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You love MotoGP, I love MotoGP, but no one else loves MotoGP. That’s because no one’s ever done a good job of capturing and communicating the spectacle, the thrill and the shear heart-in-mouth drama of a motorcycle race into a format that works away from the track. Except English director Mark Neale. His latest film, “Fastest,” tells the story of the dramatic 2010 season, which saw Valentino Rossi foiled in his attempt at a 10th World Championship, first by younger riders like Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, then a broken leg. It goes on sale in the US today and it’s a masterpiece.

I haven’t followed MotoGP in earnest in about two years. That’s not because I’m not interested in it, just because it’s so difficult to watch. Only broadcast late at night, with terrible editing and commentary on Speed Channel, I can’t really watch it on TV. I could subscribe to, but my 13-inch laptop screen’s not really going to give the full experience of a motorcycle race, is it?

With little insight into the personalities behind the sport and nothing beyond race action coming through official channels I, and many others like me, have just tuned out. The series’ official channels have utterly failed at translating the most exciting sport in the world to its audience.

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But, 30 seconds into a screening of the film here in Los Angeles, Ashlee, Sean and I were utterly riveted. Opening with a slow-mo, multi-angle replay of some serious Rossi-on-Lorenzo action, we were immediately sucked back in to motorcycle racing.

And it continues like that throughout the film. Never-before-seen angles, splashed across the big screen, in slow motion. You can almost feel the crashes and you’re biting your knuckles every time a pass is made. This is motorcycle racing.

Mark doesn’t stop there either. Cut away from an amazing pass and cut to a shot of Rossi driving his car to the next race, laughing about that girl Stoner’s complaints. Nobody has this level of access and Mark makes the most of it. There’s continual candid interviews with Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner et al.

Wrapped before his death, Simoncelli also makes frequent appearances in Fastest, lending it an inadvertent air of sadness. Watching Super Sic race and listening to him talk about racing so passionately, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by a sense of loss. It’s coincidence, but Fastest is probably going to be the best remembrance of Simoncelli there is.

Compared to his previous MotoGP films, “Faster” and “The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid,” Mark had much better access to archival footage this time around. Dorna now digitizes thousands of hours of footage from every weekend, the vast majority of which is never, ever aired. Fastest is able to combine this footage with behind-the-scenes insight and those candid interviews to both fully capture the on-track drama, but also tell the human story behind it.
Fastest is a wake up call about just how exciting and meaningful MotoGP is. If you watch the racing, used to watch the racing or wish you watched the racing, you’ll be absolutely enthralled. Fastest is MotoGP the way you want it to be.


  • jwinter

    The first couple minutes are pretty epic, not to take away from the rest of the movie. Saw it in NY on Friday. Go see it, support this sort of stuff. It’s worth it for the footage alone if nothing else

  • Miticale

    “It’s coincidence, but Fastest is probably going to be the best remembrance of Simoncelli there is.”


  • goodcat8

    Completely agree with the disconnect. I want to watch the races, I try to watch the races, but it’s such a pain in the ass. I’m a television editor as well so don’t even get me started on how the events on speed are “cut”….

    • Thom

      ” Cut ” ?

      ‘ Hacked ‘ would be more like it

    • Gene

      No kidding… if Speed can kill my level of interest, that’s pretty bad. I think Speed could even make people not want to watch the Superbowl.

    • ozgeek

      Get a video pass @ MotoGP and watch the whole video feed.

      • damien

        Seriously, it’s worth the $100+ it costs for the HD package. The commentators are top notch too.

        • pinkyracer

          totally! I canceled cable and shelled out for the HD MotoGP subscription. I watch it on my 27″ TV hooked up to a mac mini. I just wish WSB would offer a subscription for US viewers. It’s FREE to watch online in Spain.

    • jwinter

      Speed is abominable. I spent a few years tracking down the bootleg live feeds and now I just pay up for Getting to see all the practices and the back library is amazing. It’s pricey but worth it. I never miss a race now. Sucked to see Marco get hit and then have to wait all that time hoping he hadn’t died though.

      • NewOldSchool

        Anyone else supplement HD Theater (now Velocity) for their daily fix Speed (aka NASCAR TV) used to fill?

        • Thom


        • The other Joe


  • Mike Brooklyn

    This playing in any theaters still?

    • Roman

      +1. Definitely wanna see it in the theaters.

  • Matt Wisch

    How sweet of you to give the editors a day off <3

  • wascostreet

    (hint) BBC Eurosport has usually excellent coverage and the races, including practice and qualifying with informative commentary, are readily available to watch at your leisure. I tried to catch the Qatar race on Speed as it was listed on their schedule, but they just decided not to show it that day. ???

    Can’t wait for the Portland showing of Fastest!

    • AaronT

      Is it available in the US? A lot of official feeds are geo restricted. I know where to find the “less-official” streams for bicycle racing, but I don’t have those sources for MotoGP/WRC/F1.

