Video: the crash that cost Marc Marque a minute

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Just after the checkered flag was waved for Friday’s free practice at Phillip Island, Marc Marquez ran into the back of fellow Moto2 rider Ratthapark Wilairot at high speed. The FIM found Marquez’s riding to be of, “an irresponsible manner, causing danger to Wilairot which is an infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the 2011 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.” As a result, the Spaniard had a full minute added to his qualifying time, meaning he started the race in 38th and last position. Didn’t seem to affect his performance much though.

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Thanks for the tip, Prich.

  • Jose

    The Crash that cost Ratthapark Wilairot an hospitalization…

    Marquez sucks!

    • superbikemike

      agreed… marquez is still popping zits in the morning… punk… totally unprofessional move on his part ramming rattapark on the cool down lap…

      • John

        Yes because he totally had in mind that he wanted to SLAM into Ratthapark. How can you even believe you could know his frame of mind at that very moment? You just make yourself look ignorant. That was CLEARLY a mistake, and far from an intentional accident.

        • Brian N

          It’s on the cooldown lap. No excuse. Maybe not intentional but deserves a far more severe penalty than last on the grid IMO.

          • John

            He didn’t see the flag at the line. He was released with seconds left to complete a setup lap before setting off on his flying lap. He wasnt aware it was the cool down.

  • je

    Was it malicious or a poor read on the people in front of him..

    • pinkyracer

      clearly just not paying attention. I can’t imagine that being a malicious maneuver or even an attempt to pass. He must have been thinking about how much pussy he’s gonna get next year when he’s a MotoGP racer…

      • holdingfast


      • Denzel

        I don’t think twelve year olds think that way… I have never seen such a young looking 19, or whatever he is…

  • zipp4

    If the Speed Channel had anchors like this it might actually be watchable.

    • pinkyracer

      seriously! I’d much rather watch/listen to her than that redneck Greg White.

  • damien

    This kid is an asshole. Actually, I don’t know that, all I know is he is going to be a 19/20 yr old MotoGP rider and I’m jealous.

    • zato1414

      Sometimes it feels great to hate, you can always blame it on the jealously… “it made me lose my mind!”

      • 1

        ha ha ha, good call, I’m gonna use that quote today somewhere.

  • Groomez

    In free practice if you’re not pushing to get info for a race/qualifying setup, get the fuck off of the racing line.

    Marquez is a beast. It’s an unfortunate accident but blame shouldn’t be placed solely on Marc.

    • gregorbean

      Checkered flag had been waved, the session was over. He definitely owns all the blame in this incident. Stupid mistake, luckily Wilairot wasn’t too seriously injured. Marquez is definitely a badass though, watching that Moto2 race was like watching Rossi a few years back, you just knew he was gonna pull off a ridiculous race.

      • Groomez

        It had been waved? I misread that earlier. If it just had been then he might not have seen it? I have no idea.

        It is good Wilairot wasn’t killed, that would have been one hell of a bloody sunday in racing.

  • jwinter

    I like Marquez and I think he’s a great rider but that was an intensely stupid accident. Poor Wilairot, he’s been through some bad stuff this past year. Glad he isn’t hurt.

  • Terry

    Free Practice was over at the time.

  • fasterfaster

    Marquez should have had to sit out a race. That FIM bent the rules just because he’s the current points leader is ridiculous. There was no excuse for that kind of reckless behavior (or complete failure of awareness if he genuinely didn’t see the checkered flag). Wilairot could have been killed – they should treat the incident that seriously.

    • superbikemike


    • Case

      what you said.

      He’s the next big thing but he should have sat this one out. You shouldn’t be allowed to blow up another guy and then run the race. It was a mental error but still: get your head in the game.

  • The other Joe

    So, nobody in the english speaking world covered this?

    That was pretty stupid though, looked like something Simoncelli would do.

    • Gene

      Road Racing World & SuperbikePlanet covered it. Man, that pic is bad enough. I’m glad nobody ended up like Bubba Shobert.

      I have a coworker that’s a NASCAR-NASCAR-NASCAR fan, and hates bikes, so he’s all “motorcycle racing is deadly and should be banned” and he’s not kidding or joking about it. Today, I’m enjoying giving him stick about “NASCAR is deadly and should be banned”. He’s not finding it such an interesting topic anymore.

  • ozgeek

    What would have happened if Simoncelli had done that?

  • Ray

    That was gnarly but, shit happens at high speed even the best riders can’t control.

  • sam howe

    i believe that occurred at turn 3 by which time everybody would have backed off which you can see as everybody is sitting up. Marc was watching seagulls or something……