Photos: Ryan Dungey on a KTM

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To mark its signing of former Suzuki rider Ryan Dungey, KTM hired legendary action sports photographer Frank Hoppen to shoot these images at the company’s Murrieta, CA test track. Dungey is already off to a good start with KTM, placing 2nd overall in last weekend’s Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas.

Photos: Frank Hoppen

  • pplassm

    Did you guys mention that RVP won $1 Million at that race?

    It was overshadowed by the death of Dan Wheeldon in the normal press.

    • Paul B

      If they did, I missed it. Kind of a shame too with it being the largest purse ever paid for a moto-x race.

  • Gene

    Man, those are all pretty damned poster-iffic, and I’m not even an MX guy. Whatever KTM’s paying their photographer, it’s probably not enough.

  • nymoto

    Like the shots, some of them though – no point of reference bothers me on action shots. Bike in the clouds .. Not my cup of tea – but are still beautiful shots.