This is the sound of Superquadro

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195bhp. Chain/gear driven cams. A wet clutch. Radically over-square dimensions. This is the Ducati Superquadro v-twin and this is what it sounds like.

  • austin_2ride

    Music to my ears!

  • Thom


    Kinda sorta looks like a Duc

    ( sniff sniff ) Smells like a Duc

    Sounds like a Duc ( on serious steroids )

    Well…… as they say in New England ;

    If it looks like a Duc , Smells like a Duc and Sounds like a Duc ……. it must be a Duc(ati )

    ( sorry… a moment of silliness overcame me )

  • Charlie

    God bless the internal combustion engine. I want it in the MTS line. Slightly lower (heated) seat. Yellow please

  • Chris Davis

    I4s (R1) trying to act like L-twins, L-twins trying to act like I4s, up is down, black is white, cats and dogs living together.

    • jp182


      • nymoto

        With these guys I have seen shit that will turn you white!

  • robotribe

    Whoah…smooth like an i4, but it growls like a single?! It must be a WITCH!!!

  • RT Moto

    Had to throw the headphones on to enjoy this one. Nearly blew my eardrums out! Sounds soooo nice. :D

  • the_doctor

    My freaking ears!

  • Dan

    was that a turbocharger in the vid pics?

    • motoguru

      water pump.

  • Coreyvwc

    Okay, so what does it sound like with an open racing exhaust? Please tell me that isn’t it…

    • tomwito

      No way.

  • je

    Why are they reving a chainsaw while showing video of the new ducati engine?

    • dux


  • Brian

    Are we officially calling it a V-twin with that extra 6 degrees back?

    A checkmark twin perhaps?

  • JP

    wedge twin.

  • mugget

    Exhaust and engine sounds have got to be the hardest thing to accurately record, but that doesn’t sound all that beefy to me… but I’ll probably be in love if I see one IRL.

  • CCarey

    Lets just hope those Nikasil cylinder liners hold up to our cheap, high-sulfer American gas better than some of BMW’s past attempts.

  • ike6116

    I think that Motus sounded better (what’s the deal with them anyways?)