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Barely a year since the grand opening, Roland’s shop for RSD has been extremely busy. The back is crammed with projects for weirdo rich folk who demand insanity like glorious MotoGP replicas turned into desmo trackers, as well as one-off customs for A-list celebrities. Roland also just tracked down his TZ250 AMA Championship winner. Mmm, TZ250. Click below for the feature.

Shop: Roland Sands Design

  • Dean

    “Barely a ear since”… assuming that should say “year”. Just a friendly heads up :)

    • Grant Ray

      Whoops! All fixed.

      • Archer

        Aww… and I was all ready to punch in my van Gogh joke too.

    • Case

      Uhh, if that’s how we’re going to play it, then it should maybe also be “just tracked down” and not “justed tracked down”. I don’t care though, I just want to see the pretty pictures.

      • Dean

        Yeah, I know that the photos are what really matters. But since it was word 3, I sent a note.

  • JRl

    mmmm 450 super single…

  • the_doctor

    Grant, you can take some mean photos. Nice feature.

  • JMS

    Beautiful! Great pictures

  • coredump

    Is that a Suzuki v-twin I see? I wonder what they got in mind for that.

  • Core

    “To many people and too few human beings”.. I chuckled a bit, Made me think..

  • Robert

    That was much more interesting than the Occupy Wall Street stuff. Nice shots. His place make you want to start cutting metal. I like that.

  • Anthony Parker

    Awesome shots Grant!

  • je

    Vacation spot for motorcycle enthusiasts… RSD BnB…

    • mugget

      I’d be there.

  • mugget

    Nice photos.

    Dude is livin’ the dream. Building awesome bikes for weirdo rich folk, nice job if you can get it.

    • donniedarko

      Sure its a pain in the balls like every business but that said if your passionate and love your work its not a job.. I heard something like that sure you get the drift

    • http://RSDLovEr

      Performance Machine sure did help pave the road with greenbacks for Roland to play with.