More info on the Triumph Tiger Explorer and other 2012 models

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On October 24, Triumph is set to unveil a host of new 2012 motorcycles, headlined by the 1,200cc+ adventure tourer we showed you yesterday. Now, thanks to one of our European friends, we’ve got more details on it and all the other new bikes. How’s a 137bhp Triumph Tiger Explorer sound, for starters?

The name of this new adventure tourer is going to be “Tiger Explorer,” with no mention of the capacity in the name. That new motor is said to exceed 137bhp and powers a bike that “feels lighter than an R1200GS” despite using a single-sided swingarm/shaft drive arrangement that’s very similar to BMW’s Paralever. Triumph will employ ride-by-wire for the first time on the Tiger Explorer, so expect the ability to switch between different engine maps tailored to specific conditions.

Additionally, we’re told the Tiger Explorer uses ABS and will be available in a nice shade of Yamaha blue. That Yamaha Super Tenere is a nice point of comparison for the new Triumph, it too uses a 1,200cc, liquid-cooled motor and shaft drive, but only makes 108bhp and weighs 261kg/575lbs (wet).

The Triumph Speed Triple R, a high-spec edition based on the popular 1050cc naked three-cylinder, will adopt Ohlins suspension and PVM wheels.

Beating a dead movie star, there will also be a Triumph Bonneville T100 Steve McQueen special edition, painted to look like the bike he rode in The Great Escape and fitted with a smaller headlight. In an attempt to force some collector status upon it, only 1,100 will be made and they’ll be fitted with a numbered plaque.

We’ll bring you more in 10 days or as it leaks.

  • Thom

    The ( urp ) ‘ Steve McQueen ‘ Triumph

    I was wondering how long it’d take for Triumph to jump on this somewhat cynical marketing strategy .

    Nothing at all against Mr McQueen mind you . More my disgust with Triumph for taking this route .

    I wonder how much Triumph had to shell out to the McQueen Family/Estate to get the rights to do this ?

    • Wes Siler

      Triumph’s been flogginng McQueen apparel for years now.

      • Thom

        Gee Wes . Thanks for nothing :o)

        Now I’m even more disgusted !

        What’s next ? The ” Happy Days ” Fonzie Edition ?

        Oh don’t tell me . Its probably already in the works isn’t it .

      • robotribe

        Yep. They’ve even got a model look-alike complete with matching haircut in their catalogs and website. Too each their own; if some one wants a Triumph motorcycle jacket with “MCQUEEN” stitched to the front of it (not me, HELL no), than more power to them if that’s what floats their boat.

        It’s no different than shelling out for the special edition Stevie Ray Vaughn Fender Stratocaster or the latest Nike LeBrons.

        • Thom

          Well for what its worth the only name on my guitars is either the makers or my own and I sure as heck wouldn’t buy an over priced tennies just cause its got some NBA stars name on the side .

          ” Celebrity ” goods do not do it for me in the least .

          • robotribe

            Right there with you.

  • Rick

    Forget this ridiculous McQueen poseur replica, let’s see a “lightweight” tourer ala BMW R1200RT aber mit zusätzlichen Pferdestärken bitte!


    • Eben

      I believe everyone was expecting a new Trophy to be the first bike to get this new 1200cc triple. I’ve got to think it isn’t far off.

    • Sam

      Isn’t that what the Sprint GT is supposed to be?

  • Kerry

    Metisse Motorcycles has been trying to sell McQueen replica bikes for some time now:

  • Thom

    @ Kerry

    Damn !!! Beat me to it !

    So here’s the direct link ;

    You want a freakin Steve McQueen replica M/C , buy one of these !

  • Charlie

    Get a ’70 T100c – can get a great one for $5k

    • Thom

      Seriously …. and then do the mods yourself .

      Brilliant !

    • Jon B.


      • Charlie

        I have a nice rider in the original grape/purple. Maybe 370lbs. Love the small frame. It’s a big minibike with the obligatory high pipes. The best bike you can buy for $5k. If you really need an adventure bike then spend another $2k and get a bulletproof R80 G/S.

  • Tony

    You gotta hand it to Triumph though, they really have done a great job segmenting their line and catering to both real enthusiasts and ‘lifestyle’ products equally well.

  • Brammofan

    Personally, I’m holding out for the David Hasselhoff Special Edition Harley.

    • Thom

      Think I’ll hold off for the $onny Barger $pecial Edition Victory

      Not !

  • Denzel

    Maybe one rainy so-cal day, when HFL has nothing better to do… you could collect “headshots” of bike headlights to see how far designers will go with the anthropomorphism thing… or is it just me…?

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