Triumph Speed Triple R: the last word in naked performance

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This is the Triumph Speed Triple R. It’s the same as the Triumph Speed Triple, except it’s got an Ohlins shock (model unspecified), Ohlins forks (model unspecified), Brembo Monoblock calipers, PVM forged aluminum wheels and, excitingly, “carbon fiber parts as standard.” That’s a good thing. The regular Speed Triple is already amazing, so nicer suspension and better brakes should make it even more amazing. Plus, there’s a red subframe just like the Triumph Daytona 675R, and red subframes are the new speedholes in terms of pointless, but utterly awesome aesthetic frippery. In case it’s not clear, we want to lick every single inch of this motorcycle before making dirty, dirty love to it.

Update: Triumph reached out this morning to say, like the 675R, the Speed Triple R is equipped with with top-shelf Ohlins NIX30 forks and a TTX36 shock. That’s over $4,000 in suspension and brake calipers. Thanks guys.

  • FZR 1000 Alex

    anyone wanna buy a kidney?

    • overunder

      Ditto. I got one to offer as well!

  • Corey

    I see your kidney and raise you a lung.

    • overunder

      Damn… I like having my lungs.

    • Taco

      I’ll need a liver in the future. Mine has been used and abused.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Not feelin’ the red accents. Still, Triumph is making the most desirable lineup in motorcycling these days, imo.

    • tomwito

      Red is the fastest color thus making those accents the fastest.

  • pinkyracer

    really? I think it’s ugly. but then, so is my bike and I sure don’t mind riding the shit out of it.

    • Sean Smith

      Just imagine it with a fly-screen, low mount pipe, under-tail kit and no passenger pegs.


        Can you go ahead and shell out for that so I can see if I like it?

    • Tony T.

      Seriously. Those headlights are the motorcycle equivalent of military issue birth control glasses.

      • Deep6Dive

        The BC’s are second place to the plastic rad guard….

      • motoguru

        Gawd, can we please stop with the headlights already!? Put a single 7″ on there and problem solved! Jeez.

    • ike6116

      I think it’s kind of ugly too. The headlights make it look like a praying mantis

  • Jason

    HAHA SpeedR! Asking for trouble!

  • BigHeartedTone

    When are we going to get a version of the Street with Ohlins forks? – I know you can get the shock as an option but come on – it’s all or nothing!

  • robotribe

    I’m feelin’ it; really bad.

  • jonoabq

    Model of the suspension aside, and idea of the cost increase over the standard version? I think I like it better without the red accents on the white version…might be semi-stealthy super cool in black though.

  • Endless Mike

    Wanna ride that bike.

  • the_doctor

    Gosh darn, that motorbike is a looker.

  • jpenney

    Triumph should just include the flyscreen on the bikes with Spiderman eyes.

    • zipp4

      Agreed, or an MT-03 headlight and we’re in business.

    • nwdothage

      The googly eyed ones look better with it too, imo.

  • Alex

    Excuse me, I need to change my pants now.

  • sanjuro

    Wheelie Club!

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Looks like a fat insect to me. If it came in sparkly dark green, it’d definitely look like a plump bug.

  • Kahlil

    In the next year ill be in the market for another naked bike. It was either the speed triple or the tuono 1000 r (if there is any left, pickings are slim these days). What do you guys think? Tuono V4R is looking to be way too rich for my blood :P

    • stempere

      Go try the tuono V4R, this thing is awesome.
      Very fun bike.
      In a year you’ll find some secondhand ones with low milage on them.

      • Wes Siler

        It’s also not out in the states yet.

  • Kirill

    Are all of you that think its a looker blind? Is there some kind of Shallow Hal effect going on here? Maybe with a normal round headlight and a less ridiculous plate holder there could be something there.

    • NickK

      When I look at these pictures, I don’t even see the funky-bug headlights. I see the round ones I’m going to swap in. So in the brain it’s good looking.

  • Denzel

    It is looking a little busy in this iteration. Or at least in this color. But it’s still unpretentious… It’s like a 911, it is what it is… for many, many years…

  • Charlie

    Just can’t get used to those lights. Maybe I could handle it on the street triple in purple.

  • Mark D

    The Speed Triple R is brought to you with underwriting support from the California Highway Patrol Revenue department, your local trauma unit, and crazy bastards like you.

  • Nicolas

    Hey Kahlil, I just picked up a brand new Tuono 1000r for $7K from Ride Motosports in Woodinville, WA. Traded the SV for her. They have about 3 left (when I last checked). Me thinks they’re clearing em out for the V4.

    • Kahlil

      That’s awesome, have an SV that id like to trade in as well. Unfortunately, there’s only 1 in houston and they don’t seem to want to take the trade. The only other Tuono 1k R is in San Antonio.

  • Chris

    I REALLY want to like that bike, but I dislike the headlights BIG time, I also dislike the aesthetics of the frame design but that can be ignored. I’m sure the frame was made to ride well instead of look good, but those damn headlights. WTF were they thinking? If it had a different light I’d probably buy one. The growl the straples make is unreal.

  • Chris Davis

    She’s definitely hot but she’s got weird lookin’ boobs.

  • Coreyvwc

    Giving the “R” designation to a bike that’s not meant for racing seems strange to me, but who knows…

  • Dan

    When you guys had the Daytona R, did you have any issue with front end chatter? I was talking to a CCS racer at the track yesterday, and he said his shook terribly whenever he was hard on the brakes, and that none of the obvious stuff (new tires, new pads, fork revalve, etc) helped. He had a regular Daytona too but said it was only an issue with the R.

    That was the first I’d ever heard of that issue, so I was wondering if his experience was unique.

  • Ben Incarnate

    Saw a modded Street Triple R on Bike EXIF today and I could see going for that. I suspect the next bike in the stable will be the CBR250 I convince my girlfriend “she” needs.

    • 1

      Yeah, how much better does the single round headlight look.

      • Pat

        but its no longer a street triple

        • Ben Incarnate

          Why is it no longer a Street Triple? Because of the headlight swap?

          • Mark D

            Needs dual, offset round lights. Kinda its look.

            With just the one, it looks too much like an old 599. Not bad, just very plane-jane for such a bat-shit bike.