BMW builds its first maxi scooters

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These are probably the two most significant bikes being unveiled at EICMA, but also two of the least appealing here in the colonies. The BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT may look like slick, yet conventional maxi scoots, but that basic big scooter prinicipal has been utterly refined to a ridiculous degree by BMW’s lab-coated Germans.

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There’s a literal mountain of information to crunch here, so we’re going to just publish it all and you can start pouring through it at the same time we are. We’ll update as our caffeine-addled brains become able to translate “Swingarm’s centre of rotation coaxial with the output shaft, so constant chain tension and reduced reaction torques,” into English.


  • cookey

    “Swingarm’s centre of rotation coaxial with the output shaft, so constant chain tension and reduced reaction torques,”

    didn’t they do that first on the 450x?

    • Wes Siler

      Yep. It’s ridiculous over-engineering on a scooter though.

      • cookey

        could it be that the transmission requires it rather than just benefits from it?

  • Ola

    That’s the first time I’ve read “torques” outside of forum posters imitating Top Gear.

  • Mugello Fire

    Over-engineering, well maybe.

    But at least it brings some new ideas in a for me kind of boring segment.

    I’m pretty sure the 600C Sport will be a quite nice ride.

    The price will be a different story.

  • Glenngineer

    They look like little K16s for the city.

  • Thom

    Looks like sensible transportation for Adults to me . Sure the price will be high , but then again , so should the quality and reliability

    This is what Motorcycling needs if it is to continue survive in the 21st century Worldwide and get beyond its ‘ Hobby /Sport ‘ label here in the US.

    Functional , reliable and enjoyable transportation

    What you hope for from the more expensive models such as the BMW is that the technology and gains will then filter down to the more affordable brands

    The sad thing will be when all the Adrenalin Junkies gather round to ‘ mock’ the things and their riders : being clueless that by doing so they’re shooting themselves in the foot .

    > Torques = A UK/EU linguistic quirk thats based on the ” There is more than one torque in the number so it must be torques ” line of thinking

    Go figure

    • robotribe


      In reference to the “functional, reliable and enjoyable transportation” point you bring up, it’s a pipe dream to ever imagine that being the reality of the motorcycle market in the U.S.

      The sad truth is, motorcycling isn’t practical for most Americans–at least not enough in numbers that could translate into significant sales of “practical” motorcycles for “adults” like you and me.

      Motorcycling is considered largely to be a “hobby/sport”, I believe, because there aren’t enough economic factors in U.S. society to make bikes attractive alternatives to cheap cars. Therefore, the only thing left as a selling point to motorcycles en masse, is the thrill, adventure, and outlier image riding a bike brings.

      I’ve spent months at times in Japan and Europe, and one thing I can say with confidence is while there are those riders in those parts of the world who embrace some kind of image and persona riding a motorcycle or scooter, there are equally those who make it quite obvious the only reason they ride their beater scooter or motard to work and back is because it’s they can’t afford a car, and/or don’t have a place to even park a car if they owned one; that’s straight out of the mouths of several folks I’ve chatted up in those places.

      In the U.S., gas IS cheap. We bitch, complain, even freak out when it gets closet to $4/gallon, but the FACT is it is CHEAP ENOUGH to keep most of us in cars and not expensive enough make us sacrifice air-conditioning and creature comforts for 70mpg on a 250cc Vespa.

      I too think it’s sad when some riders out there mock what are legitimate and arguably more practical forms of 2-wheel transport. Until they’re literally forced by economics and resulting cultural shifts in attitude, the so-called “Adrenalin Junkies” as well as the weekend-warrior pirates, are NEVER going to see anything but they’re bikes as trophies and toys that feed their egos First, and get them from point A to point B, a distant Second.

      If anyone has a personal interest in seeing motorcycle and scooter sales go through the roof, they should be lobbying for higher fuel taxes. That’ll do it.

      • stempere

        Good point(s), and absolutely true, gas in france is $9/gallon, and i think it’s in that ballpark in the rest of europe also.
        That, and the massive gridlocks you have every day coming from the suburbs to paris in the morning (and the other way around at the end of the day) combined with saturated public transportation (i had a colleague who had to take a 2 hours train every morning, and had to stand almost every day for the whole time), make anyone on anything 2 wheels the envy of cagers and train users.

      • Martin

        There is a middle ground, where you can enjoy a two-wheeled vehicle as functional, reliable, enjoyable transportation even though you have other alternatives.

        Sure, plenty of scooter riders in Europe would ditch their scooter for a car if that were a real option for them. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with crossing the economic divide where you can have a car and still enjoy commuting on two wheels on something that is designed for commuting on instead of racing around a track.

  • Troy R

    I can see these ending up as police bikes for the city. For some reason that’s the first thing that I thought.

    Probably the most attractive maxi I’ve ever seen.

    • stempere

      You’re absolutely right, police in big european cities like paris have been replacing their old BMWs by FJRs for long distance and Tmax scooters for inner city patroling.
      Last year i actualy saw a couple police tmax’s chasing a 911 in paris on Magenta boulevard…

  • Cheese302

    i definitely like the 650 gt a lot. i look forward to being able to check one out. of course just after i finally but a bike i have been lusting after for months, there are now ten more that i want to pick up this year. when in rome.

  • david folch

    Finally, the Honda PacificCoast 800 is back…

  • DoctorNine

    I think “Modern Movement” is actually a laxative company…

  • evilbahumut

    Was the C1 not considered a Maxi? It was big enough…

  • Denzel

    All the photos with riders have big “you meet the nicest people” grins on their faces…

  • Brian

    But alas, I have a dream of owning a 120 mph scooter. I just looked at the specs, 108mph is the rated top speed. Looks like I will base my new scooter purchase between the new Apriila 850 Scooter and the new line of BMW scooters. What a choice to make if you are a Scooterist!

  • Dani Peral

    I just read in a spanish site that the luggage capacity on the GT is gonna be 60liter (2 full-face helmets), while on the Sport, its gonna be of 1 full-face helmet while riding, and thanks to the new patented “FlexCase” system, of 2 full-face helmets while parked. This system looks like a kind of “bag” that uses part of the free space over the rear wheel… Looks like a great innovation :)

  • Simon Moore

    They are expensive and you could purchse a entry level Harley almost with the same $ but they GT seems to be getting popular with mid 20 early thirtys Urban apartment owners that have ditched the car and porefer a bigger more universal transport while still having that storage space. Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive & Yamaha TMax 535 have had face lifts and are also punching in as they clean up the budget consious