The tools of Jason Britton’s trade

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Into stunt bikes? Then you’ll like some slow-mo, close-up, HD upgrade porn. Here, Jason Britton talks about his Kawasaki ZX-6R and the modifications he’s made so it’ll do the seemingly impossible. There’s the large sprocket and crash cage of course, but what till you see his neatly integrated 12 o’clock bar. Would you believe he’s still running stock suspension? And, is that really a 4-pot front brake caliper on the rear disc?!

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  • Scott-jay

    Good paint, too.
    Stunt bike jargon is twilight zone for me.
    What’s “large suspension”?

    • John

      I believe that should read “large sprocket”

      • Ax

        Proofreading is overrated. “But what till you see…”

  • jp182

    i can’t believe that’s a stock suspension, just crazy

  • zipp4

    A lot of stunt guys have a second rear caliper that is controlled by a second hand lever. (To prevent loops while standing on the seat, I guess)

    As for the stock suspension, why would you need anything else on a bike that never goes more than 20mph? Not talking shit, just an observation.

  • Erok

    One of my favorite builders, jeff wright/ church of choppers. You can never have too many brakes.

  • 1

    Shit I can’t believe I just saw a sports bike ollie! That is RAD.

    He needs to coach Benny Spies on video craft.

    • Jon

      That may be the coolest part of the video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

    • tomwito

      I think in cycle terms, that would be a bunny hop.

    • tomwito

      Same thing… There’s a speed & strength ad whit a doing a 180 bunny hop in the latest Sport Rider mag.

      • tomwito

        with a guy*

    • slowestGSXRever

      how… how do you even do that? good grief.

      • nick2ny

        Clutch it up hard and push down with your feet, then when you’re halfway up, take your weight off the pegs, let off the gas, and push forward. I’m not sure if there’s any rear brake involved, but there certainly might be (I’ve never done it).

  • Case

    I could watch that tilt/shift shot at the beginning on a loop. Superb. Would have liked to see some of that effect shooting the riders.

    Icon wins again for making an enjoyable video about something I’m not really interested in. (I mean stunting, not bike maintenance.)

  • craha

    Maybe a stupid question, and I’m not knocking it but, why do stunt bikes have fairings?

    • Joshua

      Where else would the graphics go?

  • Cheese302

    i always love seeing american stunters and compare them to chris pfieffer, who rides an f800r with not much extra on it.

    also not very into stunting, though it is some pretty crazy stuff. Trials are much more fun to watch.

  • Archer

    I met Jason in SLC during WSBK, he’s articulate and has a professional bearing.

    Unlike 99% of the other stunters I have met.