A new engine for little Moto Guzzis

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Moto Guzzi is refreshing the V7 range with an all-new engine. Claiming a 10 percent improvement to the current 48.8bhp output as well as more torque, improved fuel economy and lower emissions, the engine is distinguished by it’s seriously attractive new valve covers, which eliminate the plug leads, leading to a cleaner look. Elsewhere, the engine remains true to Guzzi heritage, the crank is longitudinal and the cylinders poke out the sides, in 90° opposition to each other. Purists will be happy to see that cooling remains by air.

This new engine is part of the top-down range of improvements being made to the existing Guzzi range by parent company Piaggio, even while all-new models are under development. It’s a program that’s worked wonders on the Moto Guzzi Griso and the Stelvio NTX and something we discussed in depth with VP of Design, Miguel Galluzzi.

There’s two new models here. This matte black bike is the basic 2012 Moto Guzzi V7, while the orange/white one is the 2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Special. Note the spoked wheels on the special and the fancy new alloy ones on the plain V7, both are really nice.

More details and more models are expected at EICMA, which kicks off Monday.

“To me, the motorcycle is all about details,” says Galluzzi, who’s hand can undoubtedly be seen in the disappeared plug leads. Check out this photo of the old engine to see what a transformative effect such a small change can have on a motorcycle’s overall appearance.

  • http://www.twowheelsplus.com/ Anders

    I do like the all-black V7 with those mohawk valve covers.

    • Taco

      Let me at that flat black bike.

  • Jon B.

    At first I thought this was going to be about a small displacement Guzzi, which would have been rad.

    But then I was smitten by the basic V7. It is fantastic.

    Munroe lists the V7 at 8,995 could this basic come in at 7,495?

  • robotribe

    First the Brutale 675, then this. The Italians own the moto fan eyeballs today. Wow.

  • dan

    Nice, but they should have a real V7 sport.. In the mean time Ill ride my 84 LeMans 3. Better looking and faster

  • Glenngineer

    Awesome. I can’t wait to see the new Californias, and I’m curious to see how the Griso evolves.

  • Audun

    Finaly Guzzi seems to have ended up under a parent company with the right understanding of the brand and having the money and balls to develop them in the right way! you all see in a couple of years that Guzzi is coming with something realy sporting! (I hope!)

  • oldblue

    That actually looks okay. Finally…a Guzzi that doesn’t remind me of a washing machine.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    I didn’t mind the old valve covers at all. They suited the vintage character of the rest of the bike. Clean it up too much and it starts looking like a bad Japanese cruiser: all stylized without that nice sense of function. And I’m really tired of the flat-black thing.

    • Scott-jay

      “… all stylized without that nice sense of function …”
      Agree. Motor styling is a slippery slope.
      H-D is roundly scolded for spending too much effort on these ‘improvements’ and the UJC for tail-gating a trend.
      Don’t really see a difference, plug-lead wise.

      • Patrick from Astoria

        Re: Slippery slope. Very true, and very much a personal call at the same time. I know that when the oil cap went away on the Sportster a few years ago in favor of that smoothed-out chrome blob, I was disappointed. Similar thing here. Maybe it’s a minor non-functional detail, but it’s kind of a loss, especially for the image leader.

        Would like to see what Galluzzi does when he can design the bike as a unified whole, though. Hopefully it’ll be a compete statement instead of an incongruent change to an established work.

  • Gene

    I don’t care about the plug leads either way, but I do like the flat black, and the non-spoked wheels. Ah hates me some spoked wheels, ah do!

  • Ceolwulf

    And here I was hoping for the comeback of the horizontal single.

  • Trevor

    Let’s just hope the collapse of the Italian economy doesn’t kill their motorcycle industry. The G-20 was a flop.

  • Rick

    One wag suggested that the current V7 was faster than a riding lawnmower, then realized he was generalizing: “Okay, not ALL riding lawnmowers.”

  • Brendan

    The Buddha would be very upset at the amount I desire a little Moto Guzzi.

    I saw a guy in Classic Bike this month who put 104,000 miles on his ’73 V7. I wanna be that guy.

  • http://www.desmoworks.com desmoworks

    I really liked the current V7, but that matte black V7 is outstanding! Can’t wait to see that one at EICMA.

  • 10/10ths

    Now give us the Cafe Racer version with this engine. Please. Seriously. And I want the chrome tank the Euros get, dammit!

  • Shalev

    Normally I’m not into flat black, but that V7 in black is fuckin’ rad. It goes on The List.

    Will this engine eventually find its way onto something like the Breva? I’m attracted to the idea of a slightly sportier-looking middle-weight touring type bearing an updated engine.

  • CafeDucati

    Please, PLEEEEEEZE just bring back and update the Sport 1100 to something modern and badass.

    • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

      +1 one of the most gorgeous bikes IMO.

  • Campisi

    Hopefully the non-spoke wheels mean a switch to tubeless tires.

    … The headline filled me with hope for a smaller 500cc 90-degree twin.

  • M

    the flat black’s a weekend’s-worth of cutting, grinding, and part swapping from individualized perfection.

    and i’m with some of the others — i want to see a ~500/550 for a couple grand less. they’d sell tons of them.

  • Will

    Goddamn beautiful bike.

  • dux

    Now just get to work on the suspension, boys.

  • http://www.bikeexif.com Chris Hunter

    The front fork ain’t bad for what it is. The rear shocks definitely need an upgrade. I’ve just done 2,000 km on my V7C around the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, and I just know my arse is going to be sore for days. Otherwise it’s a brilliant bike.

  • paul

    Ahhh Guzzi I love that you are a little bit special and not so common. Yesterday I returned to my bike as a parking warden was about to issue me an $80 ticket for parking on a loading zone (new zone, hadn’t noticed new sign) but as he couldn’t find the name “Moto Guzzi” on his hand held gadget he had to let me off with a warning. Result !

    The black one is very nice