LA is the Aprilia Dorsoduro’s playground

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Sometimes, you don’t have time to head off to the canyons or go on a track day, you just have to ride the streets around you. So, when I got my eager hands on the new Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200, I set off on a full day of riding my local car-infested city of Los Angeles. Well, after a sticky donut that is.

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The Dorsoduro 1200 was exhilarating from first drop of the clutch as the immense power caused the rear wheel to smoke and it was quickly followed by the front wheel reaching for the sky, while I screamed with joy and gripped on for dear life at the same time.

During the playful day I’d put Alpinestars gear to the test and explore the capabilities of Aprilia’s extraordinary sports machine as I zip passed a few famous landmarks, take a quick splash in the LA river and show just how efficient a motorcycle is in highly populated areas.

Where is your nearest city? It’s easy, get a motorbike, wear protective gear and go play. The road is your playground.

  • Troy R

    This video confirms my initial suspicion: That the Dorsoduro 1200 + city = my ass in jail.

    • Campisi

      Look at the bright side: you’d have the best story in the lock-up.

      • Troy R


  • Jesse

    Still waiting on a Dorso 750 review / personality test from HFL.

    The 1200 doesn’t have the miles per tank I need for commuting. That’s what I tell myself because I know the 1200 would get me hauled away in irons.

    • Sean Smith

      If it’s anything like the superb Shiver 750, it should be a fantastic bike.

  • T Diver

    Nice. More wheelies. (although it’s ballsy to bust one in Beverly Hills during the day. By the police station.)

  • Nicolas Restrepo

    ah yes, dorsoduro=poleisduro :)

  • Taco

    to be continued…
    Next video I want to see more lane splitting and also hit up an In-N-Out. ANIMAL STYLE!!!

  • kidchampion

    Thanks for not using the theme song from Entourage.

  • paul56

    That’s just tasty!

  • AaronT

    Wish I had the skills to go hoon, maybe in a few years and when KTM gives us the little Duke.

  • Denzel

    It’s Better in the Wind… Noooo. It’s better in LA…

  • Roman

    When canyons are 20 minutes outside of town, there is always time to head to the canyons.

    • contender

      I concur. It’s fun to ride downtown if I have reason to be there, but there’s no reason it should be a destination for riding. Downtown’s fifteen minutes away door-to-door, and Latigo Canyon is twenty. Best use of five extra minutes imaginable.

  • John2

    Is that an Arai XD4? Any chance of a review or comment about it?

  • Mike Jiang

    what Jacket and pants are those?

    • Peter Ha

      Not sure about the pants but I know the jacket is the Drifter. I’ve got one and it’s great.

  • 85gripen

    I’ve ridden most of those places but have always wondered, can anyone just get down into the L.A. River or do you have to have someone from The City open a gate for you?

    • kinsler

      explore around the base of 6th street bridge. time it for the dry season, and you can ride back to dodger stadium. watch out for angry bums!