Finally, the Ducati 1199 is revealed

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“Ducati has never built a sportbike as advanced as the 1199 Panigale,” says Ducati GM, Claudio Domenicali. “We are moving into a revolution of the species.”

This is the long-awaited, much-leaked, many-times-spied, ridiculously rumored Ducati 1199 Panigale. It’s incredibly light (164kg dry), incredibly powerful (192bhp) and incredibly intelligent (ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire, engine brake control, electronically adjustable suspension, TFT dash). But, most importantly, it’s going to be incredibly, ridiculously, epoch definingly fast.

Update: 29 high-res photos.

Update 2: $17,995(USD) for the standard version, $22,995(USD) for the “S” version, $23,995(USD) for “S” version with ABS and $27,995(USD) for the Italian heritage-inspired Tricolore version.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The 1199 comes in three flavors: vanilla, S and corse.

The basic version uses fully-adjustable Marzocchi front/Sachs rear suspension and is fitted with traction control, quickshift, “engine brake control” (more on that in a minute) and ride-by-wire as standard. ABS is optional.

The Ducati 1199 Panigale S adds electronically adjusted 43mm Ohlins NIX30 forks and and TTX36 shock, while ABS remains optional.

The Ducati 1199 Panigale S Corse comes with a titanium racing exhaust, tricolore paint and a data analysis package that will spit out lap times, lean angles, deep-dive engine parameters and TC actuation info to either a Mac or PC.


The big question hanging over the Panigale was the configuration of its frame. As we guessed, the front subframe/airbox/headstock is aluminum, a material choice likely taken to keep costs down over the carbon fiber item on Ducati’s MotoGP bikes. It attaches to the cylinder heads only. The aluminum rear subframe bolts to the rear cylinder head, while the die cast aluminum single-sided swingarm bolts to the rear of the engine. All this facilitates that low weight, but it has other advantages too; the swingarm is 39mm longer than that of the outgoing 1198 while the total wheelbase of the 1199 is just 7.6mm longer.

This is what the 1199 looks like underneath its fairing. Note the “frameless” arrangement which sees the airbox double as a stressed front subframe, bolting to the front and rear cylinder heads. The aluminum rear subframe only bolts to the rear. The neatest part, though is the side-mount shock which mounts to the SSA via an adjustable linkage, then bolts directly to the rear cylinder case.

The electronically adjustable suspension is borrowed from the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, working in a similar fashion. Both rebound and compression damping front and rear are adjusted electronically, the rider will need to manually adjust preload at both ends. Switching riding modes on the Thin Film Transistor dash alters engine output, power delivery and TC settings, as on bikes like the Aprilia RSV4, but the Ducati goes one step further, changing suspension settings to suit each mode too. The rider can select from stock setups or pre-program their own to switch through on the fly.


That sidemount shock? It’s there to facilitate that short wheelbase and to help with packaging of the exhaust, but a side benefit is easy access to its linkage that’s adjustable from progressive (road, passenger) to straight rate (track).

“Engine Brake Control” limits back torque by working with the wet slipper clutch to limit the effects of back torque on the rear wheel. Under quick deceleration, stepper motors on the throttle bodies open, reducing the effects the engine has on corner entry. This is MotoGP tech for the street.

The TFT dash is a welcome update from the old LCD unit. Already proven on the Multistrada 1200 and Diavel, TFT produces a much higher quality image that’s easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

The heavily-contoured brake calipers are a new Brembo Monoblock design called M50. They grip massive 330mm brake discs, leading to what should be unprecedented braking ability. Optional ABS only works on the front wheel, but can work to prevent stoppies in more conservative riding modes.

It’s not just the headlights that reference and update the forms of the 916. Gone are the underseat pipes, but the taillights now mimic their shape.

Compared to the 1198, the 1199 should be slightly more human friendly. Seat to tank distance is reduced 30mm, while the bars are 10mm higher and 32mm wider.

YouTube Preview Image

US prices haven’t yet been announced, but the vanilla 1199 is priced identically to it’s corresponding 1198 in Italy. The S is €300 more than the outgoing model, so that will likely translate to a price increase for American models too. No word on Corse pricing yet.

