Why these shots of the 2012 ZX-14 are total bullshit

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Full disclosure: we work really hard to bring you HFL, so when pretenders rip us off, yet also try and talk shit (that was copied too), it gets under our skin. I made a point of taking this holiday weekend off work to spend time with a new girl I’m seeing and grabbed the 1198 Streetfighter story off the cuff, in a rush. It might be fake. Oh well. But what’s really fake are these super crazy extra photoshopped images of the “2012 Kawasaki ZX-14” here’s why. Honestly, anyone with half a brain should be able to see this.

Update: Just to clarify, this MCN article was well reported, original and the kind of thing we like reading. It’s just a shame that others felt the need to rip it off.

Sean’s girlfriend (a graphic designer when she’s not babysitting HFL staff) put down her sore vagina long enough to help us with this. She and Sean took a look and annotated the above image with these notes:

1. The mirrors are mirrored. Cue the snoop dog jokes. Aside from being identical from side to side, something that is impossible in real light, have a look at the shadows. See that? Yep. Identical. If that was the only thing funny about this image, it would be enough to declare it a fake.

2. Why go through all the trouble of designing a new, angular ZX-14 to match the rest of the Kawasaki line-up and then slap an old windscreen on it? Why add a gray border around the round windscreen to fill in the gaps between it and the angular bodywork? The answer, of course, is that no one would do that. It’s fake.

3. Why are there blurry green triangles hanging off either side of the fairing? While this shape is technically possible, it would be so hideously ugly from any other angle that there is simply no way Kawasaki would build a fairing with flying blurry triangles.

4. Why is it that the upper fairing is both a different color than the rest of the bike and seemingly just mushed into place? Look closely at the black plastic trim piece (liberated from the ZX-10R for this photoshop experiment) where it meets the uper fairing. Notice how it doesn’t lineup? How the shadows don’t make any sense?

5. See how hyper-focused the headlights are? Look at the glossy black front corners and the ridiculous rows of LEDs further back. Now, look at the blurry triangles that would be only 3-5″ further back. Look at the barely in focus turn signals on the fairings and look at the sharply focused mufflers out back. Cameras don’t work this way. They create an image that has a focal point and the closer a part of the image is to that point, the more it’s in focus. Move further away from that point and things become blurry.

This image has the mufflers and headlights in focus, but blurry triangles between them.

6. Bullshit headlights. From the starbursts, to the 4300k HID color temperature, to the rows of LEDs, these scream fake. Those LEDs are the real giveaway though. The way they hang outside the headlight housing, yet extend toward the fake HIDs is impossible unless they’re hot-glued to the outside of the lens.

Detail shots from Young Machine, purportedly of ZX-14 components, are clearly just press shots of the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R.

This screencap, taken from a video posted by Ricky Gadson and apparently a part of Kawasaki’s viral marketing campaign for the new bike, appears to show clocks which are slightly updated versions of the current model’s.

The current ZX-14 clocks.

This cap of the new clocks’ startup sequence, again taken from the Gadson video, appears to show a new face that’s more a refinement of the current model than an all-new look.

A hilarious friend at Kawasaki also (unofficially) said:

“Either it’s a ZX-10R upper on a ZX-14 lower photo-chop, or it’s the new ZX-10XL prototype, which was created when Kawasaki chefs prepared a delicious three-bean burrito lunch and force fed it to a standard ZX-10R, they then denied all dyno exercise sessions, so the new top-secret unit could grow into a sufficiently aerodynamic rotundness.”

The image also appears to be based on a stock photo from a tire junket all the rags went on last fall. I made Sean, at the behest of Ashlee, throw out all his old bike mags a couple weeks back so we can’t find the original, maybe one of you can.

But yeah, to quote Kawasaki, “total bullshit.”

Understanding the difference between the real deal and total bullshit is important. That applies to motorcycle media too. You aren’t looking at the new ZX-14, but when you are, the first time will probably be here on HFL.

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    Very fake, but it would be nice to have a revisit of the ZX-12.

    A sharp handling zx-14 would be brilliant.

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    I knew ya had it in you, Wes. Good man.

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      I’m not making the connection here.

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        Hot Slice of Private Investigation.

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    Hah, that’s kinda funny – aside for the part where everyone seems to lack journalistic integrity…

    Keep fightin’ the good fight HFL.

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    Seems like there are a lot of sore vaginas…

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    I’ll admit it; I was taken by this rouse. The thought of a big comfy zx-14 with the sharp handling of the zx-10 sounded really good to me. It sounded better than good, it sounded like a breath of fresh air into a market niche that has been dominated by the Busa for last ten years or so. Newer more powerful engine, all of the newest electronic rider aides, nice wide saddle… who wouldn’t want to rest their sore vagina on that?

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    I love the vagina empowerment we got going on here at HFL, Eve Ensler had no idea. I can’t tell if the take no shit attitude is a result of this, or if it was there all along. Either way… Vagina.

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    Good shit! This is an awesome piece on so many levels. Nothing like some good old journalistic trash talk.

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    Man, pictures spread between motorcycle websites like herpes. Bikeexif gets their pics jacked regularly and they have an obvious water mark. Yet… no citing the source. People are awesome.

    Keep up the good work.

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      The whole stealing pictures thing used to get me really riled, but I just let it go now.

      These days there are whole websites out there (I’m not going to give them the publicity they don’t deserve by naming them) that basically trawl the through Bike EXIF archives and repurpose our articles.

      At the end of the day it’s a sign that you’re doing something right. And imitators will perpetually be playing second fiddle rather than creating something original, so !@#$ ‘em.

      Chris @ Bike EXIF

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    We still love you wes

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    HFL vs. AssRub throwdown! Bring it to the track boys…ha.

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        For me… AssRub content is mostly racing coverage and some new bike launches. HFL covers new bikes, gear, and a diverse cross section of bike culture. Its not an apples to apple comparison. Again, for me, I don’t see them as competitors but as two separate media sources fulfilling a need. I think the petty bickering is juvenile and distracts from the quality content that all of you at HFL produce.

        With that said, its your band and we are all just dancing to the music. Keep up the good work!

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          Eh, stealing our intellectual property is the same as stealing anything else that anyone made. I probably shouldn’t let it get to me, but since creating that intellectual property is my job and my passion, it does.

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            Love the AssRub edit. haha.

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            Just be glad you’re not a musician or film director…

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            It’s impossible not to let it get to you if you have enough passion for what you do to fog a mirror. I have had a number of items I have developed ripped off in my area of business, I don’t care how many people tell me “it doesn’t matter, you get paid either way”, it still pisses me off.

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          For race coverage and press releases released as press releases, RW makes AssRub look like a blog run by an unemployed graduate still living at home.

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          Ditto, John.

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