Bimota builds a Bimotard

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Aside from having the coolest name of anything to be released at EICMA this year, the Bimota DB10 Bimotard is Bimota’s take on the maxi-motard. It shares its motor and beak theme with Ducati’s own Hyper and adds Bimota’s signature tube/machined plate frame and swingarm. Forks are 50mm Marzocchis, the shock is an Extreme tech. Both are fully adjustable and beautifully polished. Wheels are by Oz Racing. The whole package weighs 168kg, or slightly less than Ducati’s Hypermotard. Knowing Bimota, the whole thing feels a lot more (and actually is more) expensive than the Ducati.

  • the_doctor

    They should have clipped the beak. Otherwise, awesome.

  • Chris

    I like it, but it looks so closely related to the hypermotard that it’s scary. It feels like Bimota should have taken more time to create more visual differences between theirs & Ducati’s bikes.

    • Sean Smith

      It’s like the high-spec limited edition Hypermotard that never was. But with a cooler name.

  • Troy R

    Bimotard makes me think dual-sport. Then I think… Who the fucks taking $40k offroad?

    Whoever they are, they’re awesome.

  • Gene

    Holy crap. They actually named it that, it’s not just HFL taking the piss with a headline.

    Man, just the front suspension and rear swingarm are pure unadulterated WANT.

    • Sean Smith

      If I had a company called Bimota and I built a motard, I’d totally call it a Bimotard. Regardless of what the bike is or isn’t, that’s awesome.

    • nick2ny

      Word, it’s steampunk!

  • Shalev


  • noone1569

    Needs a tiny, underslung exhaust to clean up the package. Drool.