The leaked weight and power figures are close, but not identical to what has been officially released. Instead of 195/395, it’s 192/414. With the 1199′s 4.5 gallon fuel tank, weight will fluctuate ~27.7 pounds between empty and full. It’s not clear if that weight is with a full tank, empty tank or somewhere in between. If it weighs 395 before adding fuel, then it would have ~1.5 gallons (or enough fuel to get the reserve light to go off) in the tank at 414 lbs. With a full tank, it would weigh 423 pounds. Conversely, if 414 is with a full tank, it would weigh 386 sans gas. Regardless, it still has a power to weight ratio higher than that of any other liter-bike in production.

  • Michael

    cant wait to swing a leg over and see what this duc can do. like the looks myself

  • Charlie

    Fairing has a little 999 in it. I think it eclipses the 1098 derivative styling and I’m sure it’s better in the real. I think you call this state of the art

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      To me, the fairing has a lot of MV F4 in it.

      • Charlie

        Yea, bottom is F4, the circular front reminds me of the 999

        • Patrick

          what circular front are you talking about? I see no circle there. half a circle maybe being the section of the tyre.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    The facets of the gas tank look a lil’ weird in these photos. But otherwise, the 1199 is a beauty. I can’t wait to see it in real life!

  • Plotts

    That rear cylinder header pipe looks like an after thought. At least they put a cover on it but I expect way more from Ducati. What a shame.

    • ontheroad

      It’s an instance of form following function. Exhaust tubes need to be of a particular length to maximize performance, where else are they going to route that length of header to the underslung exhaust without interfering with some other component?

      • Sean Smith

        I think Plotts is more concerned with the looks than the performance of this performance motorcycle.

        • Plotts

          Well, Ducati has typically been able to do both until now. You don’t think it looks awkward and out of place? Of course the performance will be there.

          • Sean Smith

            I think it looks like something new. They did things no one has ever done before and it’s reflected in the outward appearance of the bike. I don’t have a problem with the rear header making a look under the tail, judging by front header poking through the fairing, there’s just no room underneath. The shape of the tail lights and the view of that header from the rear is a nice goodbye to the undertail pipes they’ve been using for so long.

  • JP

    I want to hear this gorgeous machine scream through some Termis.

  • tomwito

    Being that I can’t read Italian, is this also going to have an 848 version?

    • Grant Ray

      Not for 2012. The press release is in English now, btw.

      • tomwito

        Yeah, it says “new for 2012 848evo”.

      • tomwito

        Nevermind, I re-read it.

  • todd

    WOW… I like it, it looks like 195hp, and man from a twin is just incredible.

    Nice exhaust… thanks Erik!

    • je

      +1 :)

  • Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

    It’s their to facilitate :)

    • Sean Smith

      Wes always does his best work before coffee.

  • Groomez


    • Mark D

      Only for the greedy. Why not share the ride?!

      • Groomez

        Just looks like it is, right? Not sure if it has removable passenger pegs… and I’m also not sure why I care! The bike is nuts!

        • Sean Smith

          It’s a biposto, but Ducati isn’t showing us photos with passenger pegs and the seat yet. Probably not the prettiest solution, but at least your passenger won’t get cooked anymore.

  • the_doctor

    Awesome bike. I am impressed by all of it, and am amazed that the vanilla is the same price as the outgoing 1198.

  • Penguin

    Damn that thing is pant wettingly pretty. I’ve got to say I love the 916 hints with the tail lights and angular intakes.

    BMW might to trick tech and big numbers on spreadsheets but I’d buy this thing just from seeing the picture – Now if only I had the money and talent to have one.

    HFL, because I love your mag so much could you fly me out to the US to try the demo one you guys will no doubt get? If you need a reason then it’s because … Well there isn’t a reason but if you ever needed an organ or something, I wouldn’t forget.

  • Alex


    Dry Weight: 362 lbs
    Wet Weight: 414 lbs


    A liter bike that looks like that yet weighs LESS than my Daytona 675? Yes please.

    • Deltablues

      I know, I was trying to imagine my Daytona with 195 horses. Intimidating.

  • zipp4

    The aesthetics are a mixed bag, in my opinion. Rear suspension and rear cylinder head pipe make for a convoluted hardware package out back. Tank is inexplicably round in profile and looks really out of place. Tail section is overly simplified and sticks out, in a bad way. And I’m sure the wheels are light as hell, but I’ve never been a fan of tri-spokes, and tri-tri-spokes are even weirder.

    But I guess the big question is: will the rider have enough front end feel to take advantage of all the techno-wizardry this thing has to offer?

