2012 Suzuki GSX-R 750: Now available in yellow

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After receiving new bodywork, frame, swingarm, pistons, and miscellaneous engine updates for 2011, no one was expecting 2012 to be a landmark year for the GSX-R 600/750. It comes as no surprise that the only change for 2012 is the addition of the Marble Daytona Yellow/Glass Sparkle Black color combination, or as I like to call it, ugly yellow with ugly silver stickers.

  • dux

    The Bold New Graphics we were all waiting for.

  • Kurt

    And over $12K to boot. Christ, it’s no wonder BMW and Ducati are gobbling up market share.

    • John

      See also; Triumph

  • 10/10ths

    I just threw-up a little in my mouth.

  • Jon B.

    I would call it boring but it is too ugly. So maybe it wins for being the most convoluted mess of angles, lines and proportions ever.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    It’s a shame because underneath the daisy yellow is a great motorcycle. Not at the $12k price point (that’s 848 evo territory), but you can expect a discount on 2011′s since they’re just gathering dust at dealers.

    Which reminds me: Who buys one of these things brand new? You can get a faster bike for not much more money (zx-10R, s1000RR, R1, 848evo) or you can get a nearly-as-good bike for about half the sticker price on clist any day of the week.

    • JVictor75

      I know who would buy this thing brand new…

      Young Military guys fresh off of deployment. Gotta get that ‘Gixxer, dawg. Yellow is gangsta, holla.

      I second the idea that you can (if you spend some time looking, that is) find a good bike for roughly half the price. If you know what you’re doing and are willing to look around a bit, kick some tires and spin some wrenches, you can find a good slightly rashed version for 1/4 the price, if not less.

      • Gene

        No kidding. Before Naval Training Center-Orlando closed, the rows of shattered big-bore sportbikes with <1,000 miles and a NTC sticker at the junkyard were amazing.

        • JVictor75

          I’m saying. Back when I was still an Active Jarhead stationed on Camp Pendleton, I used to end my weekend afternoon rides down in Carlsbad at this awesome little coffee place right on the beach. Open fire pits, fresh cappuccino from the Italian couple that ran the place, etc. They also owned a vintage Ducati racing team and has their distant relative, a retired French pastry chef working for them on the weekends. Don’t know if it’s still there or not, but just an awesome place to kick back and enjoy a coffee.

          One of the other frequenters of the establishment was a civilian dude that worked on base who told me one time that he wished he could take out insurance on all the young Jarheads that went out and bought a GSXR 1000 (or other manufacturer equivalent) for their 1st bike.

          At the time I was a little bit appalled at his attitude, not to mention a wee bit defensive of my brethren.


        Yellow good. Stickers bad.

    • Archer

      Who buys one of these things brand new?

      Don’t understimate the squid market.

      And judging by the local gixxer squids, odds of finding a properly-cared-for-never-dropped-or-bounced-off-the-rev-limiter-in-front-of-starbucks-used-one are vanishingly small.

      • Campisi

        I would have thought the credit markets would have taken a toll on squids buying new sports bikes by now. Getting financing through Honda was surprisingly difficult for me, and I was only financing a few grand.

    • Sean Smith

      I’d honestly choose a GSX-R 750 over an 848 evo. Better chassis, comfortable riding position, no vibes. Just not in yellow…

    • Kevin

      Who would buy one of these things new? I dunno… the people who actually keep the motorcyle industry alive by buying new products?

      • Joe

        Thank you. I have had it up to hear with the, “It’s nice, can’t wait to buy it used in 3 years to save maybe a grand or two,” people. Stop bitching, start buying; motorcycle companies don’t make bikes for people that buy used.

        If you want non-squid bikes, then buy new bikes that squids won’t buy, in large numbers.

        • Gene

          I do… then they stop makin’ ‘em pretty damn much instantly. My FJR seems to be the sole exception to my kiss of death so far. And they did make SV-650s another 8 years, but it’s the only bike I’ve bought two of.

  • http://vtbmwmov.org Eben

    I actually really like the yellow, but not the stickers so much.

    And some people like smaller (still outrageously overpowered for the street) sport bikes because they’re physical smaller and lighter and are often faster around a track due to the higher cornering speeds.

