Ride of the Century, or This is why cops hate sport bikes

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You can love or hate the stunter scene as much as you want, but just like the crews in Baltimore and New York’s Fastest, this is what’s happening in motorcycling on the streets right now. This particular Ride of the Century included hundreds of bikers pouring in from all over the country overwhelming the streets and Interstates of St. Louis, MO. The result is a video featuring boatloads of evidence very likely be seen again in a court of law, most notably a biker doing a wheelie in the middle of the day right into oncoming, multi-lane traffic. Even Skank, OneArm, Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil would all call that guy dangerous, right after calling him the stupidest asshole ever. So it’s no shocker when the camera catches a cop pulling his gun at a roadblock, or when another stunter flashes his anti-police shirt. But, the dude rolling down the highway, standing backwards on his seat all day, playing with his cell phone like it’s no biggie? Epic.

Thanks for the tip, JC!

  • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

    We just had a guy die 2 nights ago playing stunta on the expressway about 10 miles from here. 100mph, dumped it, got run over by 2 cars. No tears shed by me. They aren’t even smart enough to not film themselves (video evidence…… like porn, once it’s online it’s out there forever).

    • Thom

      Yeah , exactly .

      Here’s a clue Grant and all the crew at HFL

      Y’all just keep right on promoting this shit ( by reporting it , while not condemning it , you are by inference promoting it. Sorry if that concept is a bit over your head , but there it is )

      Because like I’ve told you before Wingnuts , there are moves afoot of which I’m guessing the likes of you has little or no clue of , because of this ‘ Stunt ‘ riding crap , along with excess noise issues , to begin BANNING Motorcycling from cities and towns across the US

      Think I’m exaggerating ?

      Think again

      Think they won’t accomplish their goals , what with folks like you providing them with the foddor to do so ?

      Think again

      Simple fact is the AMA etc is powerless and the automotive industry which is not would be more than glad to see motorcycles disappear from the American landscape

      But hey . You guys are so wise and informed . So by all means don’t listen to the words of WARNING being sent your way , and keep on promoting this bullshit . Hey in fact do a ten segment feature on it

      Just don’t come back with your articles WHINING about the demise of the motorcycle industry , asking why oh why is this happening

      Because the simple fact is at this point in time HFL


      Y’all might wannna think on that’n for awhile .

      • JVictor75

        Hey Thom, those giants you are tilting at are just windmills. Just saying. You can put the lance down.

        It might be easier to make them understand your point if you weren’t so Chicken Little all the time.

        I think we can all agree that Stuntahs are definitely causing problems for the motorcycling scene, just like all the 3 patch wearing pirates caused a problem during the 50′s 60′s and 70′s. Or that the Mods and Rockers caused in the UK during the same time period.

        Guess what? The same things were being said then: “Motorcyclings days are done” … “I don’t know any nice people who ride motorcycles” … “Motorcycles are dangerous, why would anybody ride them?”

        Guess what, we’re still around and kicking and will be for a long long time.

        Now STUNTAHs days are probably done. I’m in full agreement with quint7 later in the thread who said that people won’t realize the errors of their ways unless they take a hit in the pocketbook.

        I don’t think it’s any secret that I am all for full and total adherence to the laws as they currently stand. If you don’t like the law fine, petition for change but adhere to existing law while you do.

        If you get caught fucking up then law enforcement should proceed full speed ahead with punishing you for doing so, and ignorance of the law isn’t an excuse.

        Warnings are earned, not a right or a guarantee.

        Which is basically what the HFL guys were saying. And like it or not, there IS a lot of technical skill on display here.

        For me it’s kind of like being able to appreciate a really well done lowrider or a really good rapper. Not my personal cup of tea, you understand, but I can recognize ability when I see it.

        But for you, once again, to get on here and lambast the HFL editorial team for doing an article on what utter jackasses the dumbasses from the RotC are is a little much. If it bothers you that much Thom, then go read the Speedzilla forums and leave us all the fuck alone. From what I understand they are free anyway.

        And remember, tinfoil isn’t just good for making hats out of.

        Have a nice holiday, try switching to decaf, and remember your pills. They are important. Apparently.

