The Speed Triple R comes in black too

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Like the Triumph Daytona 675R, this new Triumph Speed Triple R comes with top-shelf Ohlins suspension and Brembo Monoblock brake calipers. It’s visually denoted by a red subframe and unique badges. Unlike that full-on sportsbike, the Speed Triple R also gains fancy forged aluminum wheels that shed 1.7kg in unsprung weight and gains ABS as an option. Oh, and it comes in either black or white. The black looks positively evil, especially with those new headlights.

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We dig Triumph’s R model formula. On that 675R, it brings over $4k in really nice, really appreciable upgrades for only a $1,500 premium. The NIX30 forks and TTX36 shock and Brembo calipers are literally the best aftermarket performance upgrades you can buy. It helps that, unlike Japanese bikes, Triumph’s come with decent parts like braided brake lines too. These are some of the only showroom stock bikes that you wouldn’t need to modify the second you got them home. Well, with the exception of some crash protection. The only other bike we can say the same thing about? The $24,000 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC. And it doesn’t even have that TTX36.

Hell, the Speed Triple R doesn’t even need to have its tires swapped, it comes stock with really, really good Pirelli Supercorse SPs. Those, along with all the other parts, are going to let you ride the Triple R a little harder with a little better communication, elevating an already unique, spectacular bike into something really special.

No word on price yet.

  • slowtire

    Nice! Got to find the cash.

  • Scott

    The first thing I’d still do upon getting it home? Fly screen (the angle/spacing of the new headlights leaves a “something is missing” gap between them), Arrow or other slip on cans, (stock are chubby and bland), and the requisite under tail kit to clean up the back of the bike. PERFECT!

  • je

    Horrible headlights.. They need to borrow from
    The Buell lightning to clean that front end up.

    The flatness of the headers throws me off as well. I do like how triumph is selling a great stock motorcycle.

  • tomwito

    Do you really need to modify any of the current Japanese sport bikes immediately to ride them on the street? I have an 09 ZX6R and I have to say it works pretty damn good. I also have an 06 Daytona 675 to compare it to. You make it sound like they are unsafe or something.

    • Wes Siler

      If you’re riding fast, then that ZX6-R, at a minimum, needs pads, lines and tires. The suspension probably needs some help too.

      • tomwito

        If I want to win races? Yes. For just riding fast? No.

        • Scott-jay

          Or, if you want to sell farkles.

        • Coreyvwc

          There’s more to going fast than accelerating and turning, there’s also a little thing deceleration or braking. There are only a finite amount of times you can “stop fast” with long lasting (crap) pads and rubber lines, then the whole thing just turns into mush. Heat does strange things…

          • tomwito

            No Shit? I usually ride my bike just like a video game, pin the throttle and smash into everything in front of me. I will try these things you call “brakes” the next time I ride.

  • HammSammich

    Awaiting an insurance quote on this bike as I type this… :) I’m honestly sad to see my 07 Bonnie Black go though…I’m hoping that sadness will be aleviated when I get a test ride on this beast.

  • the_doctor

    Awesome bike, and it will probably be a bargain of a price.

  • Maxwell

    The best gets better.

  • Dean

    Is it just me, or have there been a lot of “now there’s this color available” articles recently?

    I may have very selective memory, but I feel like I’ve seen this more than usual, lately.

  • quint7

    Ugly as shit. It looks like it ran into a wall.

    • Troy R

      Bucket headlights are timeless. This could use one. Or an ACTUAL street-fighter style headlight.

      • quint7

        You nailed it. This bike literally looks like the ass end came crashing forward into the frame and tank, mushing the whole thing ‘up’. The headlights look like a $25 light/fairing from Ebay. BUT, I’m not 25 and wearing skinny jeans or my hat sideways, so as with everything, I’m sure that the crowd it’s aimed at will dig it which is cool.

        • Troy R

          Hey, I live in Monroe County too:)

          • quint7

            Irondequoit here Troy. Nice to see someone else who has to live with 100 inches of snow even year while some guys whine about missing a day of riding due to rain. LOL

            • Troy R

              I’ve never once missed a day due to rain :D

  • Good Thomas

    i picked up a 2011 speed triple 3 months ago. the bike is fucking awesome even without the ohlins.

    i’m sure it will perform even better with the ohlins (for the very few riders who ride at a level where absolute top-shelf components truly make a difference), but at what point do you decide a dedicated sportbike is what you really want instead of a standard/naked bike?

    what is your expert opinion on this?

    • fasterfaster

      You don’t have to be a fast rider to appreciate smooth, supple, controlled suspension action. It makes everyone feel more confident, makes your tires and brakes work better, and is easier on your wrist, ass and back.

      • Good Thomas

        i’ve never ridden a bike equpped with ohlins. i always thought of ohlins as suspension for elite-fast riders. is there really that much of a difference, for “normal” riders, between showa and ohlins? enough to warrant the cost of upgrading?

        • fasterfaster

          It’s not cheap, so “is it worth it?” is pretty subjective. At the prices Triumph is selling it, I’d say absolutely. At aftermarket prices… well, ride it and see if it’s enough for you to care, but you will definitely feel a difference on any imperfect surface even if you’re not fast.

  • Good Thomas

    by the way, the angular headlights look just fine.

  • Mr.Paynter


    • Good Thomas

      don’t sell your soul, just pay a few thousand bucks and some monthly payments :)

      • Mr.Paynter

        Ha ha, a few thousand bucks, in South African Rands that’s 90-odd thousand! It may be an option in the future but it’s just not right now!

  • Scott Pargett

    I wish as a Triumph owner I could buy all of those components for $1,500!!

    Seriously an amazing deal.

  • Chris

    I seriously love this bike, but that fucking headlight throws it off. I’d hate to buy it, then have to risk my warranty by replacing the headlight with something that actually looks nice. Besides a headlight, a set of slip-ons is all this thing needs to be done.

    • fasterfaster

      Triumph won’t void your warranty for replacing your headlight. Unless you do something really stupid and blow your electrical system, but you have have to try hard to fuck it up that badly.

      Would you pay an extra $500 for an S3R with a better looking headlight? Just buy this:

  • Ratlanta

    Round headlights no longer make sense on this bike. Its supposed to be a sportbike without the fairings, find me a current sportbike that still has round headlights.

    • quint7

      No, it’s a naked bike with lame headlights. Are these lights designed to be more aerodynamic? Then why would you not have a fairing if aerodynamics are a concern? This is a cost cutting measure on Triumphs part. 2 bikes, one part. Streetfighters, along with choppers have run their course.

      • HammSammich

        “This is a cost cutting measure on Triumphs part.” Bingo. This is discussed on the RAT forums…a few of the 2011 Street Triple riders (still have round headlamps) have swapped to the new angular Speedy lamps, and vice versa. As far as I’ve read, the cost of the 2011 and later Speed Triple lamps is roughly half of the round chrome lamps.

        But I’ve also heard that the light w/ the new lamps is much better…I really like the new Speed Triple R, and will be looking to buy one when they’re available, but I am admittedly considering a headlamp retrofit…

        • quint7

          Hamm, I agree, I don’t doubt that they offer better lighting. But that is down to the design of the interior of the lights. IIRC the original SPeed had bug eyes so I understand the desire to keep that look, but these look like no thought went into mounting them. Notice the lack of side view pics……. it’s cause the giant gap between the lights and forks looks like shit.