The Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

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Like old bikes? Free next Saturday? In or around Southern California? Then get down to Venice for one of the finest collections of leaky, slow, noisy contraptions you’re likely to see anywhere. There’ll be good music, BBQ, beer, pretty girls and beautiful motorcycles.


  • Kirill

    Sweet, I now have something to do next Saturday.

  • Jordan

    Crap. I dont move to Venice for another two weeks.

  • Charlie

    Girls and beer at a vintage bike rally? On the East coast we get old, bearded codgers with sheepskin over their seats

  • Thom

    Well going by the websites photos ( Suspects ) this looks to be pretty pedestrian as far a Classic M/C show is concerned . More Rice Burners than exotica , and not much to speak of there either .

    Y’all come out KC way next June to the HoAME Vintage M/C Show an we’ll show you Cali boys how its really done .

    Little short on Bimbos maybe , but a Hell of a lot better quality Vintage M/C’s w/Vintage Aircraft to boot !

    Then If’n y’all survives that’n ( assuming you don’t OD on BBQ / Oklahoma Joes being THE place ) I’ll send y’all down Texas way where they really know how to throw a party .

    None o’ that thar Hipster Tripster BS at neither fer us’n or the Bros down in Austin . Just damn fine M/C’s , damn fine food and a hell of a bunch of good folks to boot ( damn fine music in Austin as well )

    We aint no snotty nosed bunch of toffs likes them thar N’Easters neither , so yer invited as well Charlie .

    Y’all come down now . Ya Hear ?

    • Kirill

      One more time, in English

      • Thom

        MidwesTex talk confusing you a bit there Kirill ?


        Can’t say I blame you . But its a hoot to bang out on the keyboard .

        Translation – Come to the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Vintage M/C show next June at the KC Airline History Museum and I’ll promise to stuff you to the gills with the best damn BBQ on the planet , along with a hell of a collection of Classic M/C’s – No Attitude( of any kind ) Allowed

        Then if your still standing ( from all that BBQ and Micro Brew Beer ) I’ll send you down Texas way and let my M/C mates down there show you a real party .

        That any better ? ;-)

        • Kirill

          Sure is, pardner.

    • Campisi

      Any more of that and you’ll be reviewing Stellican Indians in no time!

      • Thom


        That’s harsh Campisi


        • Grant Ray

          Meh, KC BBQ is alright, but I wouldn’t write home about it. Stroud’s chicken fried steak with gravy, on the other hand, is the best I ever had. I still dream about it. Especially from the old Troost Ave. joint under the bridge, with the 80 year old bluesman playing salty ragtimers and stomping his feet on the ancient wood flooring.

          As for parties, I have yet to see West Coasters get anywhere near as wild and fun as a proper bible-belt hoedown.

          • Brammofan

            >Meh, KC BBQ is alright, but I wouldn’t write home about it.

            • Grant Ray

              Sorry, but Oklahoma Joes can’t really hold a candle to the smoked BBQ that my parents get in a rural Oklahoma diner every Wednesday.

              Arthur Bryant’s was good, but I haven’t been back since they franchised.

              • Mark D

                I’ll take Carolina BBQ any day. ::ducks::

  • Scott

    Before you knock it, actually check it out. I ride with these guys at least once a month and yes there is a large amount of Japanese classics and cafe style bikes however, there’s plenty of old Ducatis, British twins, etc. Its one of the rare groups of guys and girls that aren’t “posing” hipsters, but genuinely ride, wrench and build their own stuff.

  • Scott-jay

    Vintage motorcycling events rule!
    Many of us have fond memories for the bikes that brought us here. Join the celebration.


    Love those Guzzi girls from Cycle Garden. If Anastasia Pierce were there I’d wanna go, she does it for me. all that kinky and then some.

    • Charlie

      Moe knows how to combine rigs and girls. Clearly a CA thing