Rossi on an 1199

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This is Valentino Rossi checking out the new, still camo’d, Ducati 1199 Panigale. Rossi’s tiny (5’ 11”), but doesn’t this photo make the new Duc look distinctly human-sized? After his first sit, the MotoGP rider described the bike as “a gem.”

Photo: Danilo Petrucci

  • tony starr

    if only they could get him to say that about his GP bike.

    • Ganesh

      It is gem enough for Casey to win on it. even in my wildest imagination couldn’t have predicted this bad of a season for the doctor -may be he will ride WSBK in the future when 1199 is in the thick of it in 2014

      • Dave H

        The way Casey rides, he could probably win the GP championship on a push bike.

      • Rick

        Stoner’s “peak” season at Ducati was his first, 2007, with 10 victories. Afterwards, there was a very noticeable downward trend: 6, 4, and 3 wins in successive years. To me that looks like a program already in real decline before his departure, and suggesting that someone else would be 2011 World Champion had Casey not left Ducati.

        • pinkyracer

          EXACTLY. I heard Stoner would try to get them to change stuff and they wouldn’t, like they thought it couldn’t be that bad since he was still winning races… I hate Ducati after what they’ve done to Rossi. I wish he could break his contract and get back on a real bike.

  • novus

    Come on… “tiny”? I don’t think so. “Tiny” would be a jockey like ~5’2″. Rossi is actually above average for a male “human”. All hyperbole aside, it certainly puts it’s size in perspective. I feel sorry for you giants that are going to ride this in a full tuck.

    • mugget

      Yeah I reckon, what’s with that… anyway that’s pretty much the same height as me. I guess I’ll fit the 1199 pretty well.

      Thanks to Rossi in his efforts of test fitting for all us average sized 5’11″ people!

      • jp182

        That’s how I looked on my 600rr back in the day. That bike is the only tiny thing in that pic.

  • Mark D

    5’11″ is tiny? Sigh…

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Five foot eleven is tiny? Maybe for the NBA. He’s skinny, sure, but that’s a pretty normal human height – especially for something like this where you’d prefer someone on the short side.

    On the other hand, if he fits well on the 1199, good news for the rest of us.

  • Case

    Pedrosa is tiny. I’d say that Rossi is adult-sized.

  • the_doctor

    Man, at 6′even, I have never been called tiny before. I guess you kids took your human growth hormones.

    • nick2ny

      You still haven’t been called tiny.

      • BMW11GS

        is this a grammar correction?

  • jpenney

    I’ll just leave this here:

    5’11″ is above average in the U.S. and Italy.

    • hypergirl

      OT….. Wow, interesting link.
      What are they eating for breakfast in the Dinaric Alps?:)

    • pinkyracer

      thanks, this will be useful for me when figuring out where to find my men…

  • nick2ny

    I disagree Wes. Rossi’s tall for Thailand

    • jpenney

      I should go to Thailand!

      • Kirill

        One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble…

  • Coreyvwc

    Man, you guys really have a hard time with implied sarcasm… Still, I love when ANY type of company caters to us euro sized folks. Everything else in the world is designed for tall people, so you can all quit your bitching and let us have one product.

    • evilbahumut

      plus one. I thought it was a joke, wtf is wrong with the rest of y’all? LOL

      • jp182

        the serious bug i guess :-\

  • gtsoup

    Sic must’ve been 6’2″ or 6’3″ WITHOUT the hair. Just one reason my 6’4″ ass was such a big fan of the guy.

    • $Lindz$

      Me too! I’m 6’2″ and you understand why he rode the way he did when you’re this size! ….sigh….

    • Case

      SuperSic was six feet tall. As Fletch would say, 6′ 4″ with the afro. A

      • pinkyracer

        yep. he’s 6′ even. I know, I got him to stand up to be photographed with me. sigh. :-(

  • BuellDoc

    Why can’t the MotoGP Ducati look as good as the 1199? Might as well look good…behind!

  • Mark

    At 6′ 6″ I feel sorry for all you tiny people.
    I invite you to grow up,and join the Moto Guzzi riding adults of this world!

    I am soooo funny!

    Mark L.

  • Rick

    So just how big (or small) is this new motorcycle, anyway?

    Compared to its 1198 predecessor the Panigale has a fractionally taller saddle height, +0.2″, and wheelbase, +0.3″; is this thing really more compact or is that more a visual trick of bobtailed bodywork?

    Will it be a little more comfortable on the street? They list handlebars as 1.2″ closer, 0.4″ higher, and 1.25″ wider…perhaps leverage will be a nice bonus!

    Very interesting, this 1199…