MV Agusta teases the Brutale 675

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Ahead of its official debut next week, the MV Agusta Brutale 675 is being teased in this video. What’re they showing us? Well, it looks like a regular Brutale with that sexy three-exit, low-mount exhaust from the MV Agusta F3. The price, in Italy at least, will be “ below €9,000,” according to Giovanni Castiglioni. Power will also drop; expect around 120bhp.

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  • Charlie

    Having owned numerous MV’s…several Brutale’s and one F4…I think I would go back to the marque for this bike. I will leave the 200hp beasts to Adey. 120hp and < 400lb naked bike with Italian style is my ideal. I hope they make it to the US

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    That video gives me a headache.

  • Denzel

    Digging the wheels on that. (0:22)

  • Taco

    All this EICMA teasing has given me blue balls.

  • je

    That exhaust has a heroin effect on me.. It could but put on a scooter and I would probably buy it. Damn you MV!


    I like to think my 3 exits are pretty sexy, too.

  • 10/10ths


  • stempere

    According to my Moto Morini dealer (who sells everything italian), europe availability will be around march, maybe even april.
    I guess it’s to avoid taking some of the F3′s 15 minutes…

    Can’t wait to try them both.

  • Jesse

    Yep, still making the same grabby-hands as when you all mentioned it earlier.

    Gimmie, please.

  • DoctorNine

    I want to see more. But this definitely is the sex.

  • T Diver

    Why does [will] it cost so much? Inflation blows.