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A while back, our buddy Jamie told us about a video he wanted to make. Something that could capture how the simple act of riding a motorcycle could transform any normal day into a fantastic one. With the help of some Alpinestars waterproof touring gear and a Ducati Multistrada 1200, he’s finally put that video together.

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“I’d been wanting to make this video for a while,” Jamie tells us. “It’s supposed to capture the freedom of riding your motorcycle and the excellent capabilities of the adventurous Ducati Multistrada. To make matters even better my girl loved the Italian style and comfort as well as the mind-blowing speed, so it more than a delight to head out of rainy Santa Maria, head over the snow covered Pine Mountain and then towards the dry roads and amazing coastline of Los Angeles California, where I picked her up and we rode until the sun went down.”

  • rndholesqpeg

    Looks like fun.

    This video is best viewed with your sound off

  • robotribe

    Ah. Ocean Blvd. in the rain. I know it well.

    Thanks for that. Makes me miss L.A.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Motorcycles are pretty cool.

  • TilJ

    That was a great video. Makes me wish next summer was already starting instead of ending — no vacation for me for a while.

  • Jesse

    Muting the audio and putting this on loop to get me through the rest of the workday. Thanks for this.

  • nymoto

    Rad – and can anybody ride that dirt section? That was awesome looking.

  • Sasha Pave

    Very nicely done! Beautiful complicated Italian girl (and the woman was hot too!).

  • Robert


  • Brammofan

    Although it’s the wrong coast, the ending of the video is reminiscent of the opening scenes of “Jaws”…which makes this video that much better.

  • Kevin

    I own a Multistrada, but my life is not like that.

    • noone1569


  • ike6116

    Where did her gear come from?

    Other than that cool video, similar in spirit to “The Commute” by RevZilla.

    I like motorcycles.

  • Chris

    Is it just me or do the saddle bags mysteriously disappear when he puts the bike in Sport mode, but reappear on the wheelie?

    Regardless, it makes me want to go for a ride…

    • Tim

      I think he also stopped off somewhere along to way to wash the bike.

  • jason McCrash

    Is there a direct link to the video so I can share it?

  • zato1414

    Excellent vid, super machine, california riding, sweet helmet nuzzle and swimming with sharks!

  • Sentinel


    I love this video!

  • 1

    C’était un Rendezvous

    I know it’s car film and everyone has seen it before, but a nice way to pick up your chick. Merc.

    • stempere

      Did you know that the director (and driver) Claude Lelouch did that same run twice(dispite what the video description states)? One time with a Mercedes 450 SEL to get a stable image and one time with the 275 GTB for the sound…

      • Thom

        Actually , another rumor has it he made the run several times in the Mercedes and that in fact the Ferrari was never actually driven on the route .

        Which of the multitude of stories out there is the true one is anyones guess .

        Never the less , one of the all time best Gearhead videos of all time ……. so who cares what the facts are . Its pure entertainment any way you look at it

        • stempere

          Actually, they (auto plus, a french car magazine) interviewed Lelouche in 2006 and he confirmed that they used his 450, that they did go around 200km/h at some point (city limit is 50, maybe 60 at the time) and that he did (himself again) the same run with the ferrari for the sound. And only one run with the merc, they didn’t have enough film anyway which is why they did it in the first place (some leftover film from a movie, the whole thing was decided the night before).

  • Emmet

    that’s an Arai helmet he’s wearing?

  • Thom

    Video – Not bad

    Ride – Impressive . Guess the MultiStrada is more versatile than most here give it credit for .

    Bird – More would of been better , to heck with what gear she was wearing

    Music – Arrgggghhhhhh ! Who the Hell told him to stick EuroTranceDance BS on a M/C video ?

    Takes the credibility right out of the entire video in one fell swoop . The abrupt cut off at the end only making matters worse .