Watch an Occupy protester push a cop off his bike

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Frank Roper was hospitalized in Denver on Saturday with severe lacerations to his face after pushing a motorcycle cop off his bike. The incident came after the officer allegedly charged his Harley into a crowd of Occupy protestors, prompting outrage. Clashes took place between protestors and police — who employed rubber bullets and pepper spray — when a previously permitted march was shut down. This weekend saw Occupy protests turn violent nationwide, with clashes taking place in Oakland, Nashville, Atlanta and San Diego. Some legal experts have begun making motions about First Amendment rights violations.

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  • ktaisa

    bad idea jeans

  • jason McCrash

    Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. Cop bikes are like cop dogs and horses, you touch them you might as well touch the cop. Touching cops is not advised, ever.

    • ktaisa


      your rights dont mean shit until you’re in court

      • jason McCrash

        And the article on The Examiner linked above is a perfect example of editorializing to make the kid out to be the victim. Looks to me like everyone else got out of the way of the ‘charging’ bike and the cop would’ve went on his merry way if Frank “Frankie” Roper hadn’t laid his hands on the bike.
        I’m 100% for the right of americans to assemble and protest, I’m also 100% behind hauling in ‘protestors’ who use violence against people or property. And if someone tries to blame the cops for ‘starting it’, they have obviously never heard of ‘the high road’.
        Enjoy those weekends picking up trash along the highway Mr. Roper.

        • jp182

          but it looks like the cop did more damage by dumping his bike to go chase after the kid.

  • Wereweazle

    “Charging his Harley into a crowd” looks suspiciously like a bunch of guys trying to start shit by standing directly in front of a cop who’s trying to drive by.

  • Thom

    What a load of crap

    The Cop ” Charged ” his Harley into the crowd ???

    Not Hardly . Road thru the crowd at a slow and controlled pace is more like it

    The simple fact is the OWS bunch Nationwide has , as was predicted by anyone thats been witness to the Fringe Element that’s been hijacking the Protest , are now turning Violent . Truth be known from Day One what with the NYC bunch defecating on Police Vehicles , placing insulting posters about the Police around the edges etc they’ve been itching for a Physical Confrontation from Day One

    And now they’re surprised and PO’d that they’ve attained their goal ?

    And you’re ( HFL ) in any way shape or form trying to show even a modicum of Sympathy for these assholes ?

    Hows about grabbing a hold of a few FACTs before placing an idiotic bit of Sensationalist Journalist TRASH like this on a Subscription Website !

    If all I wanted was a bunch of unsubstantiated and uninformed OPINIONS….. that CRAP is available all over the freaking internet ….. FOR FREE !

    This has to be amongst the worst bit of trash I’ve witnessed here since joining .

    FACTs Wes . Remember what those are ? Or have you been too long into the Virtual Fog to remember or care about them . FACTs and REALITY that is .

    • jpenney

      You’re just seeing a snippet, it’s completely possible that that the “charging through the crowd” happened at -0:15. We don’t know.

      Not sure if you’re a fan of “On The Media” but there was a neat quote about videos of moments vs. the whole story. It’s easy to post up a “moment” but without someone to actually provide the whole story it’s kind of meaningless. A story can be made of moments, but not vice versa.

      • Thom

        As I said below , read the Back Stories about what the OWS idiots were doing to incur the Clamp Downs

        This was a long time in coming and promises to only get worse

        Thanks in Full to the FOOLs running ( if you can call it that ) the protests

        • jpenney

          Having had a few physical incidents with police in the past, I tend to put less trust in their statements. Having my stuff taken, being prodded with a night stick, and being thrown into a police cruiser will have the effect on a person’s opinion.

          • Filipe


          • Campisi

            “Thanks in Full to the FOOLs running ( if you can call it that ) the protests”

            No, you can’t call it that. One of the more interesting things about most OWS protests is that there are no real leaders to it; decisions are made democratically via processes that develop organically when decisions need be made. Not having a “leader” or a small group on top of everything is part of the point of it all.

    • kidchampion

      These guys need to start carrying guns, like the Tea Party rallies. Cops will be less likely to fire rubber bullets, or ride into the crowds.

      • James

        The tea baggers had the backing of and was controlled of extremely wealthy and powerful people and politicians.

        • JVictor75

          Cool. Name some.

          • Mark D

            Grover Norquist, for one. Also, the hillariously-named Dick Armey. And let’s not forget their intellectual founder, Sarah Palin. So, yeah, really nobody of importance.

