Ducati 1199 leaks ahead of EICMA

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Due to be released at EICMA this week, the new Ducati 1199 Panigale has leaked. Check out the gallery for the first clear shots of the 195bhp, 395lbs (wet) v-twin. We’ve already covered the 1199 extensively, but these shots do reveal a few new things. DES (Ducati Electronic Suspension) is clearly visible on both the front Öhlins NIX30 forks and rear TTX-36 shock of the S model. This will be the first sportsbike ever offered with electronically adjustable suspension. Awesome. Less exciting, but still interesting are the barely-there split three spoke wheels. EU pricing is €17,990 for the base model and €22,990 for the S. Translated into American prices, the base model will not have any price increase over the 1198 and the S will be slightly more expensive than its 1198 counterpart. There’s also a Corse version, pictured here in Italian Tricolore, it appears to be wearing a fancy exhaust too.

Update: more, clearer photos.

What you’re looking at is the future. Electronic adjusters sit atop high-end Ohlins forks. That high-def LCD dash makes its data pop with white numerals on a black background and red ancillary displays. That steering head is adjustable.

Check out the high-res version of that top shot in the gallery and here’s a list of things you’ll see:

- A frameless design with the rear cylinder supporting the subframe/tail.
- A tail unit that looks a lot like the 1198’s from the front and a lot like an RSV4’s from the side.
- A tank shape that mimics the Diavel’s.
- A horizontally-oriented side-mount shock with a leg protector, electronic adjusters and a goofy remote reservoir actuating a unique linkage that pivots on a tiny swingarm pivot plate.
- What looks to be a front subframe/airbox made from aluminum.
- LED headlights.
- A unique new take on the Brembo Monoblock radial caliper.
- Exhausts that neatly fill the gap between fairing and rear wheel, providing an aerodynamic benefit.

Headlight shapes reference the 916 without resorting to repetition. That long LED position light strip is really going to make the 1199 stand out on the road, until absolutely everyone copies it two years from now.

Spending up from the “base” 1199 to the S appears to net you that NIX30/TTX36 combo which works with that fancy electronically adjustable suspension which, in turn, works in concert with adjustable driving modes when you switch riding modes (ie road to track). The user will also be able to create their own modes, spanning everything from engine map to traction control to suspension settings. Performance-oriented ABS appears to be optional.

In addition to that neat-o titanium exhaust, the Corse model gains the most sophisticated data acquisition system yet. Lap Times, deep-level engine performance read outs, TC acquation etc will be gathered by a USB stick which will work on either Mac or PC.

Head over to our 1199 tag page to read more. Interested in all the other British, Austrian, Italian, Japanese and American bikes debuting this week at the EICMA show? We’ll be covering all of them right here.

Sources: Ducati.ms and AcidMoto.ch, Moto et Motards

  • Johndo

    Looks pretty cool all in red.

    • nick2ny

      Maybe, but I don’t see any leaks.

  • Tony


  • Edward

    I’m having trouble understanding the perspective. It feels like an escher drawing. Is the rear shock really offset that much to the left of the seat? It looks like either the shock is offset dramatically to the left or the seat is off-center (which can’t be the case).

    • DavidMG

      Me too, it’s a deceiving picture, but damn! That’s a hot looking bike.

      • nick2ny

        +3, I was shocked to see it located there jajajaja. How come people taking pictures on non-viewfinder cameras always look like they probably have no physical coordination / propriocepticons whatsoever? It’s like “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” but instead “if you look like that when you’re photographing it, you probably can’t ride it.”

        With my luck that’s probably some moto GP dude picturing it and I look like a muppet.

    • Sean Smith

      Yup, it really is. You can tell because of the cover they added to prevent your jeans from getting caught on it.

      • Edward

        Another reason to wear leather pants; the prevention of coilover pinching leg fat.

        • rohorn

          So why isn’t it like that on the Diavel?

          • Sean Smith

            Because that bike is designed around the 1198 motor and lacks a shock mount.

  • 10/10ths


  • Adam

    It looks like MV had a baby with RSV4. I like it!

  • superbikemike

    everyone’s all commenting on the looks of this model and giving it a 10/10th score… me i see the beauty within… 195 bhp out of a twin… that gotta be awesome… they really need to start leasing bikes, loved to lease this for a summer… ;)

    • DavidMG

      Its because most people here probably have the good sense to know this bike won’t work well in the real world.

  • 10/10ths

    Yeah, it’s just like my RC51, except it weighs 80 pounds less and makes 60 more horsepower.

    That must be a good thing, right?

    • Felix

      Not for your insurance rate.

  • Turf

    My friend has a payment on one already, I may have to kill him and assume his identity.

    • Corey

      Should probably wait until he takes delivery and just take the bike that way you don’t assume the debt for it too.

  • Deltablues

    Ducati’s MotoGP hopes were dashed this year, but they are still building seductive game-changing motorcycles. Trying to wrap my mind around 195hp in a V-Twin that weighs so little. What I am interested in is if this motorcycle dominates WSB because is this frame not based heavily on the current MotoGP bike?