        One more thing. I have no clue where you went to school, but in English when we use punctuation we don’t put a space beforehand.

        Just thought you should know.

        • http://www.smartcycleshopper.com/author/doug-dalsing/ DougD

          Safe to say that’s the first Don Quixote reference on HFL? Just curious.

      • rohorn

        The more publicity this stuff gets, the sooner we all get bored with it and the sooner it goes away.

        I don’t see this as a display of skill as much as a demonstration of just how safe (i.e., stupidity tolerant) modern sportbikes really are.

        • tomwito

          Yeah, I said the same thing about guys wearing their pants below their asses. 20 years and counting. One of my riding buddies just made a reference about wanting a stunt bike on facebook. I think its gonna get bigger unfortunately.

      • Trevor

        Can someone find Thom’s tinfoil hat?

        It’s my guess anyone who know’s Thom out in the real world does their very best to avoid him.

        You know the saying “everyone’s got one” Well we have Thom yaaaaa.

      • JT Nesbitt

        I just watched this with Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” playing instead of the original soundtrack. It turned this video into ballet, I suggest you try it, whole new perspective. This is modern preformance art with the wrong soundtrack. Beautiful!!! –JT

  • http://www.bikeexif.com Chris Hunter

    I don’t blame the cops at all in this instance … if there were fewer sportbike stunters around, life would be easier (and safer) for everyone.

    • Brad W.


      • Brad W.

        Seriously, I don’t care. I ride my own ride.

  • Jon

    So around the :20 mark dude showed up with one leg. Wooooooof. These guys are rowdy.

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      Damn! I didn’t even notice that until I re-watched it. Mad props!

    • AaronT

      Above the knee amp, at least he’s out riding again?

      • Travisty

        Know him. Lost his leg doing the same thing you see here.Didn’t learn his lesson. Douche

        • Thomas

          do some fact checking, then make judgment. you just made a huge douche outa yourself

  • NitroPye

    Is that where the worlds supply of wind pants have gone?

    • Coreyvwc


      • Brad W.

        I swear the dude standing backwards on the bike was wearing o.r. scrubs. Awesome

  • Coreyvwc

    These asshats kinda make me wish I had a Harley instead, then at least someone would have a positive opinion of me and me and my motorcycle. Sorry “stuntas” but everyone loathes your existence.

    Only the best and brightest helping to form America’s opinion of sport bikes…

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      Don’t forget the guys that put car tyres on the rear of their bike. Oh yeah – everyone outside the U.S. laughs at American motorcyclists because of them.

      • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

        They call that “darksiding” the bike. Spend $20000 on a cruiser than bitch that the $250 rear tire “only” lasts 6-7000 miles. Priorities……

        • rohorn

          How many years does it take them to ride that many miles?

          • Paul B

            Most of the people that do that ride THOUSANDS of miles in a month. I was putting about 5k a month on my bike when I considered doing it.

        • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

          Oh crap, I didn’t know they actually had a proper name for that…


        • Ratlanta

          Cruier =/= fat tire chopper. Most tires fitted to cruisers will last 12-15k miles. Most guys I know riding cruisers do that in a year.

    • Campisi

      This reminds me of a question I find myself returning to in idle moments: what new motorcycle has the least baggage attached to it? I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t have at least one considerable and quasi-negative stereotype attached.

      • DoctorNine

        MG V7 Classic.

        • Sean Smith

          I bet at least one person would call that an expensive Italian cafe-racer.

          • BMW11GS

            yep guys at work (BMW shop) look with disdain at anything other than the bike that projects the image they “must” be defined by….and its all over the place on that score.

        • Myles

          Piss slow? Pretentious? Poor dealer support?

          I’d have to go with the GSX1250 (The Bandit replacement). It’s reasonably priced, boring to look at, and has a great motor.

          • Campisi

            I’ve never understood the “too slow” argument. Just about every motorcycle is capable of outpacing traffic as long as the rider is willing to open it up a bit, and fifty horsepower should be more than enough to push a 400-pound bike along at a rapid pace. I’ve never ridden one, though.