  • 1

    Ugly is an ugly word.

  • Major Caenus

    You call it ugly yellow. I call it pussy magnet yellow

  • Devin

    I love yellow and black on a motorcycle. This doesn’t do it for me. Too much mustard, not enough Honda 599 yellow.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Reminds me of Thundercats. With this yellow/silver scheme, you’d pretty much have to rock a fuzzy, animal-print helmet cover while you stoppie into your local Starbucks.

  • Charlie

    I would rather have a B King. Stupid and ugly is better than ugly

  • Denzel

    Hey…at least its trending away from the busy busy graphics on the 1000…trending is probably the wrong word … more like “accidentally”.

  • Campisi

    When a motorcycle has the sort of name recognition that the Gixxers have, what difference does the unremarkable aesthetic really make?

    • DoctorNine


  • Mike

    Remind me again why the 750 model even exists? For Goldilocks?

  • Sentinel

    I’m really disappointed. I was hoping they would give the 750 the same internal engine updates they gave the 600, which would have just made this bike that much better.

    But instead they slap on this putrid yellow paint and raise the price.

    I agree with the others here regarding the European bikes. They are on the verge of rivaling the Japanese in every area of there traditional markets.

    The Japanese have lost touch with it’s customer base, plain and simple, while Europe is connected like never before, and only improving all of the time.

    I’m most impressed with Triumph right now, followed closely by MV Agusta and Ducati.

    If I’m lucky enough to be able to get a new bike next year, it will probably be purchased from one of these three European brands. And this is coming from a life long Honda and Suzuki guy.

  • Scott-jay

    Honda = red, Suzuki = yellow, etc.
    But, yellow is ‘off’ on pictured Suzuki.
    GSXRs were once 750 & 1000 only.
    GSXR made my ’84 GPz750 obsolete.
    What a family tree!

    • Major Caenus

      The yellow here looks more like a Yamaha colour to me.

      Also when I think of a Suzuki colour, especially on a GSXR, blue + white always comes to mind.

      • Scott-jay

        My official Japanese m/c color list:
        Honda = red;
        Suzuki = yellow;
        Yamaha = white (every color, bein’s a clone factory & all);
        Kawasaki = green.

        • ike6116

          Wrong. Yamaha = Blue

          • Archer

            Wrong. Yamaha = white, black and red. Except for the blue ones. Oh, and the yellow and black flat trackers.

            On second thought, nevermind.

            Honda = red. That’s about it.

            • todd

              kawi is definitely green

            • pplassm

              Yamaha racing colors in the US were yellow/black/white for many years. At that time, the Euro team was running white/red/black.

              The blue started in ’96, IIRC.

  • James

    I almost bought a yellow GSX-R-600 a couple of years ago, but ended up getting a CBR. This is how you paint a Suzuki yellow…


    It’s a shame too, because from what I read, the current generation GSXR-750 is supposed to be a stunning road bike. If you’re going to do vulgar and garish, do it right.


  • Wayne

    There is nothing wrong with yellow Per se..trouble is the “bumble bee” scheme is never a good look, especially when it is “jaundice” yellow.

  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    They needed a second opinion on their color blocking. They thwarted what flow the design had.

    This change isn’t going to make you think the GSX-R 750 is beautiful, but it’s better by a damn sight.


    • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru

      That looks 1000x better.

    • Sean Smith

      Bingo. Out of the infinite number of yellows they could have come up with, Suzuki chose an over-saturated dark one. That looks much better.

      • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

        Hue is a personal preference and I happen to agree with you. But what I found most disturbing was how they broke up the continuity of color the fairings had nicely established when they made the tank yellow. Add to that the lumpy profile of the tank relative to the other lines of the bike and the result is a colorway that emphasizes the inconsistency of the form. Lastly, the color balance was off. Putting it all in a vertical stack makes it look static. Sweeping it up and back is dynamic.
        Yet for all the transgressions of the yellow/black colorway, it’s nowhere near as bad as the blue/white.

  • Will

    On what planet has yellow and silver ever worked?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Pretty sure it’s the prefect combo for a five year mission.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    I love yellow. I’ll wait to see it in person, but my initial thoughts are that it should be a bit brighter.