Watch Royal Enfield sever a grown man’s umbilical cord

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Creepy Royal Enfield ad is creepy. We get the message, we get that a lot of man children need to harden the fuck up, we get that it’s hard to convey the essence of motorcycling in an impactful way. Still, the thought of going to the bathroom while our moms stand next to us, feeding us through a flesh tube, is maybe just a little too David Cronenberg.

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  • 10/10ths

    That’s the greatest motorcycle ad since the one where grand dad sees a Harley go by and he turns to his grand kids and talks about how great the freedom of the road is and grand daughter says she didn’t know he had a motorcycle in his youth and his face turns sour and he replies, “No! I bought window curtains instead!”

  • adeysworld

    Hah I thought he was gonna take off on the bike and break the cord!lol
    I like my ending better…

    • Jeff

      I thought the same thing. Was wondering how whether they would use cg or squibs or something for the effect.

  • Trevor

    crap that was bizarre.

  • Devin

    That exhaust note at the end sorta made this weirdness worth it. Sorta.

  • robotribe

    I can’t speak reliably from a general Asian or S.E. Asian perspective since I’m a generation removed and fully-vested Americano, but maybe–just maybe–this type of thing isn’t so “bizzare” from an Asian perspective. Hell, bare boobs are all over Euro-marketing. Fart and poop references in general show up in many forms of Japanese pop-culture.

    Semi-grodiness aside, I like this new take on an old theme.

  • slash5alive

    some weird shiznit….but i kinda liked it.

  • Troy R

    It’s original, Ill give them that…

  • Campisi

    Meh, that Chennai video set a pretty high standard for them to be releasing stuff like this.

  • tropical ice cube

    C’mon, your mon can’t freak out if you leave on an Enfield. On a GSXR or whatnot, indeed, but not on _that_ thing. I was 25 when I bought this secondhand 350 Bullet Standard as my first grown-up, real bike (or sort of, anyway), and MY mother found it very cute, not the least threatening.

  • Chris Davis

    Wait, so the guy that was tethered to his mother for 20-some years chooses a Royal Enfield? Shouldn’t the only guy *not* tied by an umbilical cord choose the Royal Enfield? This makes no sense. It looks like the least manly man ever chooses their product. And yes, I too thought she’d be dragged behind the bike.

  • Carlos Felix

    Personally, I thought he was going to ride away on an Enfield with a sidecar…