      • Mykola

        TU250? KLR650?

        • BMW11GS

          nope people use the KLR650 to slam the “cheapskate” rider. and the TU250 is for girls…didn’t you know?

      • The other Joe

        Most BMWs

      • Dana Seero

        Suzuki DL650, the “Anti-Brand.”

        • BMW11GS

          No people think there buyers are low information hacks. And I had one too and love it.

      • pplassm

        Yamaha XT250 (as long as it’s got a stock exhaust).

      • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

        Maybe an old Monster 620 with the Ducati badges painted over?

      • Charles

        Suzuki SV650 – can’t tell anything about the rider from it.

        • Ratlanta

          Monster wanna-be. Too cheap to buy Italian. :D

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget


    (Yes I’m jealous that I can’t wheelie like that. But, practice makes perfect…)

    • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

      Nah, 60+ tooth rear sprockets can make any ride wheelie. Let me see these toads do it on a stock 78 KZ like I saw as a kid.

      • Taco

        I’m jealous too. I wish I could hold a wheelie longer. But I’m really impressed when those guys have their legs up and over the handle bars. I have have a hard time just tying my shoes.

  • Samuel

    Wow… way to take cool stuff and make it really really NOT cool.

    Stunting on its own is a pretty cool way to show off to your girlfriend on a private road or empty parking lot somewhere.

    There’s a reason KTM teamed with stunt rider Rok Bagoros when they introduced the KTM 125 Duke. This stuff is cool! Plus the kids dig it. But seriously, keep it off the highway, or at least respect the law and know that if you get pinched while doing it you’re the fool, not the cop.

    Good post Grant.

  • ike6116

    That shit was epic, looked like he was taking an iPhone video or something, would be awesome if we could find that footage.

    I can’t even wheelie, i won’t act like I’m not impressed.

    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      From what I understand, the rider took a photo from the phone, tweeted it and this reverse christ air status.

      Giant brass ones, but I’m torn. I love watching stunt shows, and will support the guys and gals that do it. I can’t say that I like watching it in traffic. Still, I am guilty of gently lifting a wheel once in a while. People are complex, weird things, you know?

    • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

      Oh you mean this footage?
      Epic is the word, that guy is insane.

      • ike6116

        You’re a beautiful man.

      • Mike Brooklyn

        Thank you

      • Bronson

        Damn, and I thought I had a hard time getting my phone to take pics. That took forever!

  • Charlie

    It’s funny until someone gets hurt…and then it’s hilarious.

    • Gene


  • Corey

    Fucking wow.

    That doucher with the no headlight bright green streetfighter stuns me.

    Really needs to lose the bike.

    [edit] And that is the worst song I have heard in my life.

  • T Diver

    I guess they don’t have stunt spots in St. Louis. I’m pretty sure every dude pulling a wheelie there has crashed a few times. Plus the people following are set up perfectly to run their friends over when they crash (too close but thinning the herd I guess.) The dude going into on coming traffic…whatever. What can be said about that.
    That said, I still like wheelies. They look cool. Although, there are ways to minimize risk; both to the rider and the people around. Time and place, distance, blah blah blah, you figure it out. These aren’t the only people pulling shit that will get your bike impounded either. The dude (fancy new 1200 with a bunch of Astars gear) riding around LA in the feature from a few days ago was pulling a wheelie [during the day] in Beverly Hill on front of the police station. With traffic. I like wheelies. (everything I just wrote was a poem.) I did not watch with sound but I assume it was some random hip-hop track I could die happy never hearing. Thanks HFL!!!

  • OO_Fancy

    Critical mass is a great thing.

    • nick2ny

      Look how well motorcycles pack together! I wish my commute over the Brooklyn Bridge looked more like this and less like a swerve show with each driver dressed up like a businessman and driving an explorer.

  • oldblue

    That got awfully boring even before the crappy music started to annoy me.

