Faster than a Hayabusa

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The at-the-limit performance of bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa may seem a touch irrelevant. Power figures nudging 200bhp just aren’t within the exploitable realm of mortal men, right? But this is America, damn it, and not only is bigger better, but we even have a sport dedicated to heavy, long, ridiculously powerful motorcycles. It’s called drag racing and, according to Ricky Gadson, the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R is pretty damn fast. What do you call a Ninja that eats Blackbird-eating hawks?

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  • Emmet

    in this game of dick-waving, who’s to say the guy on the Busa just didn’t give it his all?

    • tomwito

      Watch the Tach, I think your giving your all if its at the redline.

    • tomwito

      But I could really care less.


    btw, you can learn to drag race a zx-14 at Rickey Gadson’s 2 day drag racing school. I did and it was a blast, figuratively and literally.

  • Beale

    Yeah, but what about its ass?

  • Taco

    Hey wasn’t Ricky Gadson the guy who was impersonating a police officer a while back? What happened with that?

    • Eric

      Bubba Stewart

    • pplassm

      Yeah, they all look the same.

      • Josh

        Oh dear.

  • KR Tong

    This bike makes sense in a magical place where all roads are perfectly straight and smooth and the only turn is at a 4 way intersection.

    Yep, Phoenix Is pretty magical.

    • noone1569

      If I get sucked into moving to Florida, I will have to buy one of these and become *one of those guys*. My XB is not meant for straight lines unless you like doing that on one wheel lol.

  • Paul B

    I don’t see how this video could be one sided.

  • matt

    question from a non-drag racing slowpoke – about how fast are they going when they finally put their feet on the pegs?

    • guest

      Around 100 MPH

    • guest

      A seasoned drag racer will use their feet as ‘feelers’ to gauge how far the front wheel is off of the ground, an even push the bike back down – if required.

  • tropical ice cube

    Does the tested ‘Busa features Traction Control, or any form of Launch Assistance? Correct me if I am wrong, but the ZX does, right? They may have pitted an RSV against the Busa and still win, as these bikes are indeed a generation apart.
    Sure next year Busa will get back the slack…
    Then, well, it’s all utterly pointless, anyway.

  • Thom

    Looks like Kawa has succumbed to the Stroker McGurk philosophy of ;

    ” Too much power is never enough ”

    Pointless yes . But how boring would the World be if someone didn’t do this now and again ?

    Question now being

    Does the ” Busa” come back with a One Upsmanship move of their own ?

  • Albert

    Wes, I’ve been subscribing to HFL for almost a year now..and normally your stuff is on point. But honestly, what’s the deal with the Kawasaki blow-a-thon this past week? Gotta stay objective.. I dont know if they’re paying you, or offering you free wheels, but yeesh don’t make it so obvious.

    • JP

      LOL. I swear we just said this in our office too.

    • Groomez

      Kawi just had their dealer conference, so there’s a lot of new updates and models being offered. I wouldn’t think it’d be much more than that.

  • Groomez

    If only I had respect for drag racing.

  • Peter

    How does this prove the 14 is the super ultimate dominant what-ever-the-fuck? Is Kawasaki really putting this stuff out?

    I watched a racer run a new GSXR1000 in at the drag strip, he finished the night running consistant 9.7s with 1.4/1.5 60ft times. That bike was made to turn corners as well.


  • Bryan Whitney