      • Sauciér

        All the races are readily available on motorsport torrent trackers. I heartily agree that the BBC Eurosport’s coverage is pretty good. I only wish I spoke Spanish or Italian because the coverage in those countries is amazing.

      • T Diver

        Use a proxy.

        • Chris

          If it works … here in Greece, my wife and I watch the races streamed here:

          Live, no ad breaks, acceptable picture quality and English commentary – I think it’s probably Eurosport? Also has Moto2 and 125/Moto3 covered in full.

          Past races viewable as well:

        • pinkyracer

          the only problem with that is that I want to support MotoGP & WSB. Therefore I want their sponsors to see a strong ROI. They can’t/don’t measure torrent viewership, so until they do I show my support by purchasing a subscription. Dorna wants to get off cable & be on network (free) TV in all their major markets, but they can’t get there until they can show the major networks they’ll bring enough of an audience. And they can’t build an audience if we have to suffer those idiots at Speed.

    • Dave H

      Those are two different broadcasters. I do prefer to watch the BBC broadcasts of MotoGP races though. Speed is garbage.

  • ktaisa

    we threw pre release party here in chicago couple weeks ago for it

    it was a horrible up and down weekend as we played the movie twice at a fully crowded bar on friday and lost my favorite rider on sunday

    RIP super sic

    • John

      I went to the release party, thanks for bringing it to chicago!

  • Andy Gregory

    I can’t wait to see this. They actually showed “Faster” at a theater here in Seattle when it came out. Still hoping to see this on a big screen, but I don’t see them bringing this one to a local theater unfortunately so it looks like I have to wait for the DVD.

    As someone who has continued to subscribe to and watch most of the races in real time (from my 13 inch laptop and a couple times even from my iPhone–in headphones trying not to wake my sleeping girlfriend–not ideal I agree), there’s nothing like these Neale films to give insight to the lives of the racers and honor the true beauty of footage we never otherwise get to see. I usually watch all the commentary and often the free practices and qualifying too, first and foremost for the riding but also hoping Ian Wheeler and Gavin Emmet will toss out insider news or paddock gossip that I can’t hear anywhere else. These films give you that satisfaction.

    Looking back, when I watched “Faster” at that theater it opened up a whole new world to me. I was just really falling in love with motorcycles at that time and the movie fascinated me, it’s what really got me into MotoGP. I’ve since watched it countless times, often turning on friends to the world of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Sounds like I’ll have a new one to watch over and over again now.

  • ktaisa

    hey you guys trying to watch GP on laptop

    you can very, very easily hook this up to any size TV you have with a simple video cord

    if you want to use surround sound then another aux cord for audio

    its that easy

    i run off macbook to 65″ DLP and the HD looks amazing

    • Andy Gregory

      If I owned a TV I’d be doing this for sure. Or even better a HD projector and a big white wall…

    • John

      Yep, that’s how I do it! Minus 33″ of screen, but that’s how I do it!

  • walter

    sorry to miss screening!
    did it cost $30 also?

    • Sean Smith

      $10 and Mark had live Q&A afterward.

    • Andy Gregory

      And this one in Portland is free: Hoping to get down there for it. MotoCorsa even has some VIP tickets for prime seating, free pizza and beer. PDX people should get their asses over there asap.

      • Tony T.

        Looks like I’m going to be working. Guess it also looks like its time to use my first sick day of the year.

  • muckluck

    Not to get to far off topic, and I will probably buy this film, but will TT3D Closer To the Edge ever be available to the US I tried to find it on amazon, no such luck.

    • overunder

      TT3D is still screenings in LA at Laemmle Fallbrook Theatre till the 17th. Then NYC at Village East Cinema from Dec 2nd to the 8th. They said on their FB page that they will do more screenings in the US next year. My friends and I did a Fastest at noon then TT3D @ 4 on Sunday here in LA. Epic day.

      • jp182

        that might be what i’ll do for my birthday :-D

    • Matt Wisch

      It is available for pre-order on, but there has been some back and forth on if the Blu-Ray is region locked or not. It was originally listed as region free, but now Amazon shows it as region 2.

    • pinkyracer

      and FYI- there is nothing remotely 3D about it and practically no on-board footage. I found Charge to be a far more compelling story about racing the TT.

      For a proper TT viewing experience watch this (again):

  • vic06

    Awesome movie!

    Ok, here’s a little advice to keep up with the season. Sign up for the video pass at with someone else and share the bill. At least two different public IPs can be connected to the site with the same user/pw. I haven’t tried more than two people yet.

  • The other Joe

    I definitely have to see this when it hits video! I find hard to get through the winter without MotoGP. I have a few races on the DVR that I will probably have memorized by spring. I’m waiting for Ben Spies’ big season. I know he has the talent, maybe Literbikes will work to his advantage.