          • Ramus

            Charles and David Koch.

            • NickK

              Occupy Wall Street was put into play by Adbusters, a Canadian magazine who are known for blaming the Jews for everything. So there you go.

  • aadmanz

    Standing by for comment battle…

    • Brant

      Trollish comments and sincere outrage report situation go.

  • Kevin

    There is no right to destruction of property or assaulting a police officer. I don’t understand these people at all. Are they just complaining that they’re poor and stupid?

    • jpenney

      It’s taken a while for me to understand this whole movement, but that’s not it.

      I’m not poor and stupid, but my retirement accounts are smaller, my house is now worth way less than what I paid for it (thankfully not less than what I owe on the mortgage) and the people that were jiggering the numbers get bailouts and bonuses.

      • Thom

        No one is saying there isn’t any reason for the Protest to be happening .

        But stupidity and violence are never justified .

        The ENDs do not Justify the Means

        • Ramus

          I agree, Thom. The protesters have a valid point. Both sides need to cool it.

  • Skank NYCF

    That fat ass cop can move fast!!

    • Jeff

      Don’t mess with a man’s bike. Saw a friend, of a similar build, move like the flash when his now ex went to push his bike off the kickstand.

    • Plotts

      Ha, my thoughts exactly!

  • Nik

    Dumb move on that kids part, real dumb. More real motorcycle news and stories please.

    • gsx750f


  • Rayna

    I’m not really digging the HFL coverage of OWS drama. I get enough of this on the regular news and at the proverbial water fountain. One of my favorite aspects of HFL is the thoughtful perspective on motorcycle related news – and I hope I am not alone in my views that a cop being on a police bike does not really constitute motorcycle news.

    As you all have alluded to in many past articles, motorcyclists come from all walks of life and have many different views. I reckon the HFL community is one of the best in this regard – but when the forum gets political it seems like HFL gets divisive; and this is the explanation for my first paragraph.

    Cheers HFL folks.

    • Roman


      • Thom


    • pplassm


    • Zac


    • Sasha Pave

      I understand your viewpoint, but regardless of how I view the Occupy protests, I appreciate the HFL coverage.

      It’s not entirely about motorcycling, but it’s a major event happening in our cities and there is a unique slant that motorcyclists can relate to.

  • jmdelgado13

    I hope you aren’t trying to make this guy out as a poster child for anything but poor decision making.

    Sure, it sucks that the cop rolled over his foot. Nonetheless, retaliating by knocking the cop over after he has gone past you is completely invalidating any stance you might have been taking.

    a) Get out of the way,
    b) Get run over and howl in indignation in some non-violent protestish way, or
    c) Knock the cop over when he is coming at you and at least pretend to be standing for something.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, this guy’s clearly a bit of an idiot. Doing this is akin to poking a dangerous animal with a stick.

      • Dan

        He is lucky he didn’t get beat with a stick.

        • jeremy

          He did get beat with a stick – actually a steel pole with wood around it

  • jason McCrash

    Haven’t the HLF OWS articles all had something to do with motorcycles, even just a wee bit? This is a bike site and if that is Wes and Grants hook for putting this up it is no different than having girls in bikinis in bike rags on the hops that it moves product.

    Just because this is a site run by young dudes and geared towards motorcycles doesn’t mean they can’t have anything else on here. That is what the regular mags are for I thought.

    Carry on HFL.


      I pay literally tens of cents per month for this kind of hard-hitting journalism.

      • Thom

        More like Hard Hitting Sensationalist BS Journalism in this case



        • damien

          Hey Thom, here’s an idea… if you don’t like the blog, don’t fucking read it. Go start your own! WTF is wrong with people on the internet? It’s your choice what to read, make it. For example, I don’t read or listen or watch FOX News, because they lie. I determined that I don’t like them, so I don’t go there. No need to harp on HFL for simply putting information forth for us.

          • pplassm

            Or better yet, just don’t read this article. Lots of comments=popular article.

    • Chris

      I also find content like this relevant to the site. I come here for broad-spectrum, motorcycle-related news and commentary. Product reviews I can get anywhere. What makes HFL unique and worth reading is the irreverent, call-it-as-we-see-it perspective of the contributors. The editors don’t try to hide their opinions and biases and that’s refreshing – even when I sometimes disagree. It prompts discussion and forces me to examine my own preconceptions.

