The 135bhp Triumph Tiger Explorer

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Think of the Triumph Tiger Explorer as sort of a halfway house between the R1200GS and Multistrada 1200. It has the ruggedness of the former with the performance of the latter. Its 1,215cc inline-three kicks out 135bhp, 89lb/ft and is controlled by ride-by-wire with switchable riding modes and traction control. With a full tank of fuel it weighs a reasonable 570lbs.

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Basically, it’s an advanced powertrain stuck in a chassis which has similar utility to the GS, just here with telescopic forks. Drive is through a single-sided swingarm/shaft very similar to BMW’s Paralever. Like that bike, there’s a big emphasis on long-range ability and comfort. Seat heights adjust from 31.6 to 33.7 inches and there’s options like cruise control and ABS.

It also gets a class-leading 950w generator, optional heated grips, seats, fog lights and top box with integrated power supply. There’s also a power port near the ignition to run a GPS or heated gear.

Service intervals are set at a lengthy 10,000 miles, meaning you should be able to fit in even the longest of trips without planning a stop at a Triumph dealer along the way.


  • NitroPye

    “With a full tank of fuel it weighs a reasonable 570lbs.”

    It weighs 10 lbs more than the R1200GS Adventure but has the gas tank size of the R1200GS non-adventure and weighs ~60lbs more than that. Not impressed with those numbers.

    10k service intervals is pretty cool though.

    • ike6116

      I dare everyone to guess what bike he has.

      LOL shoulda bought a KLR bro.

    • Troy R

      Agreed, hard to beat a GS. And I don’t own one. It’s like the tablet wars. Nobody’s really made something quite as good as the Ipad yet. But this bike is damn close to the GS.

  • Filippo

    How about 135hp and liquid cooling? Yeah, I think that would be enough to tip the scales in Triumph’s favor.

    • motoguru

      Yup, I’ll take one.

    • Michael

      And the Duc MTS? I think the Duc has them both beat. Maybe I will go wrap some chicken wire on one and call it a GS.

  • Kevin

    Specs show seat heights of 33.1-33.9… Are they offering some kind of lowered suspension package to get down to 31.6 inches?

  • Maxwell

    ^ Probably offer adjustable seats as they do on the tiger 800.


    Probably adjustable seat, with a lower option seat seat available.

  • agro

    what a pig ugly bike….Triumph put the motor in Speed Triple or Daytona….