Another day, another Ducati 1199 Panigale spy photo

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What makes this photo of the Ducati 1199 Panigale different from the previous 60 or so? Well, it’s a pretty good close up of the fairing, sans Post-It Note camo, this bike is wearing SBK-spec suspension, the tail looks as ridiculously pointy as ever and the tank appears to make room for some KTM RC8-esque sliders. That’s not a huge amount of bike for something making 195bhp, but at 395lbs (wet), it’s not ever going to be considered large.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    I really like the lines of the fairing in this photo. Aesthetically, it looks purposeful, with corners and folds that work well with the rest of the bike — at least in this one photo. I’m looking foreward to seeing more.

  • Tony

    That’s Checa aboard, right?

    • Aaron

      I think Checa wears Astars gear.

      • Corey

        Probably Davide Giugliano.

  • tomwito

    I build custom exhausts and one off race car parts, I am dying to see that Termi exhaust system on that bike.

  • Gene

    Hm. I’d hate that tank stuff, unless it’s more design camo. That’s probably a small Italian rider, and even his knees are hitting it. I’d be back in the garage ripping it off after the 4th corner.

  • 1

    I wish they would drop the dumb single sided swing arms. Same with MV. You don’t see them on the GP bike so why bother with something so camp n’ showy.

    Tail section looks like a 999 minus the car muffler. Nice. rest of body work looks promising too.

    • Deep6Dive

      If you’ve ever changed a tire or adjusted a chain on a SS swingarm, you would understand why they’re on there. Plus this isn’t a GP bike, if you watch AMA the duc’s are working pretty well with their showy swingarms.

      • 1

        I don’t change my own tyres. But adjusting chains isn’t a hassle on my GP style swing arm. Why are they using the GP style of frame on the new bike then. C’mon everyone wants some a bit of GP on their sports bike.

        I hope the Ducatis in the AMA are doing better than the ones in Moto GP.

        • rndholesqpeg

          After this year, I would much rather have parts derived and trickled down from WSBK than from MotoGP.

          • Deep6Dive

            you sir watch motorcycle racing where some guy capitalizing two letters doesn’t.