  • Mark D

    …is it lame I think that display is the coolest part of this bike?

    • zipp4

      Completely agree.

    • Mr.Furious

      Not lame at all.

    • quint7


    • zato1414

      The best I’ve ever seen…

      • Archer

        Let’s see how it really performs in direct sunlight before making a final pronouncement on this item.

        • Grant Ray

          If it’s anything like the Multistrada S dash, it’ll be great. You really should try one of those, y’know.

  • noone1569

    Hmm, anyone else see some design cues from Buell in that?

    • zipp4

      Aside from the underslung exhaust?

    • JTourismo

      no, don’ think so. Buell designs always have a bit of kit-car feel to them.

  • Thom

    All I can say is this thing better be damn freaking ungodly fast because in the Looks department its lacking to say the least .

    Homogenized , Derivative and Pastiche pretty much sums up the visuals IMHO . Dull and boring being the shorter version

    I can just hear it now when you park this in front of your local Coffee Shop ( assuming the local Hells Angels aren’t fighting over it :o)

    ” Hey ……… nice M/C ! Is that the new Honda or is it a Yamaha ? “

    • ontheroad

      Shocking news folks, HFL’s resident grouch doesn’t like it.

      I’m finding it’s not actually necessary to read your comments in full. I just see the name, think “insert predictably negative remark from Thom here” and continue reading.

      I may be way off the mark, but I’m beginning to wonder: do you like motorcycles?

      • the_doctor

        Only the good ones, probably.

  • Mark K

    Pretty sure I like it.

    • Sean Smith

      Any relation to Mark D?

      • Mark D

        Evil Doppelganger.

  • James

    It looks like it has a cleft palate.

    That said, it is still a bad-ass machine. I’ll take lightness over power every time, but if I can have both, even better. It’s a shame that after all the development going into giving that twin enough power to restart a dead planet, we get the Lord of the Rings soundtrack in the promo video.


  • ontheroad

    I think it’s phenomenal, cannot wait to ride it. Do we really have to wait until spring?Where’s the fast forward button?

  • occam

    I think it’s ugly, but distinctive. I like that better than aesthetically pleasing but generic-looking (like the previous model, IMO).

  • rndholesqpeg

    Am I the only one that is more excited about the middleweight bike that should come out in another year based on this?

    • Mike Jiang

      me too!

    • Jesse

      I assure you that you are not.

  • Case

    Specs look awesome on paper. I’m not thrilled with the front end (headlights) or the weird holes in the tail section above the seat, but whatever. I do like the large flat panels on the sides. If it goes fast then it’ll look great when you’re riding it. Main question is did they fix the awkward ergos on the tank so that you can get your hips/knees in proper position for cornering?

    It looks like serious business. Not really a big fan of Ducati but after the 848evo and then this I’m starting to come around.

  • michael uhlarik

    love the rear lights


  • JTourismo

    Anyone know if it will make it to WSB next season? or are the customer teams stuck running the 1098.

    I know they did a boat load of track testing, could probably take the series in the models debut year like they did with Bayliss in 08′.

    • Ganesh

      It will not be in WSBK as in the SBK championship but it will enter superstock in 2012 and move to SBK in 2013. for 2012 WSBK will still be campaigned by 1198R with some extra weight

  • Ganesh

    Am I only the one looking at it and going DUCATI, build a SPORTTOURER with this basis, new subframe, big panniers (with no exhaust in the way), new fairing, upright ergos, what the hell detune it to 175bhp and I wouldn’t mind..

    • Grant Ray

      Whoah there, Mr. Sensible Biker. I think you need to lay off the Sanity Juice a little, alright? There’s a Multistrada S with aftermarket panniers for that kind of talk, you know.

      • Ganesh

        haha.. I knew I will strike a chord..the multi is like a SUV that can corner.. that is another thread.

        I am excited about trickle down of many of this tech to other models

        • Sean Smith

          So is that more like an X6M or a Cayenne Turbo?

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

        But on the MTS 1200, the exhaust is in the way. The right pannier has a HUGE section of it “cut out” so the exhaust can vent past it, making that pannier good for small items only. You can barely get a laptop bag into it!

    • ontheroad

      Judging by the direction Duati took with the MTS12 it doesn’t seem outrageous to think in a few years we might have just that.

    • Rick

      Sport tourer, yes please.

