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“Just a collection of imagery that will hopefully inspire more people to take to the road and discover motorcycles,” says It’s Better In The Wind creator Scott Toepfer. He assembled this just a collection over the last two years and numerous trips in and around the American Southwest on just about every sort of bike imaginable. If this doesn’t make you want to ride, we don’t know what will.

It’s Better in the Wind

  • Kyle

    I hate the fact that I’ll only be able to afford 1 bike next spring. Because I want both a sport bike, but videos like this make me want a cruiser. How I dream about touring the country on bike…

    • nick2ny

      Get to work! Sport bike is $2500, cruiser is $2k. If you have both, you can pick up a dirtbike to get a discount on insurance :) Dirbike is $1200.

    • mugget

      I’d say take a cruiser for a ride before you start dreaming about owning one… I had one as a loan bike when my motard was in the shop recently – I hated it after 20 minutes, hurt my lower back like nothing else. Maybe I just needed more time to do some mods and make it fit me better.

      Or maybe I’m just too used to touring on a sportsbike, which is something you definitely can do.

    • R13

      Just buy a naked sportbike with riser bars. Sv650, speed triple, 919. You can do just about everything with one bike.

  • RSassi

    I miss the Southwest and Southern California so hard. This makes me wish I did a better job of documenting my time there, and leaves me more than a little nostalgic. And maybe with a renewed purpose to escape the East Coast again, I feel like I should never have come back here.

    • jason McCrash

      Exactly the same feeling. Guys who have never lived back east have no idea how impossible it is to find wide open riding here. Public offloading is pretty much nonexistent here in NY and 1000 miles takes me to more hills and maple trees or Illinois. Illinois doesn’t count as wide open riding to me.
      I did 3 solo cross country rides last year and it is the stuff like the abandoned towns that make the ride something other than just putting miles down for miles sake.

  • Brad W.

    Good stuff.

    • slowtire

      +10. What it’s all about

  • holdingfast

    i dont want to be a hater but i found this to be a bit boring..
    of course the images are nice and all, but so what? all these amazing rides and no stories to tell? it just makes it look like the Triumph ad we wished their PR dept. would put out.
    of course, it makes me want to ride, but hell, i would have wanted to go riding anyways.

    • ike6116

      Im with ya

    • Scott Pargett

      I was just thinking… “Wow, Triumph’s stoked… just got a 15 min commercial produced and distributed for free”, hah.

  • slowestGSXRever

    Dear hipster-making-a-movie-about-your-kinda-custom-whatever-the-hell-bike
    No one cares. Go wash your clothes.

    Seriously though. The whole “Lets show a somewhat custom motorcycle riding through some kinda scenic terrain with some dumb music” thing is getting a tad trite.

    • AHA

      +0.5 I agree totally but if they had fun doing those trips & making the film was the labour of love it looks to have been, so what?
      I hope more young guys keep doing this stuff. Sooner or later, they’ll get more original & that’ll be cool. (I’ll still be stuck at my desk.)

  • Scott-jay

    Is one Triumph sportin’ a vintage Honda tank?
    Why is everyone wearing Buddy Holly glasses?
    Was its recurring theme, “piss on it”?

  • Richard

    I dunno, I kind of liked it.

  • RSassi

    It’s deliberate and artful. It’s representational and well edited. I’m not reading any criticism that is rising to the occasion. It’s pretty darn obvious that it’s various formal elements are meant to tell a story together in unison, not pour the content down a funnel, tough guys.

    • ike6116

      That’s good editing? Art is when you are deliberate but not contrived. This looks like every “find yourself” montage that’s ever been made.

      I don’t care if the dudes wear flannels or converse all stars or buddy holly glasses or 3/4 helmets. Im fine with all that, what it is a shame is that you spent two years and all you came up with was 15 minutes of masturbation. You all went out to find yourselves… Why? You say you did…. how? What did you find? How are you different?

      Showing not telling. They told me they found themselves, then showed some guys unimpressively, randomly riding motorcycles and home-made B-roll.

      SlowestGSXrevver is right, this whole thing is becoming a genre unto itself. When the trailer was linked on this site it had me excited, I’m bummed this is what we got.

      • slowestGSXRever

        It’s always the same thing, Look at my bike, look at some mountains I’m riding through. Watch all the same shots even. How many times do I have to see the slowly approaching out of focus motorcycle shot? (0:18 through 0:21)

  • hedrives

    Sorry, but with all the sponsor support, damn disappointing after all the teases. Weak story line, amateur editing, too much pissing and christ airs. Tell a story.