    • the_doctor

      The last race in Valencia made me a full fledged Spies fan.

      • The other Joe

        He’s definitely good in the rain, I felt so bad for him at the end though.

  • the_doctor

    I thought Faster was awesome, and totally am eager to watch this. I love MotoGP, though my spirit was broken by Speed’s awful, awful, awful coverage. It was like trying to watch NFL with Siberian commentators, while in Kamchatka. So I bide my time and maybe have to wait till Monday evening to watch the races. It is still good.

  • tony starr

    i’m surprised dorna has done anything to date to give you guys better television access to motogp? not sure if this would work outside of australia but shows a live feed of every race via their website and mobile app. try it next year.

    • jp182

      probably not Dorna’s fault more of the tv stations here. They try to show the Laguna race on NBC but the commentary is god awful.

  • Trevor

    I can’t wait to pirate this!

    • Mr.Paynter


      • gsx750f

        Totally OT, but maybe a miracle happens and they will make it possible to purchase a decent HD download version of the movie that is not crippled by DRM.
        I don’t own a Bluray-player, and DVD just doesn’t cut it anymore. And i don’t want the physical media.
        I would absolutely pay for this, as well as for TT3D.
        Having a DVD or Bluray shipped to me just doesn’t make sense for me.
        I would have to rip it anyway to watch it on my Networked Media Tank.

  • Good Thomas

    if it’s still playing in theaters in los angeles, can someone tell me where?

    • pinkyracer

      It’s not, but I think Dainese in Costa Mesa is showing it on Sunday the 19th. Might be sold out though.

  • Taco

    This movie is on Blu-Ray, right?
    If not let me get my copy on VHS.

    • Scott-jay

      …purchased directly online at theFASTEST website for $29.95 (plus s&h)…

      • Mike Jiang

        Scott-jay, so you bought a copy from the website? I just want to check since they say “DVD”, not sure if they said dvd when they meant blu-ray. That would be pretty crappy if we can only get a SD copy of a HD movie.

  • William

    What do they call the next one…? Fastest-est?

    BBC Footage of the MotoGP is brilliant by the way, good commentry and footage, has kept me gripped for the last 10 years… Surely available as a download

    • matt


    • Denzel

      “Fast and Fasterer”

    • Thom

      We get the same announcers and coverage as you do via SPEED channel , the problem being SPEED edits/chops the Hell out of your full program to stuff ours into an hour and seriously makes a mess out of what I have no doubt was a great watch

  • Esteban

    it should be good cant wait to see it.
    but wait.. not subscribing to because a 13″ laptop?? c’mon!!.. you are missing the great stuff, and besides the online – live transmissions that they do are top , I’ve been a subscriber 4 years now.. good quality , good content…

  • Chris

    I would love to watch moto gp, but to your points its impossible to find on US TV, and I have a hard time justifying the cost for web streaming. I wish the networks, cable or broadcast would get on board.

  • Thom

    MotoGP News ( slightly off topic )

    Bad news folks . The Austin , Texas F1 race has all but imploded and things are looking like its demise will take down the MotoGP as well as the SBK race that was to be held there .

    Another case of Egos ( on both sides ) getting in the way of common sense and business acumen I’m afraid .

    • damien

      Fuck. I hope you’ve got bad info. I am just starting my road trip plan to Austin to visit a friend and catch the F1 race next year.

      • Archer

        No, it’s not bad info, unfortunately. This event is all but spiked. Google it.

  • Thom

    I’ll venture a guess this Film will never make it to KC . Hell I’m surprised we got the Senna documentary here in NASCAR land

    • pinkyracer

      you have any indie film houses there? well, see what they’ll need to organize a screening using your copy. I did that for a documentary at my local indie theater and the price wasn’t out of reach for our non-profit. And, this is the same theater which screened Fastest on fairly short notice with no need for promotion on their end.

  • Steve

    My copy came in the mail today- woohoo!

  • Trent

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that Fastest was going to be released on iTunes…anyone know anything?

    • TilJ

      I’m interested in an iTunes version too — preferably in HD rather than SD on physical DVD. Faster is on iTunes and says “The movie will also be available on iTunes and other digital download platforms, and retail outlets throughout the US and Canada.” so one can hope.

      • TilJ

        And, two months later, I finally gave up waiting on an iTunes version and ordered the DVD from the website. I’m hoping that “DVD” is a bad translation for “blu-ray”, but not hoping enough to hold my breath or anything.

  • Rick

    And will there ever be a sequel to this movie about MotoGP, given the ever-louder (and often self-contradictory) threats against manufacturers spewing almost daily from Dorna’s resident megalomaniac Carmelo Ezpeleta?

    If you don’t like the bikes they are building don’t blame them, blame your rulebook you fucking idiot!!!