Bikers are mean, Belgians are gutless and other stereotypes

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Carlsburg Beer’s Belgian ad agency filled a movie theater in Brussels with a bunch of burly tattooed outlaw biker-types. Except for two seats right in the middle. Those were left open for supposedly unsuspecting “innocent couples” to occupy if they dared. Couples who sat got cheers and a Carlsburg for their bravery. Those who bailed? Well, they got what they deserved for signing the release forms.

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  • Kirill

    And that is how you do compelling advertising

  • ike6116

    I would have peaced out.

  • damien

    Good stuff.

  • JC

    Great ad

  • Mike

    Lion King 3D’s really packing them in..

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]


  • Denzel

    Hi – larious…

  • scottydigital

    that is funny


    My wife & I would say something like “Awesome. Nobody brought a baby.”

  • David

    I would have been a bit puzzled by the huge over representation of harley pirates and the fact that the entire crowd looked quiet, not engaged in the usual pre-movie conversation and blatant stare down as they walked in.

    This is hypothetical since I despise movie theatres and seldom visit them.

  • Skank NYCF

    My type of crowd. Funny how all them lil bitches ran out and that one chic was like fuck it and her man pulled her away. Lmao.
    Stella Artois!!

  • Erok

    I would have bailed just assuming b.o. Would be rampant

  • tropical ice cube

    Tepid, as Carlsberg is. I guess a Danish beer really has to go to great lengths to sell their tepid product in the country of, and this is not a stereotype, gutsy beers. Please notice that for my 30+ years spent in Belgium, I can’t remember ONE good beer add. The worse was “A Man’s beer” (yes, “Une bière d’homme”, really) which I swear stayed on-screen in various guises for 3 decades, featuring only guys enjoying just that.
    As for the bike scene, it seems we have more than our share of H-D hogs, complete with tatoos and expensive branded faux-old leathers, but they are generally a quite friendly bunch, mostly interested in… beer, has it happens. I know we would have sat in that room (and got drunk with the guys), because for years on our Enfield 350 Bullet and the Dnepr outfit, me and the lady would always be cheered by that kind of dudes. Only I don’t like Carlsberg!

  • KR Tong

    There must’ve been two pairs of sleeves in that whole theater.

    • stempere

      Don’t even go there, i can think of some other “pairs” when they’ll stand up at the end…

  • M

    this was funny. it actually played against stereotypes. hellforleathermag has a pretty narrow world view, sometimes.

    • Grant Ray

      Um, that it played against stereotypes was the point.

      • M

        forgive me my imperceptiveness

        maybe i should have said that hellforleathermagazine has such a duplicitous world view.

    • ike6116

      I like stereotypes they’re a great way to save time and be right a lot without having to do much leg work.

  • slowtire


  • Thom

    Crap , after three years living in Hells Kitchen in the 70′s , cutting my teeth playing Blues in 1% Biker Bars ( the real deal Gents )

    Hell this bunch would of been a walk in the Park in comparison .

    But for one lousy ( and Carlsburg is a very lousy beer ) bottle of Beer ? Not a chance .

  • Jeff

    I like. For that I’ll try Carlsburg next time I’m out. Looks like one of the bars carries it from their site.

  • slowestGSXRever

    two good seats in the center & middle?! heck yeah!

  • Kerry

    I know you can’t bring beer into movie theaters where I live, so these tough guys are pretty ruthless. Did make me laugh, though.

    The ad might have well-timed for a new type of beer for Carslburg . . . a stronger, dark pale ale perhaps.

  • Taco

    There’s Black people in Brussels? Who knew!

    • Skank NYCF

      theres more middle east people then blacks.