      I wouldn’t want to see this publication taken over by political or economic commentary, but given the size and scope of the OWS movement, some of the news is going to be relevant to motorcyclists in general.

      Carry on HFL.

      • Roman

        I just don’t see a motorcycle connection here that moves anything forward. The cop is on a bike and gets knocked over by some kid. Kid gets his face smashed in. All this does is open up space for people to rehash their ideologically tinted perspective on OWS, cops, protesters, etc…

        Where do bikes come in in all this? HFL is generally an interesting, thoughtful community, as far as internet communities go. I’d rather see it stay that way instead of devolving into a flamewar over something that’s barely if at all bike related.

        • Campisi

          The first thing I thought when watching the clip was “perhaps giant Harleys aren’t ideally suited for close-quarters crowd control.” The fact that this incident happened at all shows that American police forces could stand to diversify their two-wheeled fleets and how those fleets are utilized in order to better match the task at hand.

  • Andrew

    Also a bad idea? Starting a curfew in a public park because people are protesting there and you don’t like it, then trying to kick them out every night. Or shooting them with rubber bullets. Or hitting them with batons.

    • Thom

      Try reading the back story on this especially all the crap the OWS’ers were pulling before the Clamp Downs .

    • Keyrock

      Ever been to Denver? Public parks had 11 pm curfews long before the protests.

  • Ben Incarnate

    All the video seems to show is someone who had it coming. Maybe some things happened prior to the video that would provide better perspective, but it looks like a guy decided to shove over a cop’s bike and got taken down for it.

    Not much better than the video of the guy who got “run over” some while back.

  • John

    “I am against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it”

    -M. Hedberg

    • austin_2ride

      r.i.p. Mitch

  • William

    When there are bike related stories connected to OWS please continue to post them here . . .

    Carry on HFL.


    Maybe we can rehabilitate HFL to the people who believe this kind of news isn’t relevant to the site.
    Maybe they should discuss the proper tactical deployment of a Harley touring barge or maxi-scooter against a group of unarmed pedestrians.

    HFL is OBVIOUSLY a bunch of Marxist-feminist-vegan-afrocentric critical theorists who have only been showing us examples of how to make honorable motor officers look foolish. Shame.

  • Jose

    Maybe a lot of us are on the sunnier side of this unequal financial and political doomed system.

    Want to know who are the true assholes?:
    Those who act as if nothing is happening now…

    Carry on HFL

  • JVictor75

    ‘…when a officer allegedly charged his Harley into a crowd of Occupy protestors, prompting outrage. Clashes took place between protestors and police — who employed rubber bullets and pepper spray — when a previously permitted march was shut down.”

    For one, when was the permit filed for this “previously permitted march”.? My understanding has been that all of these OWS protests have more or less been unregulated illegal gatherings, in complete disregard for city ordinance and law.

    The Mainstream media couldn’t wait to breathlessly report on the fringiest wingnut ideas they could find coming out of any of the local Tea Party protests a couple years ago. Front page news, look at the these freaking weirdos, somebody call Department of Homeland Security. No Tea Party protests ever turned violent or were a source of concern about hygiene and cleanliness of those involved. Matter of fact, if memory serves right, weren’t the public places THEY used cleaner after the protests were over than they were when they started? And I believe that all the permits requests for Tea Party related events were filed according to existing policy.

    So here we have John Q. Mustache, Motorcycle Cop, putting along through the crowd trying to get them to disperse when he has some skeezy little shitbag push his bike over, which I guess he deserved what with being “the man” and all.

    And you are complaining about the rubber bullets and pepper spray? Guess what, although I don’t LIKE most of the police officers I’ve met, most of them don’t want to hurt, kill, or be ACCUSED of hurting or killing anyone.

    I guess the problem might be that the “wingnut extremists” are kind of hard to see at a typical OWS protest because of all the other wingnut extremists running about, smelling womens feet while they sleep, smoking weed, prostituting 14 year olds, and shitting on cop cars. A whole “can’t see the forest for all the trees” thing, if you can dig it.

    Hey guess what guys? Hunter S. Thompson called, he wants his press badge back.

    As for “catching” the Cop bike before it fell over. That thing has to weigh over 1000 pounds (easily) fully dressed with cop, fluids, and cop stuff in the bags. YOU try catching it if it starts to tip over.

    Since you seem incapable or unwilling to know anything about big stoopid cruisers, which the majority of cop bikes are, I would hazard a guess that you have never attempted to pilot one on cold wet grass through a crowd that doesn’t have enough brain cells to GTFO the way. I know I haven’t, but it doesn’t look super easy.

