Ben Spies can haz cheezeburger?

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When we sat down with Ben Spies a week or so back one of the things we talked about was Stackhouse, his new burger joint in Dallas. The famously verbose, insightful racer didn’t say much beyond, “I like it because I get to just sorta hang out and not worry about it,” so we didn’t include it in the interview, but here he is on local television talking all about it.

via TwoWheelsBlog

  • Coreyvwc

    Actually he can’t haz a cheezeburger if he wants to keep up with the tiny Euro boys…

  • damien

    If a show has, “Good Morning” in the name…it sucks.
    Big fan of Ben though!

  • the_doctor

    “The famously verbose, insightful racer…”


  • Scott-jay

    BROWN sugar with squash! Gotta be kiddin’ me.

    • HammSammich

      What, never had Pumpkin pie?

    • Devin

      All that is missing is drowing that squash and brown sugar in maple syrop.

    • Vincent

      It’s really good actually. My wife introduced me to this dish.

  • donniedarko

    Its actually pretty crip, my chick makes it for me… I thought the same til I had it.

    Ben and his mom are pretty money savvy dood is making money from his money. smart move

  • andy727

    A group of us motorcycle guys went to check out Stackhouse a couple of weeks ago. Surprising to us, Ben was there hanging out of the rooftop deck! The first clue was the personalized license plate “elbows” in the parking lot. And the burgers were good too.

  • Adrian_B

    Mmmmm. Cheeseburger. Haven’t been there yet. First review I’ve seen. Good thing I don’t have to compete with the “tiny euro boys” — too late for that! :-)
    Morning shows — ugh.

  • Rick

    Who’s that dude in the black leather jacket sportin’ an iPad tan? He’s in some serious need of Texas Tornado Boot Camp action, pronto.

    • Jeff

      lol I was just about to make the same comment after seeing the pics in the KTM story. As a graduate; definitely recommend it. Fun times and I learned alot.

  • zato1414

    That reporter chick wanted Ben so bad! She didn’t give a hoot about squashed acorns with a pineapple topping.

    • pinkyracer

      We allll do. I mean, just look at him! If only more men spent at least half as much time working out as he does, we wouldn’t circle around guys like Ben Spies like hungry she-wolves roaming the cold tundra. Oh, AND he happens to be one of the greatest professional motorcycle racers of our time? Oh, and he’s not a total jerk with a history of treating women like shit? It’s a miracle he manages to keep his private life as private as he does.