In Russia, motorcyclists play metal

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Protesting Moscow’s stagnant motorcycle culture which, as more people gain access to disposable income post-communism, has seen ingenious customization give way to buying brand new bikes, Alexander Ishutin installed a drum kit on this Yamaha sidecar. Now, he and two friends can perform while riding. The sidecar passenger plays the drums while the pillion is able to play guitar or other instruments.

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Thanks for the tips, everyone.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    Not metal.

    • Gene

      But it does look pretty heavy…

    • robotribe

      Aye. That’s got roots in Motorhead, Youth Brigade and Black Flag.


  • Deltablues

    Cool, but my thoughts on this…Why does Russia have better roads than we do here in Arkansas! Try that stunt on I-40 or I-30 here in Little Rock and that drum kit would be flying. I regularly get air on my Daytona 675. My second thought is these guys have way more street cred than the ‘Busa with 12 inch subs I saw last week.

    • tomwito

      Communisim has it’s perks?

      • Roman

        More like petro-dollars have their perks.

    • Aapo Tilman

      you just elect too many dumbfucks, but honestly, I think its the system of investing in too much military force instead of education and infra – structure. Btw, there are public roads in russia you cant even drive in RVs on . . .

    • Ivan

      The roads are ok because it is closer to the center of Moscow as it seems. It’s more of a coincidence than the rule.

      Gonna check out if these guys will show up on the closing season ride on October 8:)

  • Jesse

    How you can you not love that?

  • Devin

    I don’t know Russians, well, at all, but driver has a 100% redneck giggle.

    That’s super funny, I would love to be driving down the ride and come accross that contraption.

  • 2ndderivative

    That’s one way to listen to music while riding.

  • Roman

    Love it, thanks for posting! And since I have nothing better to do, here’s the full translation:
    “Motorcycle with a drum kit installation was constructed by Alexander Ishutin. Musician, businessman, and simply an enthusiast, he thinks that in Moscow there is less and less remaining that’s a little bit different. Alexander remembers how in the 90s, at the Overlook plaza, where the capital’s bikers traditionally congregate, there used to be some pretty unique machines. Now, at least according to his opinion, the main tendency is to go to the dealership, buy a big bike and not do anything to it.”

  • DougD

    They sounded good, too!

    • The other Joe

      I agree, that was awesome! You won’t find THAT in Cycle World magazine!

  • matt

    call themselves “random helmets” except they don’t wear helmets. When you are in moscow and you need a band fast.

    maybe they are protesting laws against radios on motorcycles?

  • Thom

    Sounds more Punk than Metal .

    The real question here being

    WHY ?

    ( why’d they do this / why is it posted here / why are we wasting our time commenting on this POS ? – What’s next , cats driving dogs around on M/C’s ? Goldfish floating around in M/C fuel tanks ? Half naked trolls doing back flips on a Harley Cruiser ? )

    Inane to the Nth Degree !

    • zipp4

      If you have to ask, you’re too old.

      • The other Joe

        Thanks for making me feel young.

    • Samuel

      I like it. Thanks Wes!

    • Jesse

      “Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

    • David

      Anyone ever told you you can be a real buzz kill?

    • 1

      F… U… N…

  • Andrew

    Rockabilly Baby!! I love it Thanks!!
    Love fun innovative stuff like this than motorcyclists getting crushed by on lookers of the NYPD and FD.

  • Emmet

    I’m sure the Japanese executed this at some point

  • stempere

    A Yamaha drumkit on a Yamaha sidecar? Isn’t it like dividing by zero? Is this the real world?

  • Гена

    Another, not so happy link from Russia

  • Scott-jay

    Welp, then here’s self-propelled toilet-bike from Japan: []

  • 1

    Hilarious, good to be alive when you see this kind of thing going on.