    I saw the same attitude overseas on bases in Iraq. Several times this same scenario played out: 30,000 pound combat vehicle coming down a wet muddy road on base, active duty PFC from 1st CAV just blindly decides to cross the road in front of it. No warning, no look both ways, just step. No one ever got ran over, by some miracle. When I finally asked one of them why they did it, I was told “But Sergeant, he won’t hit ME, he’d get in trouble for that!”. No Shit, but you are still gonna get creamed by an MRAP.

    I would also hazard a guess and say that you have never found yourself in the middle of a hostile crowd when something goes wahoonie shaped and you find yourself in trouble, either all by your lonesome or with a handful of your buddies.

    It doesn’t help when the miscreant that did it isn’t exactly wearing a distinctive outfit and could have just blended back into the crowd.

    Maybe, juuuust maybe, that’s why the bike cop charged after him the way he did, so he wouldn’t just disappear back into the crowd. Which would have just emboldened more people to do more and bigger things, all in the sense of “protesting the man”. Which would have turned really ugly, really fast.

    So what are the police supposed to do, exactly? Spell it out. Are they supposed to just let bygones be bygones, live and let live, and just ignore this kind of thing with no repercussions for those involved? Or are they supposed to perform the duties and responsibilities they agreed to when they were hired as a police officer? Something about maintaining public order? I forget.

    • kidchampion

      That was a really long, boring post about siding with the Pinkertons, which is totally un-American. I love about how people talk about the Government having a boot on their throat in discussion about figurative matters like taxes but when it puts a real boot on a real throat, the Fox news fans cheer for the boot!

      • damien


      • JVictor75

        OK then, I’ll spell it out for you, since you can’t seem to read.

        The Tea Party protestors and the OWS crowd are complaining about the same things, albeit from different perspectives. So why is it OK for the OWS people to be doing what they are doing, when it is in CLEAR violation of the law? And yet the same people who are prattling on about understanding and standing with the OWS crowd are the selfsame people who got all hot and bothered by completely non-violent law compliant protests from the Tea Party crowd 3 years ago.

        Also, you didn’t answer my question.

        Were some of the words too big for you? Is it a cops job to interpret the law on their own? Or is it to uphold the law as they are instructed to?

        • Kirill

          You have heard of the concept of “civil disobedience” right

          • pplassm

            OWS is not practicing “Civil Disobedience” as generally defined. Part of the concept of “Civil Disobedience” is accepting your punishment when it comes, then speaking out about it. These guys are proceeding directly to confrontation. They want violent reactions from the police.

        • kidchampion

          I think they should carry guns, like the Tea Party protests. And the Black Panthers. I want to see if the NRA supports them.

          I did understand your post. I assure you that your suggestion that the protestors should wear “distinctive outfits” so that the cops can better single them out was not too intelligent for me to comprehend.

          • JVictor75

            LOL, no I get that they wouldn’t WANT to wear “distinctive outfits”. What I was saying was that possibly a reason that the cop charged after him like that was so that he didn’t disappear into the crowd.

            I don’t think bringing guns that fire traditional ammunition (IE killing rounds vice stuff like rubber bullets and beanbag rounds) into a situation as devolved as Oakland or NY would be a good idea. For the cops OR the protestors. That would very rapidly turn into a situation where somebody gets seriously wounded or killed.

            And nobody wants that. Seriously. I get WHY they are protesting. They all basically got lied to, cheated, scammed, left with the check at the end of the day and are pissed off about it. I get that, believe me. But they are protesting the wrong people/organization.

      • Mark D


      • jeremy

        Succinctly and well put.

    • stempere

      You forgot antisemitism.

    • Sean Smith

      “I guess the problem might be that the “wingnut extremists” are kind of hard to see at a typical OWS protest because of all the other wingnut extremists running about, smelling womens feet while they sleep, smoking weed, prostituting 14 year olds, and shitting on cop cars. A whole “can’t see the forest for all the trees” thing, if you can dig it.”

      Are you saying that you agree with the drug war here?

      • JVictor75

        Nope. Not at all. I think it’s borderline retarded that we prosecute (edited – possession of) something that was used for a very long time as an industrial supply (Weed).

        Plus, if they legalized it and removed the stigma from the occasional recreational user it would be a hell of a way to pay off at least some of this debt we’ve got going on.

