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This BMW F800GS rider is a super hero. Riding along a dirt road in what looks like Africa, he witnesses a calf fall into a drainage ditch. It looks like it might drown. Suddenly, the rider grabs a tow strap and dismounts. Is he really going to attempt a rescue?! Then, he jumps into the ditch.

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Thanks for the tip, Jack!

  • Albert


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  • coredump

    My favorite part is the calf just chillin going along with the ride. Its probably exhausted from trying to get out of the drainage ditch, but in my mind, that calf is taking it easy enjoying the breeze.

    • ike6116

      That and it’s feet were bound

      • coredump

        Well you know, whatever it takes…

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  • JTourismo

    Fantastic. When riding I have stopped on occasion to get animals safely off the road. None were wading in a canal though!!! Maybe it’s an appreciation we have for their extreme vulnerability to cagers!

    Whatever the case, nice save!

    • Jeff

      I hear ya. I stopped to help a turtle cross the road more than once. Get a dog back to its owner a few other times.

  • Rick

    Save of the day!

  • michael tenzer

    Kudos and cheers to this good person!

  • JP

    Do I really have to be the one that crafts some “cow a saki” on a bmw reference… Nice vid.

  • jason McCrash

    Good karma for that guy.
    I think that there is a small Honda or Kawasaki dual sport that has standard a front rack/basket that is sized for small goats/sheep available only in Africa. Supposed to be a ‘farm bike’. Just for situations like that.

    • Mr.Paynter

      Yeah there are a few, guys also use TW200s and AG200s!

  • BMW11GS

    What most people in the West don’t realize is how significant cows are to Africans. Not only are they the epitome of wealth and significance but in a way similar to how we know types of bikes, they have all the cow varieties memorized and rank their favorites. The Masai are prominent in this regard, a truly wonderful culture. The guy who got his cow back is counting his blessings!

  • Glenngineer

    2 weeks after I got my M endorsement I was chugging down an unfamiliar road a few miles from my apartment.

    I saw a pile of something in the middle of the road a few hundred yards out, and being the cautious new motorcyclist, thought ‘I’d better avoid yonder debris.’

    As I approach and see cars swerving around what looks like a trash bag, I realize the debris is actually a snapping turtle, a big one for MA, probably 18-20″ long. I make an awkward U-turn and pull over, and start walking out into the road to scoop him up and chuck him into the stream he’s working his way towards. I figure my badass alpinestars gloves will let me get a hold of him.

    As I step out into the street, traffic stops to let me do the deed and everyone seems vaguely impressed that a big ugly motorcyclist is saving a turtle.

    From a nearby side street roars a Jeep. Two fucktards are laughing and yelling as they swerve around the stopped traffic and hit my fuckign turtle, obviously on purpose. It made a fucking disgusting popping sound.

    I ran out to flip Shelly over, and there is a little blood in the road, but he seems basically unharmed. I hoist is strong kicking, head snapping form up carefully by his back half and toss him into the sand next to the stream.

    Fuck people.

    This area happens to be a turtle hotspot – I’ve actually moved turtles off the road half a dozen times in this general area, but this was the only big one and the only one with a stupid fucker component to the story.

    • jp182

      sorry to hear that man. i’m alittle too crazy. i might have tried to go after them afterwards.

    • Jesse

      Props to you, sir. Snappers mean serious business. Your A* gloves wouldn’t have slowed down the business end from removing a thumb.

    • Core

      Assholes.. I wish they would all just spontaniously die.

      Cool story.

  • th3w3s

    It is Africa – South Africa to be precise. Here is the original post on South African adventure riding forum Wild Dog Adventure Riding:;topicseen
    (couple of posts down)

  • Mark D

    “Let’s get you home, little fella. You’re hardly big enough for a pair of gloves, nevermind a race suit! See you in a couple of years…”

    • jp182

      F that man! Gotta go Kangaroo skin all the way!

      • Jeff

        You should have heard the noise/nag generated when my ex found out that I would only use kangaroo palm gloves to race in.

  • ike6116

    What a squid not wearing full race gauntlets amirite?

    • KR Tong

      But that cow’s fully leathered up.

      • Mr.Furious


  • KR Tong

    It’s like god swooping down and telling you “One day you’ll die but today you must ride a F800GS”

    That banana seat is the real hero. All hail the mighty banana seat.

  • DavidMG

    Wow! Badass!

  • th3w3s

    PS. He was taking part in a qualification event for the Amageza Run, a local endurance/navigation event for dual sport bikes larger than 450cc:

  • KLR_Pilot

    “Desert racers are good people.” – Classic line from “On Any Sunday” right after another motorcyclist moves a turtle off the trail.

  • chaz

    that was a great way to start my day… very good sir!

  • andy baxter

    I love using the bike as an anchor point. quick thinking!

  • zato1414

    Better than Rambo!

  • Michael Atkinson

    New ad campaign? “The nicest people ride BMWs.” Seriously, that was an amazing clip. Hats off to the rider.

  • Chris Davis

    And after we put so much effort into cultivating a reputation for badassery, this guy goes out and does something respectable. If we’re not careful people like this are going to start making us look good.

  • Greg

    +1 for everyone involved.

  • PCPaul

    Good on ya Bro! :-)

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  • solidaridad

    I can actually smile about humanity for another day.