2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR: the fastest Brutale ever?

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While, at 158bhp, this new 2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR can’t claim to be the most powerful Brutale ever produced, it can claim to be the most powerful road legal Brutale ever. Last year’s Cannonball special edition made 165bhp, but was track-only. Satisfied, pedants? Good, because the rest of this bike is pretty damn awesome, starting with that 750 S America paint scheme.

This new 1090RR uses the same 1,078cc inline-four as before, fitting it with more extreme cam profiles, cleaner intake tracts and larger throttle bodies to up power from 145 to 158bhp. It comes equipped with a slipper clutch, revised engine mapping and 8-mode traction control.


As with other high-end MV’s, the CroMo steel chassis is TIG welded and features adjustable steering geometry. Front suspension is by DLC-coated, 50mm Marzocchi USD forks; rear is a Sachs shock with both high and low speed compression adjustment. As you’d expect, there’s Brembo Monoblock calipers and 320mm discs. Those stop new forged aluminum wheels that shed 1kg in unsprung weight over the old cast items.

Additional whizz bang is provided by a projector beam/LED headlight and LED turn signals.

  • tomwito

    I thought it was a Honda when I saw it.

    • Mr.Furious

      I only wish Honda would start making cool bikes again.

      • tomwito


  • Charlie

    I don’t think the America paint scheme worked on the old 750 Brutale, or this one – but maybe it looks ok in person. The regular RR was also plenty fast enough. I know you guys love the Speed Triple, but the 1090 would be my bike for uber naked. But less is more for me right now and I would take the 675 in white. The detailing on that new bike is vintage MV.

  • Myles

    Needs more black.

  • Brad

    Looks great.

    However, I can see that the bike still comes with the same useless mirrors that were stock on my 2010 1090RR. Not only can you not see out of them, the glass falls out of the housing. I wonder if our Italian friends have simplified the trip meter reset process to something less than a ten minute affair, as well?

    I had a co-worker who used to say Italy simultaneously represents the very best of everything, and the very worst of everything. My Brutale is the perfect embodiment of that aphorism. I’m sure the new bike is the same.

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Woof, that paint scheme is not so choice.

  • DavidMG

    Anybody else see Suzuki Gladius here?

    • dux

      A Gladius that stumbled through the PPG factory


        How about the fact that the Gladius is an obvious copy of the Brutale as the Brutale has been on the market for much longer?

        • DavidMG

          That makes more sense.

  • zato1414

    There is something about the Brutales that emit strength. Does anyone know if the chassis is comfortable for taller riders? I guess I need to find one and check it out,

    • Brad

      I find the bike to be a good fit, but I’m only 5’7″. The biggest complaint, fit-wise is that the heatshields on the exhaust interfere with my boots, making the right foot rest feel like it’s a little tiny nub. I removed the lower heatshield, and it made the peg a lot more usable. I think aftermarket exhaust would eliminate the problem. Incidentally, the rearsets on the 1090 are adjustable.

  • Chris

    that looks like an interesting mix on new monster styling on an older monster frame. nice looking bike, but very derivative IMHO.


    The Brutale 1090RR will also be available in the traditional red/silver as well as a very choice black. charcoal with red frame. Ther will be lass than 20 units of the America in the U.S.
    When it comes to a naked, all-round performance bike, nothing is even in the same league as the Brutale. Aprilia Tuono RSV4 maybe – if it ever makes it stateside….