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When I was kid cruising around on the back of my dad’s Silverwing, you’d find me wearing a green metal flake 3/4 helmet. Now that I know a little bit more about safety standards, I have higher expectations for my head protection than a hard candy shell with a mangled liner and mostly exposed styrofoam can meet. The Nexx X60 Vintage provides a fashionable retro look that achieves an ECE 22.05 safety rating. The coolest part? It comes in kids’ sizes too. As much as I loved my green sparkly helmet, I’d certainly trade up.

Photos: Sean Smith

Holding it
You can feel the difference attention to detail makes. The X60 Vintage combines an Advanced Thermo Resin shell (matte finish and silky to the touch—think the high end vibrator section of your local classy sex shop) with two tones of leather and contrast stitching. You’ll notice other thoughtful details too, like the rivets that hold the Lexan shield. The branding is pretty low key, but it would feel a lot more “vintage” without “vintage” stitched across the side like a label.

Wearing It
It’s nice to touch, and it’s nicer to wear. The padding is plush and comfy, and advanced materials make this helmet really, really light, weighing in at only 1050g. I really dig the Micro-Metric buckle, which isn’t flimsy plastic, but feels like a Glock gun frame. It’s totally easy to use with or without gloves on.

Toss this helmet at a non-rider passenger and they won’t have to look silly playing with D rings and snaps while they try to get everything fastened. You just pull the red tab to release. All the hard parts are also covered by a wrap-around leather and velcro cover, so nothing on the strap is biting at your neck.

Riding in it
Visibility, as you would expect with an open face helmet, is great. The helmet sits well behind your peripheral vision on both sides, and barely peaks in the top of your view field. When riding, the wind protection provided by the included shield isn’t quite enough for my taste. I don’t like wind in my eyes. The X60 vintage comes with Nexx’s 60% Sunvisor (that blocks 60% of sunlight) and falls just across the cheeks. To increase wind protection for the eyes, I would upgrade to their long sunvisor, or ditch the visor all together and use goggles (there’s a snap tab to hold a goggle strap in place on the back). For an open face helmet, the sound deadening is pretty impressive. Nicely fitted padding keeps much of the wind noise from your ears, and if you’re really sensitive the rest is taken care of by ear plugs. An ECE 22.05 and DOT approval set this open face helmet apart from many others.

Buying it
This helmet retails at $289—a bit steeper than many 3/4 options you’ll see available, but the safety rating, comfort and quality of materials makes it worth the price. The helmet is available in a variety of color combinations for adults and children, and you can skip trying to find it at a shop and head straight to Amazon.

I really kind of like my chin, and, quite obviously, an open face helmet doesn’t afford as much protection as full-face options. That said, when Wes isn’t around to chastise, I’m not going to be able to resist wearing the X60 Vintage when I’m headed out to local night spots or just riding a few miles to the beach.

  • matt

    nice helmet, although I don’t understand why they mess it up by having a bunch of writing stitched on the outside.

    • Edward

      Agree, that stitching (and the cursive) is a real deal breaker.

  • Tim

    Most impacts occur right at the chin according to a famous German study. Why take away that protection for vanity?

    • robotribe

      Beat me to it.

      Nice looking helmet for what it is, but your face looks very nice as well so why chance it?

      Live how you want to live, but I think you should pay heed to Wes’ chastising.

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

        Ashlee, you have beautiful laugh lines and your cheekbones are striking. Sean is a lucky one!

        • dan


        • Sean Smith

          +1 You don’t even know the half of it.

        • Mark D

          Nice review; a 3/4 helmet is basically a fashion item, and its been reviewed as such. It is what it is, and that’s a cool looking helmet to wear when rolling up to a club.

          Also; lucky is right. There’s no other reasonable explanation for it!

      • The other Joe

        +1 I only wear full face helmets, but I really like the modular/flip face ones. It’s much easier when you have to stop and make a phone call, take a drink, kiss the wife, etc.

  • 10/10ths

    Ask Ben Roethlisberger about why you want a full face helmet.

    But, if you want to rock an open face rig, that Nexx is a beauty.

