Video: 2012 ZX-14 teaser campaign or strange hoax?

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It’s hard to take anything coming from youtube user Kawasakimec seriously. With no profile details, only 99 subscribers and authentic Kawasaki youtube accounts like this and this, the validity of anything Kawasakimec uploads should immediately be called into question. That said, if the details revealed in this video are true, the new ZX-14 would have a displacement of 1440ccs, headlights that bear a striking resemblance to 2004 R1 items, and an intake that’s either just like the ZX-10R or just like an older ZX-6R. Yeah, this is probably fake.

  • mugget

    What a phenomenon.

    • Sean Smith

      I don’t get the whole fake teaser campaign either.

  • Nate Weaver

    Working in production, that’s an awful lot of work if it’s not real.

    I suppose there’s some design/motion graphics students with a lot of time on their hands, but they’re usually not quite so polished.

    • Sean Smith

      The way the headlights and intake change from sketch, to detail shot to the end makes it really hard for me to believe that this is real.

      • Rick

        Sean, it’s a long way from cocktail napkin sketch to production reality, detail changes are inevitable. I’m hard pressed to name any motorcycles that are literal interpretations of the first concept.

  • casey

    SWEET Mountain dew is getting a bike! suck on that monster ninja!


    • Jon B.

      Best second line of a H4L comment ever.

    • Brendan

      My Jet Moto dreams are coming true!!!!

      • Ben

        Jet Moto was SO fucking awesome!

    • Bobby

      More like the zx14 is getting it’s own monster flavor knowing kawi.

  • Duncan

    What better way to get over the media’s cynicism about ‘staged’ spy shots (think Ducati, Triumph) than run teasers that are assumed to be bogus? As per some other comments, there is some serious production time and competency that’s gone into this clip.

  • holdingfast

    that type is pretty sweet!

  • Gene

    Or you could do what I do with teasers, fake or not, and just say “nnnNEXT!” – I didn’t even bother clicking on it.

  • dux

    I didn’t watch it either. Was there a shot of the enduro-woods-creepy-ninja-stalker? If so, then out all makes sense now…

  • Terry

    Ehh, it’s fake. You can tell by some of the pixels on the edges.


    Seriously though, it looks like flashy student project work to me – just a bunch of (nicely done) effects techniques that show absolutely nothing.

    Are we really anticipating a ZX-14 refresh, or is this all wishful thinking?

    • Sean Smith

      They really are doing something with the bike, we just don’t know what that is until October tenth.

  • Terry

    Watched it again… It reminds me of the teasers for the Roland Emmerich “Godzilla” movie.

  • tropical ice cube

    translated from french, “kawasakimec” is just “kawasakibloke” or “kawaguy”. Who cares.

  • Rick

    The video refers to a ZX-14R.

    • Jesse

      I’d love to believe the “R” is for Real, but my breath remains unheld.

  • Peter88

    I don’t care if it’s fake. All this kind of stuff is fun!