2013 BMW R1250GS caught adventuring, again

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The clearest image yet of BMW’s next generation boxer, the so-called 2013 BMW R1250GS have been posted up on Facebook, and it’s definitely different, even if those differences aren’t immediately noticeable. While we were hoping to see the liquid-cooled bike on showroom floors in 2012, we’re guessing BMW is taking extra precautions to ensure the company’s flagship model is absolutely perfect. So what are we seeing? Evolution, not revolution. But, after riding an R1200GS all over eastern Canadian logging roads and trails, I completely understand why BMW isn’t looking to throw away their golden egg just because of silly emissions regulations. Coolest detail, besides a liquid-cooled boxer twin? The reversed “C” headlamp. Total win.

  • 10/10ths

    Non-spoked wheels!!!!

    • NitroPye

      Current R1200GS comes with non-spoked wheels as standard. The spoked wheels are an optional extra. I would assume this would be no different.

      • Glenngineer

        The GSA comes with spokes, though, and this has some very GSA styling.

        Maybe the GSA goes away. Getting the gas it’s known for in the liquid cooled package will be tough, and BMW has had ample opportunity to use the GSA name on other models, but hasn’t, maybe getting ready to phase it out.

        • NitroPye

          Not sure where you get it has GSA styling vs GS styling. Aside from the gas tank and seat they are the are identical. And the bike in the picture has the same seat as a GS.

  • Glenngineer

    It actually looks like it takes some style cues from the new big Honda 1200 and the latest Tigers.

    It also looks fairly rough at this point, so it will probably mature quite a bit between now and the showroom.

  • Kerry

    Everything on the rear end is reversed (as has been already discussed). Neat exhaust that doesn’t cause the side case to get a cutout or be offset – as much as you can see from the photos.

    • kidchampion

      The rear photo of the exhaust shows it passing through a large cutout of the side case. Is my brain seeing that image incorrectly?

      • NitroPye

        Ya I see a cut out as well, and those cases look like one off hack jobs. Doubtful vario even has specs for these bikes yet?

  • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

    Where did they find the 5’2″ 120 pound kid to ride it? Or are those bike really that huge?

    • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney

      They’re pretty huge.

      • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

        for once not an overweight test rider tho.

        • http://www.mcfw.com/ quint7

          Looks like they hired Pedrosa!

    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      They are mighty, and surprisingly huge when standing over one.

      Couple of friends have them, and from what I’ve experienced they are big, with an open seating position and pegs you can stand on. They are capable of carrying a ridiculous amount of luggage. Certainly not single track dirtbikes or enduros, but still sure footed anywhere “offroad” I’d feel comfortable taking an unprepared Jeep. Great commuting / touring / camping bikes. Your opinions will vary.

  • Daniel

    What is the advantage of spoked wheels on an adventure bike? I’ve always wondered why.

    • Groomez

      Good for flex while offroad, spokes can be adjusted and they’re simply lighter than cast wheels

      • http://vtbmwmov.org Eben

        Are they really lighter? I always thought they were heavier, but more suited to off-roading due to flex, as you mentioned. Why would all road racing bikes have switched to cast/forged wheels if spoked wheel were lighter?

        • NitroPye

          The spoked wheels are heavier you are correct.

    • Slothrop

      Also, it is possible to repair them.

    • Jason

      The spoked alloy wheels they have used in the past are much more durable off road, especially when you air down for better traction. Where a cast wheel could crack or chip, the spoked wheels would get away with just a ding. My experience, YMMV.

      • Daniel

        Thanks for the replies. Makes sense. I used to bang up my bmx bike and could tweak the spokes to straighten out a wheel. My mag-wheeled friends weren’t so lucky.

  • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

    It’s nice that the exhaust goes straight down now (out of the engine).Likewise it means the throttle bodies won’t be right in front of your legs. That’s always bothered me, though I don’t really know of any instances it’s caused an issue.

  • Rick

    Water-cooling should make a step gain possible in the boxer’s power output. It would also make a fabulous platform for supercharging!

    I must say, an R-RT Kompressor of 140 or more horsepower would be damn near irresistible…do it, BMW! It’s in your own history books, or ask John Surtees.