        I am personally not a user (never have been, believe it or don’t) but if the government legalized weed and taxed it at roughly 1.5 times that of the current cigarette tax we could end the drug trade surrounding it, have a hell of a source of taxation income, and be able to put at least SOME people back to work.

        What I AM saying about the recreational drug use is that A) at current time it’s illegal (yes I agree MJ shouldn’t be) and B) doing it in public when you are also protesting how horrible it is that you can’t find a job kind of sets my teeth on edge.

        MJ at home or at a location set aside for use (similiar to a bar) once it gets legalized would be just fine with me.

        Not in a public park with kids and non-users around, and not when you’re protesting not being able to find a job.

        (edited for clarification)

    • elderricko

      “That thing has to weigh over 1000 pounds … GTFO the way … So what are the police supposed to do, exactly?”

      Not drive a 1000lbs worth of motorcycle into a crowd of people; there are alternatives.

      • rohorn

        Alternatives I approve:

        AC-130, followed by B-52 loaded with napalm, because it would be just too cool to watch from where I live (just south of Denver).

      • Filipe
        • Kirill

          Yeah, because a country wiping out one of its own cities sure is a great idea.

          • rohorn

            Collateral damage is a small price to pay for sanitized sidewalks, aerated parks, and crispy hippies.

  • slowtire

    Occupy a job.

    • DavidMG

      Funny comment. Friend of irony? Please have a quick look here:

      • slowtire

        No, have a quick look here:

        • elderricko

          “This is what life looks like for a growing and healthy civilization; you work hard and the quality of your life improves. … But then something happens, the prosperity curve becomes asymptotic, things still get better, but by smaller and smaller amounts as time goes on.”

          He shows two graphs, one going up infinitely (exponentional), the other levelling off (asymptotic). He explains that this asymptotic attribute of civilizations is the result of people becoming lazy and it can be fixed by sending people off to live in the woods for three and a half days a year in pre-industrial conditions so that they are more grateful for what they have.

          That’s right. Your inability to pay back your school loans, home loan, or find a job, let alone a good one, is because you’re too self-centered and ungrateful for what you have. The fact that the banks collapsed in 2008 due to incompetent financiers, pick-and-choose regulation, then being bailed out, halving the collective value of the dollar and creating a critical shortage of capital that business (corporations included) need in order to grow and function which lead to the loss of millions of jobs which meant that businesses had to further cut spending and workers had nothing to do with it.

          Are you serious?

          • slowtire

            Absolutely. It’s really quite simple. There are no guarantees. You are entitled to nothing in this country other than what’s in our Constitution. If I lost my job tomorrow, I’d be out trying to make something happen, and I would. I would not be whining at the world and blaming others for my own bad decisions, incompetence and laziness.

            • elderricko

              “There are no guarantees. … If I lost my job …”

              You’ve lost your job and weren’t able to get another. I should feel no sympathy for you as a result, and society should make no attempt to improve conditions to better include you because you’re lazy and incompetent. We will send you into the woods for three and a half days with no provisions. You will be more grateful for the benefits of modern society that you can’t afford, because you don’t have a job.

              Let me know how that sounds when I’m the one writing it.

              • slowtire

                It’s called self reliance. If your waiting for society to solve your problems, you’ve got a long wait.

                • elderricko

                  You’ve built your computer using ores and polymers that you gathered, refined and molded by your hand alone. You grow your own food, built your own house, built your own motorcycle and drilled for your own oil. You don’t trade goods or services with the rest of society. You rely on no one. You are a man unto himself; an island.

                • slowtire


  • Rayna

    Khalil Gibran said “you have your ideology and I have mine.”

    I read HFL for news about motorcycles and motorcycle culture. I will leave your political forums and apparent occupy HFL.

    Why you choose HFL as another battlefield (F… and Jose) is beyond me. You succeed only in isolating and polarizing.

    Since HFL is an apparent political pontificate, I will stage my own HFL walkout.

    See you at the marches.

  • pplassm

    Please continue to publish these types of articles. The comments are great!

    • damien

      blogs love this comment arguing shit. tons of hits!

      • Wes Siler

        We aren’t a “hit” oriented publication.

        • Groomez

          You are in my world

        • damien

          I know. Quality over quantity. I dig it.

