Ricky Gadson leaks 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R

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As I sit here in the Orlando, Florida press conference, waiting for the 9am (est) embargo, the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R has already leaked on YouTube courtesy of Ricky Gadson. At risk of offending my hosts, I’ll let you watch the video and glean from it what you will.

YouTube Preview Image
  • ak

    First to comment without watching the video…

    fuck this bike.

    And Kawi has it dialed in the off-road market, especially MX. I’m not sure about sales figures, but their new 250f is super trick (dual injection anyone?) and they nearly swept the professional AMA Championships this year (SX East Coast Lites went to Honda).

    But to each their own…

  • Gene

    Orlando?! Ha. How did you like the monsoon?

  • Jeremy

    Orlando?! I’m off today, do you have a buddy pass I can borrow?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Eh, there’s not much to see. Just some kawasakis with flames in new shades of green.