    Sooo glad this bullshit scene hasn’t caught on in Australia. With what we pay for bikes,I doubt it ever will…

    • oldnick


    • Noah


      • ThomM1000


    • ozgeek


  • Sentinel

    That shit gangsta wannabe “music” is perfect for these “foos”… *facepalm*

  • donniedarko

    These dumbfvcks ride only to impress each other. The guy doing a wheelie on the opposite side fire lane should never be allowed to ride. Who do these guys think they are… I hate em. The whole ride or die sign throwing icon vest wearing bullshvt is so retarded…

    I ride a bike everyday and twice have gotten pulled for literally nothing, by simply riding a sportbike. I use my R1 as a commuter and these asshats make ita statistical liability if you ride alot. Its only a matter of time before we get pulled by a pissed of LEO. I live in Venice Beach and I hear the idiots do there rides every wed nite when its warm. Me and my chick saw some idiot and his bike sliding past my apt slamming into a car parked on the street. They ride 50-80 deep, most with barely any gear doing stand ups. When at the light hitting the rev limiters. why?

    Im the last person to tell anyone to do anything but these all these idiots need to do is not do it on public streets.

    I have tons of respect for Jorian and C Pfieffer. These guys just piss me off

    • ike6116

      Jorian and C Pfieffer got as good as they are only practicing on track days they financed themselves with money spent recycling cans they found while cleaning up local wildlife refuges.

      They certainly never engaged in dangerous riding on the street, my word, never!

      • Bronson


  • 10/10ths

    I feel old now.

  • Gene

    Hahaha. This is probably why everyone comes up to me with my GoPro and goes “issat fer stunts?”

  • Steve

    Jeebus, ten years ago we were all complaining at how all the cruiser guys did was ride around in packs at 25mph making noise and bar-hopping. This is just a different version of the same herd behavior, still annoying as f*ck and twice as dangerous to themselves AND NOW, other motorists as well! ‘Rockers’ for the new millennium??? Just a matter of time before they piss off enough cops… or go outlaw…

  • jason

    I totally agree! The pirates are noisy and dorky, but harmless. These idiots are dangerous and foolhardy. I would not begrudge the cops using their helmets for clay pigeons. I would do it myself if I could. That kind of man boy crap sets things back years and sends mountains of hate to all who like to ride. At least the Ghetto spelling is a dead giveaway.

    • nick2ny

      Kill people because they’re being dangerous! I hate to see what you’d do to a pack of cute girls wearing skirts.

    • dux

      Tell my eardrums that pirates are harmless

  • Adrian
    • Sean Smith

      Wow. “Sportbike riders” eh?

    • T Diver

      They should ban Thursdays.

    • pplassm

      I didn’t know she owned a dealership. Fast lady!

  • Deltablues

    Surprised that insurance companies don’t view these videos and cancel policies. Not that it would stop these people from riding. I can’t call them ‘motorcyclists’. They remind me of gnats that we have here in Arkansas: they form large groups, are incredibly annoying, and usually disappear with light rain or if the temp goes below 75F.

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      Insurance? I’m pretty sure more than a few of those bikes weren’t registered (well, no plates that I could see…) I think the idea is to save on insurance and rego to pay for crash damage.

      • Deltablues

        Good point. Maybe that is why they always seem to ride in large groups.

  • Skank NYCF

    Them boys got no respect for the law. Wildin’ out!!
    They pretty much had the whole highway in lock down so pretty much the only ones that might possibly get hurt or killed are the riders. I see nothing wrong with it. The D.O.T. even put out a warning so whats the big deal? Stupid motorist!! Stay home!!
    Yeah, I don’t agree with that one dude goin’ the wrong way. That shit was retarded.

    • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

      Um…… those watch for motorcyclist signs are up all over the USA, they didn’t put it up because the highway was closed for a bike show. Digital traffic signs, seasonal signs, plain old metal signs. In some states the signs warning of icy bridges fold in half for when it isn’t icy and they all have watch for motorcycles on the back side show, usually with the outline of a 80′s Virago on them. Seriously…. pay attention downstate dude.

      • Skank NYCF

        I know this. It’s called sarcasm.
        Dont forget about them deaf children, deer crossing and steep hill signs.
        I never seen anything in or around NYC or L.I. areas about watching out for motorcycles. I guess NY doesnt care for us as much as the other states. :(

  • zato1414

    WTF… dead fools riding!