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      I have no doubts that the 1199 will do well in WSBK. More than anything Ducati have proven consistently that they can put together a winning team.

      Also remember that WSBK and MotoGP bikes are worlds apart. Try taking the trellis frame from the 1198 and put it on the Ducati MotoGP bike and I’ll be they’d have some big problems as well…

      Speaking of MotoGP I can’t stop thinking about the first race next year… 1000cc bikes up to 350km/h down the chute at Qatar. Damn!!

      • 1

        Yep. 350kph. Bananas.

        How about yesterday’s final race. What a way to wrap up the year.

        Did you hear the rumour that Ducati will be dropping the current GP frame system for something new with the 1000 engine.

        • RT Moto

          It’s going to be insane!

          The race had me on the edge of my seat most of the way through which hasn’t really been the case all year. That finish was shocking! Those Honda’s have some ungodly acceleration.

          I don’t think they are dropping it completely but they are testing a traditional aluminum frame. I don’t care what they do to make the bike competitive. They just need to figure it out to help make the series interesting. I also hope Suzuki can do something to keep a team. I really wanted Bautista to do well this year and I thought yesterday was going to bring them some great results for sure. I can’t wait till April!

    • Kyle

      Maybe its just an italian thing. Ferrari did terrible in F1 last year, gets a star pilot Fernando to race for them and then puts out a fantastic car. Maybe doing poorly at the top is good luck christening for the commercial unit.

      • robotribe

        It’s a marketing game that plays by a different set of rules in the U.S. of A.

        Race wins sells hats, t-shirts and beer can cozies, not bikes.

        An awesome-looking and conversation-starting form, brain-smashing spec numbers you can use at your local hangout or moto forum (search for “Newcomb’s Ranch” or “bayarearidersforum.com”), and a marque that’s “exotic enough” compared to the Jap 4; these are methodologies Ducati know well and THIS is how they sell bikes.

        Oh, and don’t forget red paint.

  • Myles

    Honestly? I like the 1098/1198 a whole lot more.

    • RT Moto

      I’ll wait till I see some better pictures or one in person before I pass judgement. From these pictures I’ll go ahead and lean towards your opinion. The 1098/1198′s are such beautiful bikes that I knew when it came to the next generation it was going to be tough to out do it (in regards to design).

    • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

      The current Ducati Superbikes are attractive enough but imo don’t have much character. From these pics, the 1199 looks more unique, more defined. I like it.

    • Sean Smith

      I like those 195/395 numbers and an ergonomics package designed for the human body.

      • Myles

        Definitely that, but from a purely visual standpoint the current superbike generation is hard to beat.

      • tomwito

        Right, and a windscreen that doesn’t stab your forearms while making a U-turn.

  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    It all looks amazing except the side fairings which are surprisingly ho-hum. Not bad, they’re just not keeping pace with the rest of the bodywork.

  • jason

    It is still, all in all, unmistakably, a Ducati.

  • Erok

    so slim!


    If that underengine exhaust has a cat imagine how it’s gonna burn your leg off at the lights. Going to have to run open pipe or it will fry your leg at every stoplight if you ever use that side to hold it up. The RC8 did the same thing.

    • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

      From what I can gather on Facebook this month I am supposed to be thankful for something all 30 days and I am to grow a mustache. Today I am thankful my tracks don’t have traffic lights. And for my blossoming mustache.

  • http://lightsoutknivesout.tumblr.com/ Scott Pargett


  • Ola

    It looks unfamiliar, ungainly, inelegant and cumbersome. To my hopelessly outdated eyes. I think Ducati has raised so many bars so high, I’m just looking at the empty space below them, feeling confused.

    • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

      I agree. 99% of riders never even adjust their suspension I would bet and those that do are probably doing it wrong.
      This bike is a status bike that will never perform anywhere near it’s potential for most owners. All of the hype is just that. For pro racers…. REAL pro racers….. this is a great ride. As a moneymaker for the company I’m sure it will be a hit too, but as a purchase for any type of street riding I just don’t see it making sense but I’m mature enough to know that I could never ride this bike anywhere near it’s limits. The number of wrecked ones vs total sold each year should be interesting. You left coast guys should be able to scrounge the chaparral of the canyons for enough parts to build one after a couple of years.

      Holy crap… I sound like Thom!

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Appetite, whetted.

    I look forward to seeing non-blurrycam pics this week.

  • Rick

    Some of the mechanical features are enticing, like cams no longer driven by rubber bands! Aesthetically it’s not super pleasing in these photos, a little bit incoherent…my eyes dart all over the design, unable to find unity.

    I loved the 1098 in its debut photos but not so much in person: its “face” was too bland and derivative, combined with an overly wide and busy tail section. Perhaps this one will be the exact opposite?

    At this point though Miguel Galluzzi’s Aprilia RSV4 is a better looking machine, so is the KTM RC8 series.

  • Michael

    Wet dream.