Photos: Chris Pfeiffer in Azerbaijain

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Like stills from a bad heist movie where the protagonist must flee through the streets of an ancient Eurasian city without putting his front wheel on the ground (maybe the coke is in there?), these photos of Chris Pfeiffer wheelying through Azerbaijan’s capital juxtapose modern motorcycling with ancient streets.

Photos: Denis Klero

  • pplassm

    I met Chris before he went international. Great guy and a superb rider.

  • dmitry

    Nice..I was born in Baku the capital but left when I was to young to ride. Looks like a great place to explore by bike..Putting it on the list. Thanks for the Photos.

  • the_doctor

    Chris is awesome. I saw him earlier this year, and was quite impressed. These photos look radical.

  • holdingfast

    these are silly.
    i love all the faces in the crowd though! pretty awesome.

  • RT Moto

    Love this set. Wish there was some video with some nice sound to hear the echoing going on in some of them.