Lego, bicycles and sex toys: Yamaha’s Tokyo Motor Show concepts

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From one bike show to another. Even as EICMA winds down, The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show is ramping up, with Yamaha unveiling early details on exciting new concept models. This XTW250 RYOKU, for instance, looks like its made from Lego. Coming so soon after the wonderful Husqvarna Moab concept, we’re hoping that chunkily-styled little dual-sports are going to be an industry trend.

Of the Ryoku, Yamaha says:

Here is a “SUV motorcycle” with toughness and heavy-duty utility that adds a new dimension to the great mobility and convenience motorcycles are known for. The key concept behind its design is “unrestricted, anytime, anywhere,” and has a range of features like a large, high-load, low center-of-gravity rear carrier, a slim, low-mounted large-capacity gas tank, fat tires, rugged chassis guards and removable LED headlights. These features expand its range of uses and give you the performance and operability to go almost anywhere. Here is Yamaha’s idea of a dependable partner for people who love motorcycles and the outdoor life, specially tailored for the Japanese market.


This concept model is a fresh embodiment of Yamaha design philosophy that combines the familiar look and feel of a bicycle in a motorcycle. Mounting a world standard 125cc class engine on a slim, lightweight frame, this model is designed to offer good fuel economy with an easy and enjoyable ride. Besides its appeal as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, it sports an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends.


This is a concept model Yamaha proposes to expand the potential for electric commuter models in urban lifestyles. Positioned in the 50cc (Gentsuki) class, it has two rear wheels for a stable, easy ride that women will especially enjoy. It is designed in the image of the flow of wind with a compact size that makes it a breeze to handle. It’s an “easy on me and easy on the environment” vehicle that will be perfect for those little daily errands around town.


Here is a concept model that proposes a new way of enjoying today’s increasingly popular electrically power assisted bicycles. To complement its practicality for everyday commuting or shopping trips, this model is designed to fold up easily to fit on the train, bus, or your car when you travel. To make the bike foldable, the motor of its power unit is built into the front wheel hub in a sophisticated design that is both functional and stylish.

We’ll bring you more information and more and larger images ASAP.

  • jonoabq

    That yellow motorcycle is super, it looks like a Yamaha had sex with a Ruckus.

    • ike6116

      Me rikey

    • motomoto

      YES! TW200 on hot Ruckus action!

  • Thom

    the Y125 MOEGI

    Thats the only one I’d put in my garage ( if they gave it to me )

    Eeech that yellow Yamaha ! Lego M/C says it all . Halloween comes next to mind

    The rest ? B-O-R-I-N-G

    • Sean

      I agree. The Y125 MOEGI looks awesome. It would be great to ride something like that to work. It is a great retro/futuristic look. It appeals to me more than the pedal bikes with 2 strokes. I could see it appealing to many people.

    • John2

      I like the MOEGI, too. There are elements of it that recall the 1954 Honda Benly J (, but the MOEGI is more elegant and light, especially in the rear.

    • pinkyracer

      yes! the moegi could make me forget all about my R1. And electrics for around town. And possibly even the euphoric rush I get from riding my bicycle. That is one gorgeous moped.

      As for the folding bike, I rode one (non electric) for the first time yesterday, and omfg they’re fun. Those small wheels make it turn like a 125GP bike and accelerate like a rocket launcher.

      But yeah, the LEGO Ruckus thing is vile. Great bike to ride while wearing a hi-vis yellow Aerostich if you want to repel all women everywhere you go.

  • M

    “specially tailored for the Japanese market”

    well, i suppose japan, east asia, and MAYBE australia will be enjoying that one while i watch fucking ponderous v-star tragedies putt down the road.

  • Critter

    The Y125 is beautiful and would make a great city bike. It’s something i would actually consider buying although a 250 would probably sell better here in the states.

    I also like the XTW250 RYOKU (not so much the name). It looks a whole lot like a 2wd Rokon which i think is pretty badass.

    The other two don’t do much for me. the scooter looks silly and I’m not a fan of the futuristic form factor of either.

  • Glenngineer

    I love the first two. A 650 version of the lego bike would be dreamy.

  • Mike

    Honestly, I hesitated clicking on the article because I thought the Lego bike was actually made from Lego. But that 125. Wow!
    Now I’m thinking how I’d build one out of a beach cruiser frame, a chinese knockoff Honda 200cc, and some USD forks. Does it have a rear suspension?

    • Campisi

      It looks like it may have a softail arrangement, with the shock underneath the seat. Frankly, I’d ride it either way.

  • filly-fuzz

    The first two are simply brilliant.

    • Guilherme


  • Wayne

    The RYOKU looks like a purpose built military bike…well…except for the ‘anti camouflage’ anyway!….I love it….cos its good different.

  • stempere

    The first two are brilliant, i’ll take the Ryoku and my GF the Moegi.
    But, on the “rugged” subject (regarding the lego one), isn’t that exhaust mightily exposed? Why is it so far from the wheel?

  • Marc

    Ryoku in flat olive green, please.

  • Chris Davis

    The Ryoku looks like something straight out of a marker rendering book and/or Baywatch and I mean that in the best sense.
    The Moegi is beautiful; simultaneously light and organic. But I’d drop the vestigial tail.

  • Jelly Andrews

    The EC-Miu looks great. It gives me a feminine impression.
    But it seems that these rides come with a high price.