  • John

    I’m 6’3″, 230lbs. and not fat. I wanted to buy a Ducati last year but the bike was too small and cramped. Bought a GSA because it fit me so much better. I would trade it in on a Multistrada in a minute if the bikke was dimensioned for someone with a larger frame.
    The dude is a bit on the chubby side, but, he also has a larger frame. I believe that is one of the reasons why Harley sells as many bikes as they do, they are more comfortable for the larger, not necessarily overweight, rider.

  • insomnia

    My little buddy Lunchbox (6’3″ 300+ lbs.)always jokes about the fact that when he shops for leathers he has to ask for the “Two Cow” version. Sitting on his R1 he looks like a circus bear on a bicycle. I would, however, wager all my allowance for next week that not many of you skinny f*cks could keep up with the big bastard in a race to the next stack of pancakes–I know my skinny ass rarely does! celebrate physical diversity!

  • Jason

    I’ve heard that bike has no frame. Interesting.

  • Deltablues

    Keeping to my low-brow Southern Heritage…Ducati Panigale is now christened the “Ducati Piggly Wiggly”