Video: this is how Classified Moto lamps are made

Dailies -



In addition to mash ups of bikes like Yamaha Viragos and R1s, Richmond, Virginia’s Classified Moto also designs and builds lamps using recovered motorcycle springs and rotors. Here, cameras follow John Ryland as he picks, pulls and assembles parts.

  • Chris

    Ive often thought of doing things like that, but my execution would be very poor comported to that. Good job classified moto.

  • robotribe

    Hell, those are reasonably priced for hand-made work. I might even buy one!

    Props as well to their videographer/director/movie-folk. That movie is uncommonly good for this arena.

  • Coreyvwc

    My house is not cool enough to put that in. My garage on the other hand…

    • zato1414

      I like that garage idea, heading for their website now!

  • Johndo

    wow. So cool…

  • bpjester

    Does anybody recognize the background music?

    • Gregory

      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I think.

  • John Ryland

    Hey thanks for the post, HFL! Much appreciated. @bpjester the track is “Sympathetic Noose” (BRMC). I’d never heard it before Mondial put it in the film. Nice tune… JR

  • Thom

    Video -Two thumbs up

    Repurposed M/C parts as lamps – Again.. Two thumbs up

    Using obscure music by a known band for background – Two Thumbs up plus !

    ( and people here have the nerve to call me a Negative Nellie .I can’t help it of I only respect quality . Damned Elitist that I am )