  • Toby

    Good thing those stuntaz weren’t sitting in a circle locking arms or somebody might have got pepper sprayed

  • pplassm

    So, what’s the difference between these guys and Jamie Robinson on the Dorsoduro? Just numbers and degree?

    • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney

      I think you hit it on the head. There’s something totally different about pulling a wheelie on a low trafficked road and doing a total shutdown of a highway and doing wheelies in a group of hundreds.

      I hate the squids doing wheelies and doing triple digit speeds down the major highway. Same activity on a low traffic rural highway … awesome.

  • skullvulture

    Hopefully what happens in St. Louis stays in St. Louis.

  • Thomas

    ROC was back in sept? you just covering it now? This years was meh, past years have been better

  • okto

    i kinda liked it. sorry.

  • Nicolas

    HFL, please don’t lump me into the assholes that “hate” sportbikes. In fact, a lot of us (in our previous lives) used to ride with these idiots. There are plenty of us out here who ride sportbikes (I can think of ten in my own department). We do track days and usually make the anual 1500 mile trip down to WSBK….on our bikes! I’ve stopped plenty of these guys doing stupid stuff down at our beach. NOT ONCE have I written a ticket. It’s usually a sort of “you’re gonna die if you keep doing what you’re doin and if I catch you again you might get a ticket.” That’s usually followed up by, “here’s some info on the next local track day. I’ll see you out there.” Just please realize that there are some of us that genuinely care about the safety of the riders and the public; and can give two SH**s about tickets or our egos.

    • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

      No ticket, no lesson learned. I agree that some don’t NEED a ticket to learn a lesson, but the sad thing is most WON’T learn a lesson until you hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. Run the plates, tow the bike if no insurance, lock the guy up. He will either ‘show the man’ and keep doing it until he gets hurt or causes someone else to be injured, or he will LEARN from it and take it somewhere else.
      Tickets for municipal fundraising is one thing, protecting the lives and property of innocents is something else.

      • Nicolas

        Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll write a ticket when necessary. HOWEVER, when a rider, whom I stop, reflects a genuine realization of his own stupidity, I don’t see a reason to tax him hundreds of dollars…I refuse to. Especially when their record shows that they’re usually a good driver. I just personally feel, that in most cases, a “talkin-to” and an invite to a track day does a little more than “here’s your ticket dumbass…ride safe.” It’s two things called “officer discretion” and “compassion.”

        • Brant

          I doubt you get told this very often, but we need more cops like you. Thank you for applying thought and humanity to your work.

          • http://www.kenta.ro Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

            Yes, I agree. Thank you for what you do and for doing it with humanity.

    • BigRooster

      So you wont write tickets for this type of clearly dangerous crap yet willingly write chickenshit tickets for jaywalking or parking violations – saying the “law is the law.”

      You should tickets these morons at the very least make sure they have insurance and registration which I’m convinced many dont.

  • R13

    Sure, they give the sport a bad name but hooliganism has always had it’s role in motorcycling. My real issue is why is this always an “urban thing” with the cheesy rap and baggy pants. When do I get to see rolling burnouts and stoppies set to punk or death metal music for once.

    • stefano

      deth killers?


    R13 :Here in case you missed it. Rolling burnouts with death metal…French guy on the original KTM Superduke Vid that got banned:

    • R13

      thanks man, cool video. Once again though that song kinda sucked. guess I’m just a music snob but I feel like no one had any taste or style anymore.

  • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

    The riding is amazing. The IQ is amazingly low…

    Fuck these guys for pulling this shit on the street.

  • Core

    With the amount of ego in that group… I am surprised they didn’t all spontaneously go up in a ball of fire.

    That last guy just standing up on his motorcycle.. well I am sure he understands the mechanics of what he is doing, or he wouldn’t do it.

    But that was fing crazy.

    Knowing my luck if I were doing a stunt like that, a bird would have came out of no where, hit me in the back of the head, and if I was lucky enough to survive, I’d spent the next year in the hospital recooperating.

    Of course I don’t do stunts…

    Life has not been kind to me at all.