    • jason McCrash

      I’m assuming Christ Airs are what the guy standing on the saddle is doing. The more he did it the more I really hoped he crashed. Especially in his chones out on the dirt.

      • Scott-jay

        “Christ airs”. Thanks.

        • jason McCrash

          For? You don’t mean that Christ should be capitalized and airs shouldn’t do you? I would hate to think the God cops are following me on HFL now too.

          • Scott-jay

            Just liked the words. Much better than “riding while standing on the seat arms outstretched”.

            • jason McCrash

              Gotcha. I didn’t know there was a name for doing that either. I still wish he at least had a ‘moment’. That dumbass Indian Larry died doing the same thing on pavement.

          • Sean Smith

            Did somebody say God Cops?

            • jason McCrash


  • paul

    So this feels like a teaser trailer, I kept waiting for the content. Lots of nice shots but when I think of something succinct and poignant like the Shinya Kimura mini doco it seems a little flabby and direction less.

  • Ben

    Christ! Shut up haters! The world needs more motorcycle content, not less. These lads have put something out there for no reason other than passion. Until you have done the same, please shut the fuck up.

    Scott and friends – thank you. Sincerely. You made a shitty day at work better for me. I hope you do more.

    • Mark D

      Haters gonna hate.

      • mike

        Punched ‘done’ 3 minutes in.

    • holdingfast

      i think we’re all here on this site because we have a passion for riding, and i dont think anyone is knocking the fact that they put something out, its just that it ..doesnt do anything other than sort of look good..
      its like talking to a model – awesome to look at – it feels good – but usually there’s just not that much being said.. which is fine but this “short” WANTS MORE and achieves nothing ..and that’s the problem

  • David

    Dear moviemakers, thanks for introducing me to Chuck Ragan. I like your pictures, but I like the music even better. And maybe I’m not going to sell the old Monster after all.

  • Campisi

    Tears of longing for the Southwest, seen here as I once did see it.

    • RSassi


  • mugget

    Good grief, I saw a fleshy decapitated animal head.

    Anyway, that’s a pretty cool vid. It definitely does make me want to do some different types of riding. But nearly every kind of bike imaginable? Did I miss the late model sportsbike…?

    I can also imagine that it would be cool to cruise around on your home-built trendy old-school bike, but I reckon I’d be more annoyed the first time the busted-ass bike broke down. Never mind the 2nd, 3rd, 4th times it broke down…

    If I want to watch a kind of feel-good ridin’ vid I still come back to I.D.W.P by Edwin Europe.

  • R13

    I’d love to see more on the bikes but the main ones appear to be all modern triumphs with vintage style tanks.

  • slash5alive

    Gotta admit, gettin kinda tired of the hornrimmed, vintage leather wearin, standing on the saddle, metal flake half helmet stuff. ok, we get it; you and your cool buddies take off on yer rat bike/cafe racers and go find real freedom in the desert. That’s fine, but a waste of two years for a long boring artsy vid. This all already happened back in the 40s & 50s. “Christ airs”? Sheeesh.Did enjoy the airplane footage though.

    • Brad W.

      Yeah the uniforms do get old, but the bikes were cool. I don’t know I just like shit with bikes in it.

    • Thom

      Hate to tell you this , but many of us have been dressing this way for the last four decades , and still do : never having succumbed to what ever the latest trend was .

      Classic is Classic . Period !

      • slash5alive

        yeah, let me know how that four decades old easy rider lid works on a christ air get off. i used to wear the same stuff back in the day, cause that’s all there was. now i wear what protects me best. i did learn a bit in my years of riding. if you can’t afford anything better i understand that. been there done that. if you are just trying to be cool, or set a fashion statement that others might follow by wearing old worn out gear you’ll pay the price in a get off.

        • Thom

          Hows about its just plain comfortable , or is that too difficult a concept to get your head around ?

          FYI …. and what makes you think I’m stupid enough to wear a helmet thats long lost its crash resistance ? Just cause what I wear there old bean , looks old doesn’t mean it IS old . Or have you missed out on the fact that the ‘Classic ‘ gear manufactures still make ‘ Classic ‘ gear with ‘Modern ‘ technology ?

          As to the ” Afford ” bit … well thats a bit of a presumptuous comment for you to make . Must of missed out on the VOC membership comments I’ve made in the past . What I can ‘ Afford ‘ What a laugh. Try What I Want !

