Julien Dupont rides The Alps

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Departing his typical urban environment, freestyle trials star Julien Dupont tackles the grassy slopes and rocky outcrops of The Alps. It looks challenging, but descending the scree slopes is another feat entirely. Those’re nearly impossible to climb up on hands and knees, much less descend on a motorcycle.

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  • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

    Beautiful scene, ridiculous skill. Putting this on loop in the background for the afternoon.

  • Sean

    It’s like riding downhill MTB but your going the wrong way, very cool. Dream vacation

  • Bronson

    Another great video from Dupont!

    I’d like to read more about the RC helicopter setup they’re using for the aerial shots (note the shadow at 2:55 mark). it makes for some great shots.

    I loved the failed climb at 3:58. Awesome! Damn, I really need to get a trials bike.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      The credits list “Air Drone” as the company that did the RC in-flight work.

      Perhaps it’s the same Air Drone that RC champion Justin Chapman is part of.

      BTW, this link has nothing to do with motorcycling, but if you’re into RC and FPV, check out RCExplorer.se’s YouTube channel for some awesome videos shot from RC copters and planes.

  • jason McCrash

    3;21, now THAT is a snow fence.

    I also noticed the remote helo shot. Very cool. I’m surprised more BMX kids don’t get into trials riding instead of freestyle MX.

  • Thom

    Isn’t this nice .

    It isn’t bad enough the little Adrenaline Junkie has to tear up the Urban landscape , now the irresponsible little reprobate has to go destroying Alpine Tundra as well .

    So what’s next Wes ?

    Motorcyclists abusing small furry animals ?

    Personally ….. I’ll vote for Responsible and Ethical Motorcyclists being granted an Open Season on idiots like Mr Dupont

    Five bag limit .

    Now thats a video I’d love to watch ;-)

    • Denzel

      Thom, is that tongue in cheek or head in cheeks?

      • austin_2ride

        I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t get it.

        • 1

          He’s on the wrong site all together. We’re at Hell for Leather, not Heavenly or Never.

          Hates anything involving skill or having balls.

    • The other Joe

      Are you sure you know what tundra is? The reason I ask is because there wasn’t any in that video. I also didn’t see anything destroyed.

      • Alix

        Yeah, the hills with ski lifts and jeep trails are totally pristine alpine tundra people shouldn’t be riding on

    • Sean

      man you sound like a pussy

  • Edward

    I think that is the coolest motorcycle riding I’ve ever seen

  • David

    I so heart trials bikes…

    • The other Joe

      So you have a heart on for them?

  • Keith

    Great vid!
    I like the clip at the end where it shows that for all those “great” shots there are plenty of “fails”.
    Surprising that they don’t wear armored jackets.

  • Scott-jay