The 14 updates that make the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000

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If only be barely, but the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 has been updated with a view to optimizing performance and handling. It’s a little lighter, has a little more mid-range and looks slightly different. Here’s details of the 14 changes Suzuki made to it, plus a whole mess o’ images and action video.

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- Thanks to Suzuki ‘s uncompromising efforts to shave excess weight, the 2012 GSX-R1000 is 2kg lighter than its predecessor.

- The 4-2-1 exhaust system, carrying a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve maximizing torque and improving throttle response, especially in the low-to-mid rpm range. And less weight at the back of the bike means better mass-centralization, turns into better handling 1
Lighter, more durable forged pistons designed with the same Finite Element Method (FEM) and fatigue analysis technology used for MotoGP racing engines, and consequently the pistons are 11% lighter.

- New pentagonal shaped ventilation holes (instead of rectangular shape in previous model) in the sides of each cylinder bore reduce pumping losses due to internal crankcase air-pressure resistance to downward piston movement.

- Optimized camshaft profiles for great racing potential, developed using proven MotoGP racing engine technology.

- Optimally shaped combustion chambers and an increased compression ratio of 12.9:1 (up from 12.8:1) promote low-range and mid-range performance and help to realize a broad torque curve.
Thinner material for the tappet skirts means a weight saving of 2.5 grams per tappet. The reduced inertial mass gave Suzuki the freedom to optimize the valve lift curve.

- An engine control module (ECM) provides state-of-the-art engine management and has optimized settings to suit the single muffler, resulting in better fuel economy and linear throttle response.

- The front disk brakes are equipped with the top-of-the-line radial-mount Brembo monobloc calipers and lighter Sunstar Engineering front discs.

- Big Piston Frontforks (BPF) with an endurance-race-proven design deliver superb feedback and responsive, stable operation, and are lightweight. For 2012 model, suspension settings are refined for the bike’s lower weight and the shift in centre of gravity.

- The lightweight and high-grip front and rear tyres reduce unsprung weight for sharp handling.
Attention to rider comfort includes a carefully shaped seat with new high-grip leather for better holding feel.

- The wheels have red pin stripes punctuated by “R” logos that highlight the bike’s identity.
The bike ‘s identity is emphasized by bigger “GSX-R” graphics and more extensive use of Suzuki ‘s signature blue colour on the bodywork.

  • Tony

    Who the fuck in their right mind is going to buy this? It’s the worst value on the market.

    • John

      Pretty easy to answer that haha

      • Tony


      • John

        (The other John)

        Stunt bike of choice has been the 636 for the last 5 or 6 years. Prior to that the f4i was the stunt bike du jour. 1000′s are reserved for high speed wheelies and stoppies, basically any liter bike from the last decade will suffice.

        • Umberto

          (from Italy)

          Maybe first John’s answer can be interpreted in a serious way if you think that in 2013, when a almost half brand new bike would take the place of this gsx-r project (which has sustained progressive evolutions but it’s born in 2001), the price of this updated gsxr will be cut down by the new bike. So a stunter will buy a new bike at used-one price… Pretty cool for them, isn’t it?

        • jp182

          You may have a point, I don’t see Gixxers in the NJ area like I used to but I also don’t see 636′s either.

    • Liquidogged

      I know, no TC or other electronic aids! You will actually have to be very skilled to go fast on it around a corner! Weak!

      Just messin. But really, I don’t think it’s the worst value, unless TC is now the most valuable thing. Let’s all remember that all this gadgetry is pretty new and a good bike doesn’t necessarily need it to be a good value.

      Sometimes people like a more direct connection to what’s going on with the machine. For example, some people prefer an old school throttle cable on their bike or car versus a newer ride-by-wire system. It’s low-tech these days but it feels different and some people like that feel. No accounting for taste, and taste directly affects value.

      I think when it gets to Harley levels of backwardness, then we can start complaining about the gixxer being a bad value. Or when gixxers start being uncompetitive in club racing, where last I heard they were still pretty good.

  • jason McCrash

    Dead sexy. It looks exactly like what it is; a street version of a race bike. No styling for style’s sake and no compromise on ergos. Looks like what a kid imagines a toy race bike looks like. Perfect. (blue/white of course)

  • Terry

    I think it looks pretty fucking awesome, myself. They managed to pull off “angular” without falling into Michael Bay world.

    I would like them to add TC wizardry but whatever… Not like I can exploit that kind of thing at my current skill level, anyway.

    • stempere

      I think you got it backwards.

      TC “wizardry” would actually give you better performance with your actual skill level by correcting your mistakes (namely, coming out of a corner too strong).

  • Coreyvwc

    The 90′s called, they want their exhaust pipe back.

    • Tony


    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


    • Mr.Paynter

      First thing I thought.

    • Kirill


  • Maxwell


  • Travisty

    Looks like every other GSXR I’ve ever seen.

  • zipp4

    Why does it have to be so busy looking? Gives me a headache.

  • Scott-jay

    Engine is beautiful.
    Black looks better than blue&white, this time.
    Special edition tires may last 3k miles on liter sport bike: silly.
    GSXRs have cred, any model.

  • sanjuro

    The hate is strong here.

  • Groomez

    Suzuki really needs to go back to their roots and bring some game to the table. My first liter bike was a 2006 gsxr. This new incarnation makes me almost embarrassed to have been an owner.

  • lvmoto

    Bottom line is this bike will run with anything else out there. It’s durable, and has quality components. The nose and intake look sharp; it’s a good looking bike. I think it’s the first Japanese bike to come w/ Brembo calipers stock too.