          • slash5alive

            wear what you want, i don’t personally find a half helmet and glasses comfy at any speed above 30mph, let alone in the dirt. if you believe a half helmet protects you in a fall wear it…you’ll look cool. you are right i am a bit presumptuous, there are folks out there who will spend more $$ on vintage gear that protects less but hey, they look cool. hell, i see people wearing no brain bucket, no shirt, shorts and flip flops. i’m sure their comfy until a get off, then things heat up real fast. what you do with your own skin and brain is your biz, influencing others to emulate it cause it’s the percieved “thing” is something else. that’s my problem with it. moto injuries and fatalities hurt us all in the form of more govt mandates and higher insurance rates. to me that’s not romantic.

      • Brad W.

        The clothes are cool, but not when I’m riding. At least for me. Also Thom weren’t you just bitching about Roland Sands riding gear, with no armor, that is for posers. Yet it looks the same as what you have been wearing for 40 years. I’m confused.

        • austin_2ride

          I believe Thom is “confused”!

  • Peter88

    Yeah, I guess so. At the end of work today I’m going to put on an Olympia Phantom suit and an Icon Chrome Claymore helmet and jump on my sportbike to head home. Ah well…it appears I’m just too old to really get this video. I think I’ll install an LED lighting kit when I get home.

  • Thom

    Now THAT’s a Goram Video !!!

    None of that Testosterone Addled Stunt BS that’s supposed to pose as Entertainment in this Dyslexic Hummingbird ADD era

    But rather a bunch of Real guys ( and a gal or two ) RIDING their M/C’s thru Hell and High Water ( not waiting for the perfect road/perfect day/etc ) Enjoying themselves rather than posturing and pretending they’re Hipsters

    Real Music that actually fits the scenes , not this EuroDiscoEmo trash thats been passing for music on website videos of late . REAL DAMN MUSIC being played by REAL musicians

    Damn ! And here I though REALITY was Dead ! Guess Scott & Co proved me wrong

    I’ll tell you , if Scott’s book was available thru the normal channels ( local bookstore ) I’d order the damn thing just to toss the guy a bit of $ support

    He deserves it !

  • gaudette

    Fuck, my desire for a scrambler just tripled.

    • Scott Pargett

      Triumph can accommodate any triple needs as well.

      • austin_2ride


  • KR Tong

    This is one of those videos that will make a certain dozen of dudes hit me up on Facebook asking for help with potentially buying their first bike… And then a week later forget all about it.

    Good stuff, but blackwalls are death on paved roads. I can’t imagine they did well in dirt. And yeah, if anyones hoping someone would crash while standing on their bike…thats 500 lb with a long wheelbase… Keep dreaming.

    I also wish modern adventure bikers would make their own videos as a response. Can’t fault the art kids with their art bikes for making all the art films. And no I wasn’t wowed by the tumblr of mediocre filmography.

    • AHA

      Ha ha! GREAT point! Modern adventure bikers make a film? I doubt it’ll ever happen.
      Art kids ride art bikes & make films. Adventure bikers (like me & every other one I know) work for the man and create spreadsheets. I suspect film-making is beyond us but I’d love it if someone would prove me wrong.

    • jason McCrash

      I own 500 pound bikes with long wheelbases, 560 pounds with 60in wheelbases actually and they go dead straight at 5ph and 100mph. I’ve been riding for 23 years and would not be stupid enough to stand on any moving bike without a helmet. And off road in the desert where you can hit a patch that looks solid on top but it is just crust? Dumb. (yeah, I’ve lived in a couple of deserts in my life) Which is why i wish he had at least a moment, to teach the guy that he ain’t quite as smart as he thinks. Gravity is gravity and unless he has the balance of the Flying Karamazov Brothers he stands a hell of lot bigger chance of cracking his skull open than not.
      And there are plenty of cool Adv. videos out there that are set to music or tell a story. Just look for them instead of waiting or them to be served up to you. Search is your friend as they say on a million web boards.

  • Scott

    Fast forward 2035, Harley Davidson, on the brink of bankruptcy because its “new demographic” is rapidly aging and *once again* loathed by all “true, dyed in the wool riders” for its cafe/street tracker style bikes it produces. “That’s sooooo 2010″ (circa 1960)

    I can see it now, some punk “kid” on his Kawazuki E-SX-RRR pulls up and scoffs at the “middle age hipsters” posing on their Harleys (That still burn gasoline???) God, they are trying so hard to be “vintage” with their flannel and skinny jeans.


    It’s all relative. If you’re not in to it then look the other way and carry on. If someone is genuinely being themselves than who are you (I? we?) to judge?