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You already know that we like us some Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE. Not only have we extensively analyzed every facet of APRC in ridiculous detail, but we’ve done multiple feature stories with the RSV4 and Aprilia contracted us to produce a series of videos about the bike. We even put one head to head against a Nissan GT-R and beat it. So, it’s probably time to see what someone outside the HFL fold thinks. Someone like Adey. The fastest street rider in LA, he only cares about one thing: performance. Can a whole boatload of electronics make him faster?

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  • Terry


    You don’t just have to take him at his word; you can actually see that it looks like a better ride at speed.

    I like the HFL sticker on the nose too.

  • adeysworld

    You’re killing me with this LA’s fastest moniker. lol
    I definitely do feel faster on turn entry. And I’m gonna be upgrading my brakes on my R1 to a front Brembo brake kit.
    The brakes on this RSV4 Factory SE were beyond impressive.
    I’m still not sure about how I look on the bike. Bike seems to disappear under me.

    • Ben

      Hahaha i look like that on one i tried. Like a gorilla humping a football.

    • JTourismo

      Pulling a Bens Spies all Elbows and Knees on that bike Adey.

      The bike always looks super stiff on the track, and bites hard when the riders pick the wrong line. I think you make a good case for the bike being a pure race machine. It doesn’t seem built to waft weekend warriors around their favorite sunday roads, or the street in general.

      Thanks for a solid review.

      SuperSic Forever.

      • adeysworld

        Hah I pull that style on any bike I ride…extremities outward!

        And yes this bike is not for the chicken strip specialist. It forces one to push the limits to get your money’s worth. Only safe playground is the track…


    • DavidMG

      It looked to me like you were getting on the throttle earlier towards the end of the video. Definitely looks like you were getting faster and faster.

      • adeysworld

        The power delivery is similar to my Crossplane R1. Very predictable and smooth. Gives you confidence to get on the gas early while leaned over.

    • Terry

      This makes me wonder – how big is Max Biaggi, really? He must be like 5’0.

      Refreshing no-bullshit assessment on the bike too… “This thing is at home on the track”. What, I shouldn’t run out to go buy one and ride it to the Dairy Queen in sandals and a t-shirt??

      • adeysworld

        Sure, if you like expensive scooters. Go for it!

  • 2ndderivative

    But who is the fastest street rider in LA?

    • robotribe

      Let me help you out: not me. One down…

  • 1

    This is probably the only sports bike that interests me at the moment, this video makes it even more painful to resist….

  • Maxwell

    Boy that thing does sound good doesn’t it?

    I feel as if to have a bike like that Id have to be at the track every weekend.

  • Scott

    Some say, his body position is in fact, not ideal….. and that, on the weekends, he practices amateur chiropractory….

    He IS….. Adey. HFL’s seemingly resident Stigg

    • The other Joe

      Love it!

      But only his boots are white.

      And he took his helmet off.

      And he was speaking.

      We’re off to a bad start.

      • Scott-jay

        There are plenty of good signs, too.
        Wes, “…bike was perfect before you monkeyed with the settings. …”
        Adey, “…funny you think I changed he settings, because I left it as you gave it to me. …”.

  • damien

    I can’t seem to get myself to like the triple headlight set up. I love this bike in race trim, but street not so much. Eugene Laverty (Irish!) tore it up his first time on the bike in the WSBK* test.

    I’d still take one though. (who the hell wouldn’t?)

    *Speaking of WSBK, I think HFL would be the perfect site to critique the new look of the SBK brand coming next year. It appears they are ditching the iconic SBK logo for a boring as shit new font. Let’s take a stand and save the old logo! It can happen, just look at the Tropicana rebrand fiasco.

  • Duncan

    The sound is indeed intoxicating. I did a long test ride with the standard RSV4 and a BMW 1000rr. The BMW reminded me of my old CBR 1000RR, very smooth and easy to ride. The Ape , with it’s just awesome sound track, demanded a little more respect. But it just drew me in, it felt special, looked special, know what I mean?
    I am done with liter sportbikes but on looks alone I could have one in the garage to look at and dream of younger days:)

    • RpM

      DT- I say to hell with dreaming of younger days. Let’s get one and ride the wheels off it! I know you’re up for it, buddy.

  • Liquidogged

    I like that Adey has more humility about his abilities than HFL does. Ha!

    Nice review and ride video.

  • Jesse

    Making it look easy, Adey. Nice review.

    • adeysworld


  • adeysworld

    The bike could use a little more engine braking also. I almost got myself into some serious trouble on the fast section of mulholland(btwn las virgenes and cornell) where I battled the GT3. Thank god the Brembos and Ohlins together absorbed all that braking force as I went into the corner too hot and trail-braked into that fast sweeper. whew*
    I really need that bike for more than 3 days so I can have it set up to my liking. The front end is always lowered, why I don’t know. You HFL guys need to learn how to steer without assistance.

    • Wes Siler

      That bike was perfect before you monkeyed with the settings. You Snake guys need to learn about suspension setup.

      • adeysworld

        Kinda funny you think I changed he settings, because I left it as you gave it to me. I said I need the bike for a longer period so I can set it up to my liking. Whateva..I prefer my R1 anyway. Be it you or Sean, I’ll show you boys how a proper setup performs on the Snake.

        • Wes Siler

          Ah, must have just been those silly low tyre pressures then.

          • adeysworld


  • JC

    That thing is so tiny, love it