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Filmmaker Sam Erickson made this video for BRD to celebrate the release of their new supermoto. Shot over the course of one week in San Francisco, it covers the build of their prototype Supermoto from start to unveiling.

  • Paul_55

    ICE or GTFO!

  • walter

    Seems like it rolls around.

  • Taco

    The video looks good but I didn’t learn anything from it.

    • 1

      From what I can gather…
      - Nothing would every happen if it were not for blonde pony tail paperwork girl.
      - The guy in the flat cap and glasses orders a double ristretto piccolo latte at his local cafe
      - Red battery for HOT VOLTAGE
      - The guy drinking a beer with microphone had a hangover the next day cause he doesn’t drink 2 six packs a day on a regular basis
      - After the trials wanna be left the garage some parts fell off that should have had loctite on them
      - Oh and America should kick ass with a new wave of industrial revolution instead of everyone buying shit made in China

  • Clark

    The video is really nice and it shows some of the work that went into this bike.
    The frame is cast not fabricated which I was wondering about. The body panels are super complex forms compared to traditional mx bodywork and they seem to fit very well.
    I am very impressed with the effort spent making all the elements transition into each other so well.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    I know Sam Erickson is well-known for his music video and TV commercial work, but I have a headache now from all the gratuitous panning and use of time-lapsed tilt-shift. All it needs is a bunch of Twixtor-style synthesized slow-motion, and it’d be indistinguishable from so many other substance-light postings to Vimeo.

    On a somewhat-related subject, I am sincerely excited for the new BRD. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

  • fasterfaster

    Marc from BRD, here (the guy with the beard and the beer at the mic). Glad you guys enjoyed the vid. Sam is an 18yo kid from Montana who asked if he could video the build, and we said “sure.” Gave him 8 days to shoot and complete creative freedom. We weren’t sure what to expect… couldn’t be happier with the result. I probably watched it 15 times today – but I do like looking at myself. A lot.

    Quick clarification:
    - Paperwork girl kills it. She’s a bulldozer. Unfortunately she headed back to finish her 2nd year at b-school…
    - Guy in flat cap drinks truck stop coffee (black), terrorizes SF on a fleet of semi-legal supermotos and dual sports, and lays welds like Tiger lays pornstars.
    - Hangover was brutal. That was my first beer, but after the event I played Edward Jameson-hands.
    - Trials wannabe is a former pro speedway, flat-track, and KTM factory supermoto racer. Not so good at trials though.

    Clark, thanks for noticing the frame and bodywork. I put up a blog post a few days ago explaining our approach ( This ain’t no garage operation.

    • nymoto

      Awesome bike – awesomer response.

    • 1

      ha ha +1 nice response.

      Not bad for a 18yo. Looks like the future hold goo things on the horizon for you all :-)

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

        When I saw “Filmmaker Sam Erickson” in Sean’s writeup, I assumed BRD had hired Sam Erickson, the founder of 44 Pictures.

        The 18 yr old Sam Erickson that made this BRD video definitely has a future in shooting television commercials for car companies! (A good thing.)

    • KR Tong

      Looks like the debut was at the dainese store in town. That would make sense.

      There’s a lot of brains on team BRD, and they’ve made an awesome bike, but what’s happening with production? How much, if any, of the manufacturing & assembly is taking place in town?

      • fasterfaster

        Yup, Dainese D-Store SF. Shout-out to Shelli and her crew for hooking us up.

        We’ll be in production for the 2012 riding season. The chassis is cast in the Midwest then machined and finished in our SF factory, where we do assembly and QA. A good portion of the rest of our proprietary parts is local, or US-based. But the reality is we use a global supply chain for brakes, tires, suspension, etc. At least until I can convince Fox to start making forks again.

    • Clark

      Thanks for adding the link — I had not seen your writeup.
      You guys have done a great job with the industrial design.

    • RocketSled

      That frame is a piece of poetry. As a guy with a lathe and mill in the garage, I really DO appreciate the talent that went into it.

  • Devin

    I confused these guys for BRP for a good five minutes. “Why is Bombardier building things in Cali?”.

  • Scott-jay

    Properly moto-ambient video, imo. Good music, too.
    Marc from BRD: impressive sense of humor and motorcycle.
    Red battery box kinda ‘disappears’ in some views.

  • motoguru

    Good lookin’ sled. Send one to Detroit for testing please.

  • holdingfast

    i want to ride one to my “car drifting class” tomorrow and i bet i d have more fun before and after the class on that bike.

  • zato1414

    I liked it, but had to play some live Iron Butterfly for background music. Camera work was good and the machine looked like it was a sweet ride. Pony tail girl… yummm.

  • Lacubrious

    This would be perfect for my tiny commute… and the trails on the way back.