  • Adam

    195 horsepower, 361 lbs., 3 riding modes, wet slipper clutch, electronically controlled engine braking, TFT color dash (that changes views wiith riding modes), traction control, quick shifter, dual configuration rear suspension (rising rate or 1:1), 200 rear tire, and more.

    The S models have several more additions to the already potent 1199 Panigale. Electronically adjustable Ohlins suspension, forged wheels, LED headlights, and carbon fiber front fender.

    The limited production S Tricolore adds Tricolore paint scheme, Termignoni exhaust, switchable ABS braking system, and data acquisition with GPS integration.

    1199 Panigale- $17,995.

    1199 Panigale S- $22,995.

    1199 Panigale S Tricolore- $27,995.

    • Michael

      A- Where did this come from? -M

  • JC

    Sick nasty. The chess piece bit reminds me of the terrible movie “Driven” with Sly and the quarters

    • ontheroad

      Exactly! Except less lame than Stalone in bad CGI.

  • zato1414

    Just absolutely dripping wet beautiful!

  • Coreyvwc

    Dual underslung exhaust, I’m glad that unlike everyone else Ducati still believes in symmetry. Now only if I had 18,000K to appreciate their design excellence…

    • Sean Smith

      Too bad it’s got the brakes levers, cam chains and front header all on the right. ;)

  • holdingfast

    this is incredible. i might be most shocked that I’ve been dreaming about the MV F3 for almost a year now (it feels like) and now here comes ducati and I wouldnt know which one i’d pick.. well actually, not true, I’d have to take this one! LOVE the lights-reminder-of-exhaust situation. this bike looks so sick, my adrenaline is pumping just from the pics.. well done.
    are they gonna slaughter SBK with the panigale?

  • nymoto

    I like it a lot.

  • Duncan

    Love the looks, sure it’ll be fast as f*** but I wonder how many potential buyers will wait on the sidelines until testing reviews (the real ones, not the PR junket bullshit) and race results start confirming that this frameless concept isn’t going to be some type of failed experiment..

    • Sean Smith

      Only the ones who don’t know how to use google ;) Troy Bayliss has already proven that the 1199 can hack it. He ran 1:51.3 around Mugello on one. WSBK doesn’t race there, and MotoGP bikes aren’t really comparable, but Haga and Fabrizio have both tested 1098R superbikes there. Their times? 1:52.3 and 1:52.6. Fabrizio went 1:52 flat on qualifying tires. Max Biaggi rode an RSV4 superbike there too. He went 1:51.1. That’s a world champion bike, with a world champ rider, producing over 200hp going .2 seconds faster than an 1199 test bike.

  • DoctorNine

    Exponentially better than the bike it replaces. I like the nose a lot. Underbelly exhaust and the shock packaging all put the mass in the right place. Instruments are better. Ergos also look to be better. (Hard to tell until I sit on it though.) The controls also seem to be thought out as a working whole, and not just pasted together.

    All in all, a pretty compelling new machine.

  • zelman

    I want/need two. One to keep strip naked…

  • CafeDucati


  • Coreyvwc

    Does the electronic suspension control have any implifications for homologation into WSBK in 2013? This doesn’t sound like a far cry from active suspension… Very curious to see what the R model will be equipped with in the future.

  • Emmet

    how small is this compared to other sportbikes? Can it accommodate tall (6′+) riders? Exciting to see a radical change in frame technology. Maybe manufacturers will reconsider front suspension one of these days…

    • Rick

      It’s probably not RSV4 small, judged by these photos and the type of powerplant. At 6’3″ & 39″ inseam a good fit is not easy to find in this class!

      If they can somehow give this thing a tactical radius of 150 miles per tankful the Bolognese may have sold me a new motorcycle.

  • mugget

    I have been thinking to myself that it would take really something for me to get excited about a twin, I mean how much more performance can they squeeze out of that configuration?

    But “epoch definingly fast”? Okay, that’ll make me turn… can’t wait to see one of these in the metal, and being ridden in anger.

  • Edward

    Is it just me or does this bike look good from every angle except directly perpendicular? There seems to be something inelegant about the line from the bottom of the fairing up around the front wheel well and under the headlights. The fairing seems like it should extend downward to more fully fill the space above the wheel. That part of the fairing seems almost unfinished, projecting forward like a fish out of water.

  • Skank NYCF

    Looks nice. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • damien

    To me, it looks like it’s missing it’s bottom jaw in the front. Other than that, excellent.