    Me neither-Hip replacement,t10,11,12 burst fractures,Facet arthrisis,,, all without stunting it.LOL… But I like this guy’s style: Jorian Pommareff know how to pilot a hack, but it’s a totally different thing from runnin an Ilse of Mann TT which I have alot more respect for.


  • M

    everything about that video is pretty much non-news except standy dude and one-leg guy. the later just for the cheap ticket to irony land.

    i don’t see this as a major part of motorcycling in america and i certainly don’t see it as some major impetus for the outright banning of motorcycles. yeah, a lot of them were in one place acting a maggot, but dumb sport bike rallies have been going on since i was a small child and i’m now an old man. it’s amazing how riled people can get over a yawnfest like this just for the sake of enjoying their own righteous indignation.

    as for the outrage over the guy in the fire lane… he was in the fire lane.

  • Kirill

    Its dipshits like these that are going to get motorcycles blanket-banned one day in the name of the children or under some other stupid pretext.

    • ike6116

      No, it’s passive people who won’t fight for their rights when they are under threat of being taken away that will get motorcycles blanket-banned.

    • BigRooster

      More likley it will make certian types of bikes so cost prohibitive becuase of insurance that the market could become very niche – oh wait that is happening now.

      • Caleb Joel Drake

        So that’s why motorcycle insurance is expensive…

  • Liquidogged

    So, act like a dipshit on public roads and people shrug and go “cool”.

    Get pissed because people acting like dipshits on public roads might actually cause all of us some problems… and people tell you to take your medication.

    That kind of double standard is almost as stupid as the crap being pulled in this video. If people want to be pissed, shut up and let them be pissed. It’s an open forum. You don’t put out a man on fire by pissing on him.

    Here’s some other simple logic failures I’ve noticed:
    - Because restrictive laws haven’t been passed in the past, they wont’ be passed in the future. Because, ya know, the future always resembles the past exactly.
    - Because what they are doing is skillful, it’s worthy of respect. Takes a lot of skill to steal top-dollar cars but that isn’t worthy of respect either.
    - And for the HFL crew: because it happens and you’ll get hits for posting it, it’s relevant news and worth reporting with no editorial take whatsoever. Do you guys have any opinion about this? Have you EVER really answered any of your readers who have questioned the wisdom of posting these kinds of things without acknowledging the ethical issues involved? And no, “this shit is out there happening in REAL LIFE” is not an answer.

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Flame away.

    • ike6116

      It’s an open forum. Therefore I’m free to tell people nerd raging to cram it.

      • Scott-jay

        Subscribe to HFL, gain exposure to new music (Frankie’s Gun) and new words (nerd rage).

        • JVictor75

          And since when is it an “open forum” when you have to pay for access?

          Seems to me like those of us who are getting all righteously indignant are paying for the pleasure of venting our spleens at anonymous Internet people. That’s me sometimes, I freely admit that (although I’m trying to cool my jets and enjoy myself instead of getting all pissy about everything I don’t agree with).

          Nerd raging belongs on free access forums and Youtube comments. Not here at HFL.

          If you don’t like the content or think that the editorial staff are all a bunch of wankers why continue to pay them for it?

  • Brian

    So many Ninja 636s in that video. The poor things.

  • Jason

    backwards standing – great balance – right or wrong the kids got skills
    it looked like the guy standing on the back of the suzuki had a prosthetic leg, did I see that right?

  • Myles

    Reps for Pusha still holding it down for Seven Fight Seven.

    Dude from Odd Future is a weak ass rapper, tho

  • http://www.smartcycleshopper.com/author/doug-dalsing/ DougD

    Expect this type of behavior from people on the East or West coast? Absolutely. But from folks in the Midwest? I’m disgusted.

  • http://www.tripleclamp.net Sasha Pave

    On one hand I appreciate that this phenomenon (stunting) at least employs skill and practice. But playing it out on the streets is just asking for trouble.

    I realize it would probably never happen, but cities should just allow a closed-off industrial section of town after hours and let these kids wheelie, stoppie and bur-out as much as they’d like.

  • killerkw

    These guys are 1%ers for modern times. Live Fast and Die Young