  • damien

    You two are becoming the resident NEXX fanboys, eh? ha. Nice looking helmet for sure, but I’m not into the leather wrap on it.

    Not sure if it’s Shuberth (sp?) or GIVI or Momo…but one has an open face like this with a low-profile chin bar. looks pretty good too.

    • stempere

      Schuberth J1.
      Wanted to try one for some time now…

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Sex toys, handguns, and leather accents. Great article!

  • Jesse

    This is roughly a million percent better than the flat black matching novelty helmets my Dad and I used to to rock when I cruised on this back of his Goldwing. Live and learn.

    I recall that Sean may not have any grounds to stand on as far as occasionally rocking the open face bucket.

    • Sean Smith

      Me? Wes is the one Ashlee is accusing of doing the chastising. That said, I wouldn’t wear an open face helmet for much more than low speed parking lot shenanigans.

      • Jesse

        You’re right. Apparently I momentarily lumped you all into a singular HFL entity. The Derp was strong this morning before coffee.

  • Andrew

    Are you worried at all about the leather covering? It seems like the leather would be more likely to grip the pavement in a fall and twist the helmet about.

    • Wes Siler

      Leather actually slides quite well. Ever crashed in a suit?

      As an external “skin,” it will also work like the skin on your head is designed to, ripping, tearing and sliding around the shell in oblique impacts, reducing the twisting forces such impacts apply to your head.

      • Jesse

        Whilst accurate, I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth.

      • Andrew

        Luckily or disappointingly, I haven’t had the chance yet. Would be nice if it does tear/rip away easily but the stitching seems pretty robust.

        • Lacubrious

          I dropped my bike this morning (4 hours ago…pine needles). And l agree with Wes. Leather slides very well.

  • Robert

    Andrew – I agree – The best sportbike boots come with hard plastic on the perimeter of the soles specifically so they do not creat a torsional load when tumbling – something that a pair of Doc Martins (which I am also guilty of wearing) would certainly do. As one who has fallen on my melon a couple times – it seems the more a lid skids (heh) the less potential strain there is on the neck. I’ve got open face lids, flip-ups and full face of all sorts and accept the dangers of each style. But adding traction to the noggin seems counter intuitive.

    • Sean Smith

      Who makes those boots?

  • NickK

    After going off in the Santa Monica mountains and scooping dirt and rocks with the chin bar and face shield of my Arai, I’ll never look at a 3/4 the same way again. Maybe it goes without saying, but I’m really I got up with not a scratch rather than not a face.

  • 10/10ths

    Yeah, watch “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels” on Speed Channel and every other crash is a face plant into concrete. Gimme a chin bar.

  • andrew

    “but feels like a Glock gun frame”

    does everyone in LA have an intimate understanding of Glock pistols?

    • Nik

      I prefer my Sig over a Glock, but to each their own.

      • The other Joe

        Those are nice, I’m more of a Beretta fan.

        • Archer

          M1911 FTW.

          • The other Joe

            Well, I carried a Beretta 92f while in the Navy and I think it just sort of grew on me. It’s more an esthetics/styling thing, and it fits my hand really well and just feels right.

  • jeremy

    A couple of years ago, a car rolled through a stop sign at an intersection, my friend couldn’t stop in time on the cobble stones and tboned the rear quarter panel, whipping his chin into the roof support column between the rear window and passenger seat window. Chin bar of the helmet left a dent in the metal but his face was fine. Instant converted me to full face for life (ff4L). Unfortunately him and my other friends have devolved into headlight and tank swapping flannel vans Harley fashionistas, but that’s life I guess.

  • Kerry

    It looks like a girls’ helmet.

    • Sean Smith

      No shit?

    • The other Joe

      Why do you think Ashlee reviewed it?

    • Scott-jay

      Value women chins over man chins, ‘cept mine.
      That’s why I wear a full-face.

      Will we be seein’ no helmet features, too?

      • The other Joe

        No helmet features? What are they going to review, a hairstyle?

        Sorry, just kidding. I couldn’t help myself.

  • PCPaul

    Don’t care, I like it anyway.