Honda NC700S: the Civic of motorcycles

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If the NC700X is the CR-V of motorcycles, this is the Civic it and the Integra share a platform with. It’s a no-frills everyday bike that’s cheap to buy and cheap to own. It uses the same 670cc engine, steel diamond frame, faux-tank storage and 17″ wheels.

It also loses 4hp, for a grand total of 47hp, becoming a naked. Weight for the DCT model is 500lbs, standard is 474. It’s not particularly sexy, fast or innovative (Honda sold the CB750A with nearly identical power/weight and lack of clutch lever back in ’77), but this is the kind of bike that thousands of people can ride everyday for not a lot of cash. Pricing has yet to be announced, but expect the S to be the cheapest of the triplets.

  • robotribe

    It has interesting lines and I like the mini-fairing. Wheels are kinda nice too. It looks like an update to my black 2005 599. The price better be low enough to justify the standard non-USD forks and that cheap-looking box section rear swingarm.

    • Wes Siler

      That 599 had 95bhp.

      • Denzel

        Whatever happened to the CBR600F, the faired 599 that was rumoured to be coming to the states this year as a toned down Cbr600?

      • robotribe

        True; was comparing looks only between the two. Mine had better looking USD forks, but were soft and non-adjustable. Plus, also had a crappy box section swing arm.

        Still, she let her 95 hp out whenever I asked for them. F3 motor, I think.

    • Myles

      There was no 599 for 2009, in either Canada or the US. Only ’04 and ’06.

      Also, the 599 has a pretty damn decent motor. The only way this thing would be an upgrade is if you’re only considering fuel economy or never spun the motor past 8k.

      Also, fairings are lame. Always. All of them.

      • R13

        On a related note I’m sure my used 919 was still cheaper and will run circles around it.

      • robotribe

        Again, true. Mine was a black 2006, but it was the updated Hornet released as a 2005 model in Europe.

  • Roman

    474 lbs on a naked twin? Basically the same weight as my 2000 VFR800 and people call that bike a porker. I just don’t get why modern Hondas are so freaking heavy.

    • Scott-jay

      “I just don’t get why modern Hondas are so freaking heavy.” +1

    • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

      Why so fat?

    • Deltablues

      What is interesting about “The Weight” is how it contrasts with the Honda automobile line’s Green philosophy of lighter weight and better fuel economy.

      • Joe

        Except nothing about their cars is either of those. It’s mostly greenwashing. Their hybrid system is about two generations out of date and their cars are just as heavy as everybody else’s.

        Their image is mostly marketing at this point.

  • motoguru

    Interesting. Bring on the Odyssey!

  • Mark D

    Its like a Ninja 650, but heavily and slower and (likely) more expensive. Progress?

    • Sean Smith

      Of course this is progress. Why, back in 1977 when they built the CB750A, it made the same power and weighed in at nearly the same 500 pounds as the DCT model. But, it didn’t have DCT, just a boring old torque converter. It’s amazing the progress they’ve made in three decades and change. I just wish the rest of the industry could develop tech this fast.

      • quint7

        That 750 was a 4cyl which we all know has a totally different way of laying down power and some of the the engine tricks that the SuperSport did (lighter alternator as an example). I had a 78 SS750 and it was a great ride for what it was. The last year of the SOHC and kickstarter. Ya can’t compare the auto CB’s with this bike in any way other than that they didn’t have clutch levers.
        Honda (I think it was them) also made hi/lo tranny bikes that doubled the number of gears available.
        I really hate to sound like Thom, but the economics of the bike industry is based on the small to midsize bikes and dirt bikes covering the costs of racing, development and marketing. Badass bikes don’t have the profit margin or sales numbers to justify eliminating the bread and butter bikes. As a plain old bike I gotta think that this new bike is better than no bike at all or most HD’s when the fun factor is taken into account.

  • ike6116

    Define “cheap to buy”

  • Mr.Furious

    Honda, I love you like a brother, so don’t take this the wrong way. You don’t seem like yourself anymore. You’re tired and distant. Your engineering is still second to none, but there’s no spark. No passion. I hope you find a way to get some love back into your life. We need you buddy.

    • stempere

      Time for an intervention.

    • quint7

      Honda has always been that way. Look at their entire worldwide line of bikes over the last 50 years and you’ll see that they are the GM of motorcycles. Every car can’t be a Vette and every truck can’t be a Flatbiller’s monster 3/4 ton.

  • Campisi

    I was loving it until I read how heavy it is. How can it possibly be roughly a hundred pounds heavier than a V7 Classic?

  • Mr.Paynter

    How cheap is cheap?
    Cheap enough to buy and strip the fat off without feeling bad? It’d need the diet!

  • Dani Peral

    47hp means its rideable with A2 license in europe…this bike is clearly oriented to that license, and all the thousands of new european riders who will be limited to 48hp for their first 2 years of permit…

    I would expect a lot of ~48hp bikes over the next 2 years…some brands are moving ahead and already selling bikes prepared for the A2 license… BMW G650GS – 47hp, This new honda, all those maxiscooters (why does the new XMAX not increase its power? it would have more than 47hp)…etc etc

    Plus, a trunk for a full-face helmet, automatic transmision, and probably frugal fuel comsumption…its an ideal commuter bike… Thats 2 markets for the price of 1, on this single bike.

  • dux

    Why does this exist?

  • Zirq

    I suppose this bike would best be described as flaccid.

    It’s great as long as it doesn’t cost much and you don’t want to have sex with it.