Video: Honda’s 2nd gen DCT explained

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First employed on the VFR1200 last year, Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission is already on its second generation of evolution, as fitted to the Integra maxi-scooter and a forthcoming naked and ADV bikes based on the same platform. Here, Honda provides a layman’s explanation of the technology’s function. You can read our thought on riding with the 1st gen DCT here.

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  • 2ndderivative

    What happened to the HFT from the DN-01?

  • tomwito

    How long till we see a VFR1000RR with a DCT? I’m thinking sooner than later.

  • Charles

    I must have missed the news of the upcoming naked bike w DCT. Is there a prior article that could be linked by a friendly reader/writer/editor?

  • DoctorNine

    OK. So you can accelerate seamlessly.
    At the cost of 20 extra pounds or so.
    Sorry, still no sale.

    I like doing something with both hands and feet.
    That’s why I ride.

    • Devin

      Ditto. I think this only has appeal for the mega-city folk. Otherwise bikes that shift for me are a deal-breaking drawback. I don’t care if the computer knows better either.

    • Myles

      I really love the whole both hands/both feet one-man-band thing that I get from riding motorcycles.


      Scooters are also a ton of fun. Stop and go traffic is a part of my life. Better fuel mileage. Etc.

      If I didn’t use public transportation most of the time and actually had to commute by bike I’d prefer a DCT system.

    • longtravel

      As an engineer for the powersports division of a major manufacturer I kinda want one just because it’s cool, but I have much the same feeling as yourself that 20lbs is a bit excessive. Not much you can do to trim that though. Hopefully gen 3 will be better integrated with TC/ABS to help make up for the heft.

  • Gene

    I looked in all the Honda videos, but they didn’t have one about how they built the Pedrobot…

  • Scott-jay

    Video worked for me: now I get it. Reading descriptions, I didn’t.

  • matt

    I do love a quickshifter and I’m down with that “next generation shifting”, but what I’m really after is that “next next generation shifting” where it’s not so much rotational mass.