  • Peter88

    I believe the Victory Vision can be pushed over and it will simply land of some type of crash bar set-up. Then the rider can lift it off the crash bar and ride away with no damage to the bike. If the cop had a Vision Eight Ball he would not have to worry about protestors pushing his machine over thus freeing his attention for more important matters. Just a thought.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


    • Josh

      ST1300 has a similar setup. BMW R bikes can easily be fitted with case guards to do the same thing. The real lesson of this article? That cop’s bike is lame!

  • jason McCrash

    The cops are dropping the bikes because that is what they are trained to do. There is a reason that cop cars and bikes are on my list of “never buys”. They are tools. Tools are meant to be used and sometimes break during that use. I’ll give you an example, LA bank robbery shootout. SWAT guys arrive in a cruiser and purposefully place it to take rounds as protection. Could they have parked further away and ran there? Yup. Would doing that be worth the savings of a car vs. the potential loss of life? No. As soon as that cop decided to go after the kid his only thought was ‘get me off of and away from this huge thing’. That’s why cop bikes have all of the fancy crash bars, so they can be dropped. Not to help in a wreck.
    It all comes down to touching a cops stuff is like touching him.

    And for those that don’t see enough ‘bike’ in this story to have it rate being here, feel free to discuss the appropriateness of dropping your bike to prevent injury vs trying to save it. Now it’s bike related.

  • Scott-jay

    If there’s a motorcycle in it, toss it out there for us.

    What Scared Me in Video: rifleman ‘protecting’ the teddy-bear-biker cop and his co-workers wrestling pusher-protester.

    • John

      I know when did meter maids start carrying AR-15′s?!

  • Knife

    Liberals. You can’t shoot ‘em, you can’t run over them. Darn.

    • Kirill

      Yeah, violent repression! WHOO!

      You’re an idiot.

      • Knife

        And you’re a liberal.

        • Kirill

          Great comeback! No wonder this country’s fucked.

  • Archer

    I’ve noticed, in the past few days, that the media (CNN in particular) are trying to come up with a backstory to justify these protests.

    That’s good, because the actual protesters STILL don’t have a cogent message, goals or tactics. Camping in a park and divisive fuzzy language are not a movement, they’re a tantrum.

  • Mr.Paynter

    American politics ain’t my bag but if we do wanna chat about it I thik protest is necessary, violence and idiocy is not.

    The 99% have a right to be pissed but a lot of them could turn around and see the rest of the world where 93% (read that somewhere)of the world has entire family units living on less than $100 A MONTH!

    The 99% in America are being jilted the way the rest of the world has by America’s foreign policies for years!

  • Sasha Pave

    Regardless of the context, there is something very primal about a motorcyclist getting knocked off his bike. It’s something you just don’t do, something that any motorcyclist would want to inflict some kind of repercussion over.

  • mike

    He obviousy knew which way to run.

  • Campisi

    I suspect the dimwitted fellow in the video did not expect his push to have such a large effect on the amusingly-round cop’s motorcycle, judging from how he reacted to it.

    … It’s a bit of a shame that the only predictable cop response is a violent one.

  • Sentinel

    The cop assaulted him with the motorcycle first, plain and simple. The citizen’s mistake was retaliating unlawfully.

  • Liquidogged

    Yeah, whatever the cop did, the correct response is still non-violence. That’s how protests like these get anything done. As soon as protesters start using violence at all, they start damaging the movement. This is why police departments and government agencies have been known to plant “trouble-makers” in the crowd to engage in acts like this. I’m not saying this kid was one of those, though I suppose he could be. The bottom line is that for protests to win, they have to be non-violent. I won’t go into why, as volumes have been written on the topic.

  • donniedarko

    Guy technically assualted the LEO. As for the whole Occupy premise I get it but these guys are a bunch of douche bags. I have a brother who complains he cant find work yet Ive lined up work for him and I know of jobs in my industry that are hiring atleast at the lower levels. He doesnt want them ‘they arent good enough’ wtf. Enough were someone can get it going. Yes, were getting taxed and ripped off by the corporations duh. But as Im watching tv some dummy on there is eating a hamburger from Burger King but then complains about corporate America. The guy with the bullhorn I would of thrown something at. Cops are dicks but calling them Nazis? The Nazis killed 9 million jews…. these idiots have no approach, look stupid and totally uninspire me

  • snowejob

    I’m not interested in getting pepper sprayed so I really like this idea and I think it will be something I do as a habit from here on.

    • austin_2ride

      I will pay this forward!

  • Kent Cook
  • clickeye

    If you guys keep posting political garbage on this site I am going to cancel my free membership.